[Sherri and son Jeffrey in 2007]

Actress and ‘View’ Co-host Sherri Shepherd says that when she and son Jeffrey, 3, ride on the trains in New York to work, “[they] get all kinds of attention.” Sherri, however, has no qualms about riding on the train with her son: “I’m so New York now, I walk down the stairs with my stroller and I get on the train and I’ll go, ‘Nobody’s going to let me sit down? You see me with my baby! And I carried that stroller down all those damn stairs.”

Sherri adds that while at work(on the set of The View), 3-year-old Jeffrey knows how to “schmooze” up to her boss Barbara Walters: “I got him trained,” Sherri says. He also knows just who schmooze when he stops by her office. “Yesterday he was at the studio and Barbara was there … he grabs Barbara and he hugs and he kisses her on the lips and I’m like, ‘Yeah baby! That’s my son.”

Sherri, whose latest movie role is in Madagascar 2:Escape To Africa, says that her son “[pooped] in his diaper” when he heard her voice in the animated film: “I’m the momma lion in the movie and I took Jeffrey to see it and he heard my voice and goes, ‘Momma! Momma … poop in my diaper!'” she says. “I’m choosing to say my son got so excited he pooped in his diaper.”

CLICK HERE to see recent pictures of Sherri and son.

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~ by blackcelebritykids on November 20, 2008.


  1. is there something wrong with that child?

  2. wHOOOO Stacy I’m glad you asked cause that’s the first thing that crossed my mind. Not trying to be funny or mean just doesnt look right.

  3. i though that too sorry

  4. Yes, her son has developmental delay. I read in a magazine that he was born at 25 weeks at 1 lb 10 oz and had “bleeding in his brain, a hole in his intestines and another in an artery near his heart.” He is her miracle child.

  5. he is so cute. he’s a miracle child and you can tell he is her world.

  6. wasnt she the one that had all them abortions? i wonder if that case inflicted on the baby? can anyone tell me if thats possible? however the child is sweeet

  7. God Bless them! =D Cute child

  8. A three year old still in diapers? he is quite the looker though.

  9. it doesnt matter what he look like, god breathed life to that kid and bought him here for a reason, so what he looks slow, or has a learning disability, its her child, watch how you speak of such situations, god can sure turn tables on ya, true story.. my cousin use to talk about how ugly babies were some folks have, and she even told one girl that is why your son is retarded, and as soon as she had a baby, he came out , autism, diabetic, and some more problems, now she suffering running back and forth to hospital, with a sick baby, its just crazy, dont ever speak against a baby, or how they look, you never know what they grow up to be, or grow up to look like, that is childish to even put a baby down, come on!! you have to have more sense than that as an adult, shame shame shame!!!

  10. I agree juicee!!!

  11. i co-sign juicee 100%

  12. wow he look just like her! God bless them both! I agree with Juice also

  13. God’s must treasured….

  14. God’s “most” treasured…

  15. Sherri pls teach JeffJR to not kiss ppl on the lips.
    Especially BW. She kiss her dog on the lips & u dont want those germs on JeffJr.

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