Hint: her daddy is certainly not a refugee. Or is he? Guess that celebrity Kid!

If you guessed the daughter of Wyclef Jean, Angelina Claudinelle, then you are right!

~ by blackcelebritykids on November 20, 2008.


  1. Knew it!

  2. Knew it! **Cutie** Why is she looking at her dad like that? lol

  3. had no clue

  4. I love the new banner. Happy Birthday to ya BCK! I’ve been busy so I’ll need to get caught up with what’s been happening on the site.

  5. Cute T Pie, what more can I say.

  6. thought as much

  7. Wyclef Jean

  8. The hint gave it away for me. She looks a lot different than when she and Wyclef did the Red promotions with the Gap.

  9. I knew it. Does anyone know if he named her after his friend Angelina Jolie?

  10. Her hair looks like Zahara’s.

  11. @ Reesie,

    No. Wyclef has said that, though he is good friends with Angelina (they met doing humanitarian work in Haiti)… He and his wife named her Angelina for its meaning “Messenger of God (or Angel)”

  12. Naturally Gorgeous…….she looks a lot like her mom

  13. The should put some ponytails in her hair. shes still cute though 🙂

  14. Never sen Wyclef’s wife, but if she looks like her it is probably a nice coincidence b/c they adopted her from Haiti.

  15. *Never sen Wyclef’s wife, but if she looks like her it is probably just a nice coincidence…she is not biologically related (as far as I’m aware), they adopted her from Haiti.

  16. She’s a beauty and it doesn’t matter if she’s adopted, she’s their child.

  17. u coulda made it harder. I love the look on her face. Wonder what she’s thinkin?

  18. Beautiful little boy. He’s extremely cute…WOW

  19. Cute girl

  20. urbanthoughts08… did u read the caption

  21. I thought she was a boy too at first until I read the comments then went back and read the caption. She’s beautiful.

  22. She is pretty!


  24. Wyclef’s daughter is cute.

  25. That little girl is absolutely gorgeous! She is going to be a knock-out when she grows up!


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