travisOn Wednesday, former pro football player Travis Henry went to court in an attempt to try to reduce child support payments for one of nine of his children that he fathered with a woman named Jameshia Beacham. Henry is required by law to pay $3,000 a month to Jameisha,an amount which was set last year when Henry was employed as a running back for the Denver Broncos. At the time, the judge also ordered Henry to establish a $250,000 trust fund as a backup should Travis fail to make child support payments-The judge had noted that Henry was in the habit of  squandering money on expensive cars and jewelry.

Atlanta attorney Randall Kessler,however, feels that his client’s child support payments should be reduced now that the ex-football player is without a job:“He’s got child support obligations across the country, and he’s got zero income,” Kessler told Judge Clarence Seeliger.

Besides child suport payments, Henry has other expenses. Just last month, he was arrested in an alleged cocaine ring,but was later released after posting a $400,000 bond.

Robert Wellon, lawyer for Jameisha , argues against reducing the monthly payments and demands to know how Travis has spent the $3 million that he received from the Broncos this year.

In all, Travis,30, has nine children by nine different women.

Source(for the original print).

~ by blackcelebritykids on November 21, 2008.


  1. disgusting!

  2. This person doesn’t realize how much irresponsibility is attacking his wallet! A judge should seriously consider encouraging him to get a vasectomy and then focus on establishing a real father and sibling relationships with the children he assisted in bringing into this world

  3. Whoa! What is he, like a wild buck or bronco for real? Nine babymommas?This is mind-blowing.

  4. Court ordered vasectomy, please.

    **Desperately biting my tongue**
    Uh, I’m trying my best to refrain from saying what I really feel about this man…but this is beyond ridiculous.


    PLEASE do whatever you can to reduce reckless procreation…SMH.

  5. Can you say HIV test!! OMG!

  6. And he is ugly as f**k!!! I wonder if these women got with him just b/c of his wallet?

  7. No words for Henry…no words…

    Please tell me that baby momma’s #4-9 didn’t know about the first 3.

  8. Yes this is very disgusting. And his irresponsibility is unquestionable. But why in the heck would this woman or any woman have a child with this man. I mean, before her, he had 8 children by 8 different women. Why would you be the ninth woman to have a child with this fool. If you ask me, he is not the only one that was irresponsible here. So are these baby mamas. And why I feel very sorry for the children for having this man as a father, I am not sorry for these mother’s who may be left raising their children without his support, financial and otherwise. We as women have to be smarter than that. We have to know who we are laying down with and consider whether or not these men are going to be good fathers before we mix our dna with theirs. Birth control is too easily accessible. And it’s called birth CONTROL because you can CONTROL when and who you have a child with by using it.

    And just so know, I do not excuse this man’s obvious responsibility to parent his children. He should be taking care of them and I won’t argue with anyone about that. I’m just SMH @ the mother’s as well.

  9. Can someone PLEASE show this guy where to buy condoms and how to USE them? Duh!!!

  10. yes it is a shame how he carry on with himself, and my question is do any of these women that went on and had his baby knew of his other babies, and if so, then yes my suspiciion is it was all about money, he was very sloppy as a human, showed no class to himself, by running aruond having all them babies, it will catch up to him sooner or later, he will regret not using his brain more, as far as him being ugly, i wouldnt say that, he is also a child of god, god has made everything and every one in their own unique way, its not polite or nice to call anyone out of their name, without lookin in the mirror, we all have faults, and flaws, whether its inside or outside, but there is no need to put anyone down, he is alright lookin, when are people gonna stop focusing so much on looks and what is on the outside , that is why a big percentage of us, are alone, in unhappy relationships, or get dogged, but hey it dont matter as long as that person is fine i guess, bad way of thinking, what some may lack in looks make up for it in more ways than you can imagine , than that person that has the looks!

  11. he is the only one that will reap what he has sown, not us, or anyone, only him, so with that said… i pray he get his mind right before its to late, and he ends up really with nothing, obviously that man has a talent, and he has the ability to make millions more, he now has to use his brain, and hopfully this will be a lesson learned, he wont have any more, and focus on doing his best to raise and take care of the ones he has ,

  12. Destiny>>>I cosign 100%.

    Juicee, if he hasn’t learned the lesson after 9 babies/baby mamas, I doubt he ever will. I get sick and tired of irresponsible behavior. These are grown adults (he and the women he knocked up) and they both should know better. If people want to engage in this kind of behavior, that’s on them, but when you bring innocent children into the mix, it becomes a whole different story. Some people really should not procreate.

