obamafamindianopolisFirst Lady-elect Michelle and First President-elect have chosen Sidwell friends school for their daughters Malia,10, and Sasha,7, to attend. Here is a little information about Sidwell Friends school via Chatterbox:

Sidwell Friends School was established in 1883 and has educated generations of city’s elite. Chlesea Clinton, daughter of former US President, Bill Clinton also attended the same school. Grand-daughters of Vice-President elect, Joe Biden, also attend Sidwell. Some of the other celebrity children to be educated in the school are Richard Nixon’s daughter, Al Gore’s son, Albert Gore III. Malia Obama, 10 had told her parents she wanted to attend Sidwell because of her friendship with the Biden grand-children. Mrs. Obama’s spokeswoman said in a statement that several schools were under consideration. Sidwell was narrowed down as the Obama’s thought that it best fit the needs of their daughters. Sidwell is known for its rigorous standards and for educating children from some of the most prominent and wealthiest families in Washington.The two girls will attend different classes on separate campuses in different cities. Sasha, 7, will attend second grade in Bethesda, Md while Malia, 10, will attend fifth grade in northwest Washington.

~ by blackcelebritykids on November 24, 2008.


  1. I knew whatever school they picked it was going to be a private school. The girls are already in a private school in Chicago and I think that private school is best for them. They know how to deal with the Secret Service and the girls can have some privacy.

  2. That’s kinda of weird that they will be attending the same school on different campuses. I agree Georgia private school is best for them education wise and safety wise and I think it’s great that the Biden children go their so they will have friends when they go there.

  3. It’s not really weird but I hope the will be alright with the separation since they seem very close.

  4. I wish they didn’t release the school the girls would be attending…but I guess security will be so tight that safety won’t be an issue…

  5. If they didn’t release what school they were going to reporters could easily have found out. Security will be tight.

  6. um how is that going to work with them attending schools in different cities.

  7. Congrats to them.

  8. @ Aimee

    Bethesda, MD is right outside of DC. It cant really be considered another city, but a different part of the area.

  9. The campus that Malia will be going to is only 15 mins. from the White House and it’s on the way to Sasha’s campus and Sasha’s campus is like 30 mins. from Malia’s campus.

  10. Thanks for the specifics Jessica. The report made it seem like the baby (Sasha) was going to be far away. I was thinking she would be attending boarding school and I was beginning to wonder what kind of parents they are to send their baby to another state for school.

  11. Obama is doin something big and he aint even in the chair yet now that’s what the black people want and need….

  12. Mrs. Tracy Obama is doing something big but not only for black people but for everyone.I really hope they enjouy their new school

  13. good for them

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