Ed Hartwell is the former NFLer and husband to entrepreneur Lisa Wu Hartwell. Both Lisa and Ed star in “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on BravoTv with their one-year-old son EJ. It’s Lisa’s two sons Jordan,14, and Justin,11,(dad is singer Keith Sweat) who do not star in the BravoTv reality series. Although he is not the biological father of Lisa’s sons with R&B singer Keith Sweat, Ed calls Jordan and Justin his sons all the same:

Me and my sons have a great relationship. I tell everyone I have three sons. They call me dad; I never say my stepkids, they are my sons. Every kid is different but they are both wonderful children. My eldest son is about to turn 14 and I have conversations with him that I can’t have with Justin. Jordan wants to train, so now we’re both training.

Ed does admit,however, that he does not have a good relationship with their father, Keith Sweat:

Not at all. The reason is because [when I started dating] Lisa there was a lot that I had to stop from happening. I had to lay down the law, man to man. Have I tried to work out some things and put our differences to the side for the sake of the kids? Absolutely. I don’t like to play games.

Speaking of games, Ed has revealed to Essence.com that he will not be returning to football as was rumored:

Football, I love it to death, but it takes a toll. Watching my sons play football is a treat, but it’s a short career. At 30 years old, I’m considered an old man in the game. Football players need to remember that the day you start playing you should be thinking about your future and what’s going to generate your next income. [They should start] implementing a game plan from Day One. I played for eight years until I suffered a knee injury. Although I got calls and the Raiders wanted me, Lisa and I decided I was needed here more so we’re running our businesses together and I have some businesses I’m working on myself.

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~ by blackcelebritykids on November 21, 2008.


  1. I like the Hartwells. They seem to be down to earth people. And that’s great that Ed has accepted Lisa other sons as his own.

  2. It’s always refreshing to hear about positive black men with real integrity.. Perhaps Travis Henry would consider taking both manhood and parenting tips from Hartwell…

  3. That is a cute couple!

    Hmm, Lisa looks a little “full” and Ed’s leg just happens to be covering her stomach…Hmmmm.

    I think we might have a new cast member for season II of The Housewives of Atlanta 😉

  4. he’s full of shit. how can you lay down the law when you arent the biological and custodial parent of kids you didnt make. she doesnt even have full custody of her own babies. keith was granted FULL custody of those boys. now she sees them the 1st and 3rd wkends of the month.

  5. he looks older than 30

  6. Its okay for a man to lay down the law when it comes to his new love interest (and there are children involved).. Keith Sweat surely understands where this man is coming from. Visit the children. The benefit of a relationship was cut off in the split. Anybody gets that. Things happens. Relationships don’t always last. GO Mr. Hartwell.

  7. I think that Ed Hartwell is doing what any REAL man would do. Jada considers Trey her son so why can’t Ed consider Justin & Jordan his children. Come on people!

  8. Aww I like how he thinks.

  9. Can someone tell me how old Lisa is? Ed is 30. I am guessing she is 39 or 40. Does anybody know? She does look great, but she has to have a good decade on him.

  10. WOW..Anything for ratings, I guess since football is out the window, he wants to be one of the housewives. And claiming children that he only see 2x a month will make him seem more important. I bet Keith isn’t falling for this b.s.

  11. It doesnt matter how often he see them as long as when they are in his pressence he treats them as his own. A real man or woman knows that to accept their mate that mean accept their children too or not at all. What kind of parent wouldnt encourage this attitude? Even more so what kind of parent would accept anything less? The show was great an Im looking forward to a season 2.

