cedarsSNOOPFAMRapper Snoop Dogg is offering fatherly advice to President-elect Obama. The father of three(two boys Cordell, 11, and Corde, 14, and a girl Cori,9) says that President-elect Obama just needs to do one thing in order to score points at his kids’ sleepovers. Snoop says, “Mr. President needs to learn how to bake a cake. That’s points for the man of the house – because I did that. I bake cakes and popcorn and cotton candy…”Then they like for you to get out of their face and let them be kids.”

The hip-hop star is certain that if the President-elect were to follow his advice, not only would Sasha,7, and Malia,10,be kept out of the spotlight, but the President-elect would also win cool points with his daughters.


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 19, 2008.


  1. Corde is tall for his age

  2. well his dad is tall, um

  3. Cordell is the spitting image of his father- well a lighter version anyway!

  4. Little cori looks just like her mom 🙂

  5. Snoop is funny as hell! I’m def watching season 2 of Fatherhood! He’s got the illest parenting skills! lol.

  6. Lmao At imagining Snoop cooking cakes and whatever…Nice advice I guess.


  8. Damn Corde look so damn gud

  9. snoop needs a DNA for that daughter he isn`t even that dark to have such a choco baby

  10. yo i was thinking the same thing. choc is a lot darker than both of her parents. But you cant be so ignorant becuase white women are out their having black babies. they appear to be a happy family and that is whats most important. at least this season her hair is done and not all over the place. her brothers keep their hair in better shape than she did last season duringt the show

  11. That choc episode was hilarious

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