  13. ok, i could cut (some) of these ‘ladies’ some slack on the assumption they didn’t necessarily know about all the other kids/baby mama’s. but were they all BLIND??????

  14. He’s lucky ALL he has is nine babies after his obvious reckless behavior. Can we say HIV??? Sadly, he’s not alone in this situation. There are many men who have children from coast to coast and aren’t supporting not a one!

  15. WHAT!!!!

  16. Teri & Destiny I agree whole-heartedly! And what about the kids? Do they all know each other? Do they interact with one another? This is a hot mess!

  17. this is ridiculous. i swear some people are stupid. im pretty sure them women knew he had other children and yet because he was in th nfl, they chose to have his kid. STUPIDITY is the word thast they are. hes 30 with 9 kids and dont have a job, WTF.

  18. nasty!

  19. this FOOL should take notes from Trey Smith (16 yr old son of Will and Jada). Not the sex w/ a lot of women part, but the responsible w/ your money-spending part. Geez!

  20. woah… 9 baby mothers. i bet the children dont even know they have that many half siblings.
    Shameless. It certainly wasnt his good looks and charm the mothers were attacted to, i’m sure


  22. he made them, now he’s gonna have to take care of them. period.

  23. It’s a shame that this man has fathered all these children, but at the same time, these women are at fault. They had to know how many children this man had and yet they still laid down with him unprotected. The only innocent victims here are the children.

  24. 1.should’ve worn a condom 2.he knows better 3. he needs to get an HIV test 4. he needs to get his lazy behind a job

  25. That is uncalled for. Too many kids with too many women. Smh.. He needs help.

  26. I don’t hardly know where to begin! He’s as ugly as homemade sin, so yes Kiki, these women had to be after his wallet!
    He needs a vasectomy ASAP. And needs to be tested for STD’s (so do the mothers & babies) His attorney is a fool for making the statement in this article that he did. And in the next paragraph, if Henry’s so broke how did he make a $400,000 bail? Hmmm?

  27. This is irresponsible baby making mentality is that which we must allow to fizzle out of our communities and not influence yet another generation.

  28. No comment… I would like to see the kids if they look like him or their Mamies. Who unzipped their pants to hin uhl… dang… times is hard gas prces have dropped now maybe the next boo will enjoy the goods times drink some Moet and use a condom & mirana .

  29. can you say AIDS

  30. That is so sad that these Man laid down and made all this kids and can;t support not one of them. He really needs to go and get a gig making some kind of money, I bet half these woman doen’t even have a job. I would love for someone to come and say that they do. God bless those babies!!!

  31. i cant even believe this ugly sorry trashy bastard got 9 children. he a hoe and them mamas from 5-9 hoes too. i mean really you had find out something about him. or u was just tryin to get pregnant so u could possible get some money too. we all know football players get around. n we all know once they get too old or too hurt it wont be no money coming in. so what was the point of gettin wit this old black gorilla. u should have known better women…. and as for him, after the 4th one u should have realized that something u did in the bedroom wasnt right for u to even get to 4 kids n 4 mamas

    ppl common sense pays a big part in this and if money was any of these womens motives they should be ashamed cuz they aint nothing but golddiggers and too bad he has now ran out of gold.

    if you gon go after a dude with money start with lawyers and doctors first. this is an in demand job. they are always going to be needed. i mean reely every other dude wants to be a profootball player… they come and they go… quickly

    and hint i aint no lawyer or doctor so aint no used to coming after me…. i do my time… not my money lol

  32. This is wrong on so many levels! Now to add insult to injury – he’s claiming broke!

  33. I am the mother of babies 10 & 11. I delivered identical twin girls in December of 2007 and I want to get it clear on the number of children that he has made. It is a devastating situation for all of the children considering Travis is not father material. I must be the voice for my girls and pray that one day Travis will realize what life is really about. I am not looking for sympathy by far, however I get tired of hearing how he has 9 children when he truly has 11. It’s time to be a father Travis.

  34. @jvc

    why do women insist on procreating with men they KNOW are not ‘father material’?!?!?!?!

  35. shame shame everybody knows your game/name

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