Pop artist M.I.A. a.k.a Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam is pictured at the the GQ magazine 2008 “Men of the Year” party in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008. The singer/rapper best known for songs like “Swagger Like Us” and “Paper Planes” and fiance Ben Brewer are expecting their first child in early 2009


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 20, 2008.


  1. Cute! But in the first thumbnail why does her belly look so lopsided? 😦

  2. Maybe the baby is turned that way, it will make you tummy look funny when they move, and I don’t like what she has on, you can still be sexy pregnant but this looks trashy to me.

  3. @ least the outfits matching 4 a change lol

  4. Too tight, too short, too pink, and too much blue. If that swagger then um…….

  5. Love her music!!

  6. awww.. im da god mommy.. lol. congratulations

  7. Her baby daddy’s family is worth billions. Ben is mixed (white/black)his mama is a actress in the movie Shaft. So this kid is going to have a crap load of money.

  8. The baby was moving in the pic with her and her hubby….hey, if you can wear heels and still look that good, why the frik not? I think she looks good!

  9. love her and her uniqueness(if thats a word). She doesnt give a sh*t. I’ve been had Kala for time and now ppl are catching up to her…

  10. Thats uh nice…

  11. yeah she looks good in heels ,and its great she still can wear them, its a level of class out in public eye, what she has on is a disgrace, she could of came out looking better than that, with a lil more class to her also, frankly i think it looks nasty, she need to come again, she is very pretty , and looks good in her heels, but what she has on is disgraceful for a pregnant woman!!!! period

  12. She look a hot mess!

  13. Nice I gueess

  14. i think it is kinda cute up to the hair .it doesnt look bad but its”different”.

  15. Its her life and i dont no one has room to judge anyone stars are ppl juss like except they have more money and they can get alot more fancy stuff.

  16. she look ok i guess i wouldnt wear dat maybe she should had done her hair

  17. wowz lol happ 4 herr!


  19. Who are Ben Brewer’s parents?
    Dee2 said this on November 20, 2008 at 3:26 p11

    Her baby daddy’s family is worth billions. Ben is mixed (white/black)his mama is a actress in the movie Shaft. So this kid is going to have a crap load of money.

  20. IMO she looks like a crack head…the make-up and the hair..a hot mess…a crack head with some decent clothes on…..looks trashy but congrats to her and her family none the less

  21. Isn’t this black Celebrity Kids, Why the hell is she up here. She’s not black and he’s not a celebrity.

  22. Its her life and i dont no one has room to judge anyone stars are ppl juss like except they have more money and they can get alot more fancy stuff.
    BabyMama said this on November 22, 2008 at 3:26 p11

    NOW…. BABYMAMA, ok your right it is her life, and no one has a right to judge, so i figure double check yourself , especially, ESPECIALLY A PREGNANT WOMAN, coming out in the public eye in such a manner, only leaves room for judgement, criticizing, and opinions, which is human! you can get up here and holla no one can judge, but i can bet you have judged in your time also, dont get up here fanning your hand an criticizing people for having an opinion on what they see, they are absolutely right, she looks trashy, and she looks nasty as a pregnant woman!! carrying a baby in her belly, its a level of decency for one’s self, and respect , and money has not a DA##M thing to do with decency and repsect, so what they have more money, respect, and decency cannot be bought, what plane did you fall of from?

  23. let me type that last line a little clearer, WHAT PLANE DID YOU FALL OFF FROM? and did you slam your head on the ground when you landed, come again.. in fact, COME HERE, (((((SMACK))) GIMME THAT, NOW GET THE HE##LL OUTTA HERE!!!


  25. She is just too cute!

  26. whateve that’s how m.i.a is she loves bright ass shit and wears what she wants. I LOVE HER!!!

  27. if the woman wants to come out in public looking the way she looks then its one of nobody’s business if she looks trashy or decent or anything like that cause apparently she likes it her man likes it and thats all that matters, and it really don’t matter who or how famous her husband is, s**t he was famous enough to get her out there for her music and let her live her dream SO ALL YA’LL OUT THERE STOP HATING AND LET THE WOMAN DO HER THANG AND IF U DON’T LIKE WHAT SHE IS WEARING TAN STOP LOOKING!!!

  28. M.I.A. is more on the unique side..creative innovative woman what do u expect her to wear? She’s not a follower she’s not a sheep, I dont think shes aiming to look ‘nice’ its about individuality & being your damn self
    she’s not gonna dress like anybody else- just like her beats just fresh and she does whatever she please’s, I wish more music stars cud b like that instead of all these pop &R&B divas lookin like black barbie doll weaved out ho clones…they bore me zzzz.

    I think she looks gorgeous i love the outfit, hot pink & electric blue looks sick on her. her swagger kinda reminds of Neneh Cherry in some ways ‘the attitude’. Neneh was the 1st woman to perform on Music TV pregnant caused an uproar! she did in lycra (spandex) too. Why should u change ur style just bcos your a Mum?
    Wear what u want people life is too short

    M.I.A. is hot…simple Mummy or not

  29. I pray that I look that cute when I get pregnant. She is glowing and very pretty. CONGRATS

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