[Chris Rock with daughter Zahra,4]
On November 12th, 2008, Comedian Chris Rock, his wife Malaak,their daughter Zahra,4, sans their daughter Lola,6, unveiled a newly renovated Library/Computer Lab at The BushwickSalvation Army Community Center in Brooklyn, NY. The unveiling of the center’s library is the first of forty more library renovations that will take place throughout the year. With the sponsorships of Target along with Dell and PRODUCT (RED), Chris Rock and his family have managed to give kids something else to do besides wander the streets.
The comedian recently told Essence.com why it was so important for him to renovate the community center:”I played here as a kid after school. I played pool, basketball, foosball, I got beat up here a couple of times and I learned how to fight here too,” deadpans Chris. “And he was baptized here too,” adds Malaak.

Malaak, Founder and Director of the the Angel Rock Project, says that her husband Chris is a philanthropist:”Many people don’t realize Chris has been giving to this center in so many ways long before I got involved by picking up bus loads of kids and taking them to Toys “R” Us or baseball games or Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular, without any of the press and promotions his wife likes to bring,” says Malaak. “That’s because he cares deeply.”
Click Here to learn more about the Angel Rock Project.


Interview excerpts courtesy of Essence.com

(Photo/Target/Stuart Ramson)

~ by blackcelebritykids on November 20, 2008.


  1. Chris and his wife are amazing people…………….I pray someday Chris finds inner peace with his past. M/L!!!

  2. Wow…She’s a girl version of her dad.

  3. since chris rock is a comedian,i am sure he was laughing it up when this child was born

  4. what a beautiful child, she looks like Chris’s “mini me!”

  5. Di Chris have a rough past? His mom wrote a book on successful parenting so I thought he had a good up-bringing?

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