  12. I agree he should treat them exactly as he treats his own son when they are with Lisa and him, the boys should never feel that they are thought any less of while with their mother than Eds biological son, and I comend Ed for that. However Ed has know these boys less that 3 years, children do not automatically call another person ‘DAD’ unless encouraged to do so by the mother, they may well think a lot of Ed and even love him but it would not come natually for them to call him dad. Both ED and Lisa are way out of line for this, these boys live with their dad not ed and Lisa, and in an interview she said she has them alternate weekends. Ed gets to PLAY dad not be dad, he has the nice lets have FUN WEEKENDS and not the serious, get your homework done, no you can’t go to that party, you’re grounded REAL LIFE. In short Ed is not their father and does not have to diciplin the boys so they probable really like being where they get spoiled and yes sometimes they may be mad at their father as any real MOTHER or FATHER knows, it goes with the terriory BUT Keith is their father and it is disrespectful and too far out of line that they encouraged the boys to call Ed DAD. If Keith was a deadbeat father who was not there for his boys and Ed had stepped up to the line and helped raise the boys it would be different. I suggest that Ed and Lisa did this to get at Keith, they seem to have more of a problem with him than he has with them, they seem to mention him in interviews while he, for the most part keeps quiet about them. I know that if I was seperated but raising my kids and an ex had my kids calling his new partner MUM I would be all kinds of angry and all other mothers or fathers quoting on this blog and commending Ed and Lisa over this should look inside themselves and seriously think how they would feel.
    Again I say yes Ed should treat the boys as his own but no it is all kinds of wrong that they call him dad, he has not earned that in less than 3 years of alternate weekends.

  13. What an excellent way to pay back Keith Sweat for not allowing his kids to be on the reality show. Which was a responsible thing to do.
    That comment about having to put his foot down on things was priceless.
    I’m with fury. They’re both full of shit.

  14. […] Ed Hartwell:keith Sweat’s Sons Are My Sons, Too Ed Hartwell is the former NFLer and husband to entrepreneur Lisa Wu Hartwell. Both Lisa and Ed star in “The Real […] […]

  15. If Lisa forced her children by Keith to call Ed dad there is no doubt their real dad wouldn’t know about it. We can assume Keith would not allow his boys to call another man dad if they didn’t want to.

  16. Ed sees Lisa & Keith’s son 2x a month. I dont think they call him Dad.

  17. MeOnlyThinking you are right on point.

  18. looking for a new post

  19. Im with miss pooh they don’t get along and three years aint enough to be calling him dad I can see if they were 3 when he came around but no and disrespect I like how he’s in their lives but that dad name is out of line come on.

  20. They are open about them trying for their second child together. On the reunion show that was just taped about a month or so ago she is not showing though.

  21. I am so happy that Ed decided not to go to the Raiders and stayed with his family. I do have 1 question why wasn’t the other kids in the show?

  22. Because they are Keith Sweats children and Lisa lost full custody to Keith. They live with him and he felt the show was an adult show and did not sign the release to allow them on the show. People keep debating why she did not even mention them and we do not know whether she did or did not and whether the Network edited it out. Some people say that the network did do this to avoid a law suite which seems to me to be rubbish, if they did they had their own reasons. Sweat simply did not want the boys physically on the show but Lisa is their mother and is at liberty to talk about them anytime and anywhere, no court is going to stop her from doing this and Keith would not be able to sue her for speaking about her own children.

  23. Miss Pooh – could not agree with you more. Don’t matter how many times he sees Lisa’s sons. As long as he treats them well, and even better shows an genuine interest in them and they enjoy spending time with their mom and step-dad, that is something extremely positive! They have a little brother and all of them should be bonding in that fashion! Kudos to Lisa and Ed!

  24. I know I should be saying how cute it is to hear him talk about ‘his sons’, but they havnt been together for that long. That seems like too fragile a situation to be having the kids call you Dad, and Im being REAL when I say that. Forget all the cameras, the long hair, pretty smiles and think about this for real in real life.

    They have a dad, Ed just into their lives…this seems a little forced. Im going to be REALLLY honest..if I was divorced I would feel VERY strange hearing my teenaged children refer to the woman in their dads life a short time (what 2yrs?) as their “mom”.

  25. Ed is whipped! Lisa is a bitter gold digger. She takes shots at Keih all the time and he probably did wrong but think about this how do have two kids and marry a R&B Star who owns various businesses and properties and do not get a dime at the divorce and later lose custody of the kids because of child abandonment. Lisa is so fake she started a lot of the drama.. Nene and Deshawn seems to be the only real chicks on the show

  26. Ed this is Tee! Ray Lewis body guard. I saw your show on you trying to reenter the NFL! Me and my partner trained Ray for the pass two seaaons and we have agreat program. I would love to work with you. I can almost promise you that you will play again. Give us a chance to help you. 443-844-9833 or 443-829-0683.

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