treyfootball1For his sixteenth birthday, Trey Smith didn’t ask for an expensive car like many of his celebrity friends require on their birthdays. Prior to his birthday on November 11th, the teenage son of actor Will Smith had insisted that all his guests donate gifts to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Trey who recently lost his grandmother to cancer felt a need to donate rather than to receive. According to Will Smith: “About eight weeks ago his grandmother died of cancer and he said he just realised they’re just gifts… what does that really mean, and he asked all of his friends that are coming to the party to donate gifts to kids at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. It was a really aggressive experience for him; he was there in the moment when she passed, so he got a real sense of that loss.”

Trey is a sophomore at Oaks Christian H.S in Westlake Village and is a wide receiver for their football team.



~ by blackcelebritykids on November 21, 2008.


  1. In spite of what anyone has to say about Will and Jada they are doing a fine job raising their kids. They are blessed. I wish them all well.

  2. That was such a sweet think to do.

    I agree that Will and Jada seem to be doing a great job with raising their kids but let’s not forget Trey’s momma.

  3. I agree, Maryamb. Will and Jada’s children are priveledged but
    but that doesn’t seem to have prevented them from having a strong foundation.

  4. Wow I’m impressed that Trey would do such a thing and hope that his peers take note that having expensive gifts dont mean a thing.

  5. Will and Jada should give classes in “How to raise good kids”. What great all around role models the Smiths are!!

  6. trey smith is a generous young man to donate all the money to a hossiptal hes cute go trey

  7. I am standing up and applauding! It makes me sick to see Sweet Sixteen on MTV…those kids are absolutely spoiled, ungrateful and selfish. Trey Smith is a wonderful role model for kids his age and younger! Bravo, Trey…that’s the true trait of a young MAN.

  8. That’s big of him…Was that’s his mom’s mom who passed? I haven’t heard anything about Will losing his mom.

  9. I’m so proud of Trey. More of our youth should think and feel that way.

  10. Great for him

  11. That is refreshing to see after all the nonsense on MTVs Sweet 16. Trey’s mother, Will and Jada really have a positive influence on that young man.

  12. Happy Belated Bday!

  13. Its al for show for will and Jada lmao He doesn’t have to have gifts because he can get anything he wants when he wants it duh and I wander if will and jada and going to teach there kids about there open marriage???

  14. Janice, say something positive or shut your mouth!

  15. I think kudos has to go to Trey’s mother foremost

  16. What a nice young man! He’ll go far in life w/ an attitude like that. I applaud his parents…..all of them! 🙂

  17. I commend Trey and his mother and father and Jada for raising this thoughtful boy. Janice I understand what you say but still think it was a lovely thing for him to do and he is not a celebrity so obviously did not do it for the press covarage or ‘for show’. I have lost loved ones to Cancer (my 18 year old nephew) and my whole family felt we needed to give back it changes your outlook.
    Laydacris, I know you also disagree with Janice but this is an open forum and in the spirit of free speech even those with negative comments have a right to express them as long as their not racist or abusive in any way.

  18. Im with Janice. Did he really decide that on his won or w prodding from Dad?. . . . . .

    So Sheree Zampino (Trey’s mother) died?

  19. Trey’s grandmother died, not his mother.

  20. Will and Jada both are wonerful grounded people. Their children are a reflection of that even though Jada is not Trey real mother Sheree is his mom She to has done a woderful job with him. They did not let the pass interfere with the kids.I remember Will used to say in interviews about Trey, he was spoiled and think he is just going to be rich because his dad is rich. Trey found his nitch and it wasn’t acting like Willow and Jaden, he found out he love football and he was pretty good at it . He is making his own name is his own way. Good job Will, Jada & Sheree.

  21. Age aint nothing but a numba boo!!!

  22. He looks everything like his mother.

  23. Trey is the result of good parenting not saying that kids asking for cars on their birthdays is bad; just teach your kids the value of hard work even if you’re filthy rich!!! By the way, I HATE HATE HATE every kid ever featured on MTV’s Sweet 16.

  24. I Think It Is Great That He Donated Gifts…Dont Matter If His Dad Suggested or Not…To Do That @ A Party Ment 2 B about U Says Alot !!! B-Real People Dnt Act Like Ur Parents Neva Suggested Something 2 U & U Went Wit It, Its Called Parental Guidance…Sometime They Do It Without You Knowing !! But It is True He Could Get What He Want When He Want Im Sure He & The Rest Of His Siblings Dnt Act Like Dat Or U Woulda Seen Them On Sweet Sixteen Already !!!

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