Actress Amber Stevens (born 1986) is pictured with her dad Shadoe, her mom Beverly, and her sister Chyna Rose. Amber’s dad is actor/ radio announcer Shadoe Stevens and her mom is former model Beverly Cunningham. Stevens is a graduate of Beverly Hills High School. Amber is best known for her role as Ashleigh on ABC Family channel series Greek;she is also an aspiring singer.

Click Here to hear some of Amber’s music.

(Picture Source, Thanks to reader Tania!)

~ by blackcelebritykids on November 24, 2008.


  1. Us black women age so beautifully. Without reading the names, I would not have been able to clearly tell who was the mother in this picture!

  2. SOME black women do. Some don’t. Oprah ain’t looking too good!

  3. Beautiful mixed ladies..Amber & Chyna Rose..Their mother is beautiful as well. =D

  4. even so kiki oprah still look better than a lot of white women her age .

  5. I was thinking the same thing about O, but that HD t.v. hasn’t been too kind to anyone!

  6. Hahaha so true about HD. Now when I watch tv shows online, I opt for standard. HD can be cruel. Its so good to see the Stevens family. I used to have the biggest crush on Shadoe. He’s a funny guy.

  7. Her mother looks like one of the Jackson women.

  8. Beautiful family! The mom looks vaguely familiar and I remember hearing the dad’s name before. Wonder if he’s ever done Chicago radio?

  9. Cute family.

  10. I remember Shadow Stevens from years ago. He used to be on Hollywood squares a lot. He was gorgeous back then, but time hasn’t been great to him.

    The wife was gorgeous back then and still is… They were on Ebony or Essence once.

    The black blood is sure strong, cause a little again and those wouldn’t look like they’re his kids.. LOL

    Nice to see them.

  11. It took me a while to realize who the mother was. I had to reread it again. Beverly looks reallly good for real.

  12. What can i say. American top 40!

  13. interesting some people against mixed marriages yet they often produce the most beautiful children!

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