Actor Blair Underwood didn’t rank number one on 2008 People’s Sexiest Man alive  list-leave that to BCK dad Hugh Jackman. However, the Dirty Sexy Money actor did make the list! Yet the father of three( Blair has a son named Paris, 11, and a son Blake,7, and a daughter Brielle,10) is surprised by the effect he has on women. Once while dropping off his kids, “a mother came up and grabbed my butt cheeks! And I’m like, ‘How is that okay?’ I was so caught off-guard that I couldn’t help but laugh,” says the married dad of three. He’s shocked, but his kids “find it entertaining.”

When not entertaining his kids, Blair enjoys traveling with his family and shooting home movies with his kids: “We shoot movies ‘on location’. The kids write and star in them, and I direct them. We do posters and soundtracks too.”And he admits the process has given Brielle the acting bug: “The boys couldn’t care less, but my daughter is into it. We were shooting a scene in Rome, and she said to me, ‘Can I get an agent and do this for real?’ Oh man.”

It is Blair’s daughter Brielle who wants to know when she can have a playdate at the White house with First Daughters-elect, Sasha and Malia Obama. Brielle asked her dad not too long ago, “Daddy, when are we gonna have a playdate at the White House?”  but Blair responded, [Laughs] “Yeah right.”

Now that Malia and Sasha are getting a dog, Blair says that his kids now want a puppy of their own: “Oh please, my kids have been sweating me for a year and a half. Now they’re like, “Look — the Obamas are getting one!”

BCK says: Which one of our dads should have also made the list? Usher?Denzel Washington? Will Smith?


~ by blackcelebritykids on November 21, 2008.


  1. What a nice looking family!!!!

  2. Yes. Agreed Blair Underwood is the sexiest dad alive! Definitely a good lookin man!!…and the oldest one is good look just like him, i think.

  3. he’s nice..buht WILL SMITH hands down!

  4. Boris Kodjoe. Hello! But Blair is high on the list. 😉

  5. Cute family…

  6. the older boy favours him

  7. boris kodjoe is hot and should be on the list

  8. will smith should be ranked high on the fkin list lol he’s so handsome.

  9. nice family but I love the dad more…dang!!


  11. VERY NICE…

  12. blair underwood is so mean not let his daughter brielle play with malia and sasha besides malia and brielle are the same age he evil and they cant have a dog how terrible

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