michelleandkidssupporttroops3White House or not, the First daughters-elect, Malia and Sasha Obama, still have to do their chores, says first-mom Michelle Obama.VIA AFP:

The first daughters will not be spared the “ethic of responsibility” their father has pledged to usher in when he becomes president in January.But the burden will be lifted for some members of the White House staff, who’ve been told to lay off Sasha and Malia Obama’s beds.

“That was the first thing I said to some of the staff when I did my visit” to the White House, Michelle Obama told ABC News, in an excerpt of an interview with the incoming first couple to be broadcast in full later Wednesday.

“They said ‘the girls, they’re so great.’ I said, ‘you know, we’re going to have to set up some boundaries, because they’re going to be able to make their beds.'”

Obama daughters Malia, 10 and Sasha, seven, will be the youngest children to live in the White House since the Kennedy family in the 1960s.Their parents have frequently expressed concern about enabling the girls to grow up in a “normal” way inside the ultimate power bubble of the White House.That means picking up their rooms, making their beds and staying on top of their homework, the self-styled mom-in-chief told the network.

“That’s going to be one of their goals. You don’t make their beds. Make mine. But skip the kids. They have to learn these things,” she said.

~ by blackcelebritykids on November 26, 2008.


  1. lol thats good.

  2. I think it’s good also.

  3. How can you not love this family! May they continue to be good examples to others.

  4. So Michelle can be pampered by White House staff but the girls can’t?

  5. When you are a kid you need to learn how to do things and responsibilities. You can never say your parents didn’t teach you how. When you are older, you have choices, Michelle already knows how to do a bed.

  6. Lee- exactly, the girls got to work fa they pampering

  7. dont the girls deserve to be pampred michelle obama is not pretty shes strict on her girls

  8. The girls are learning how to be responsible. Too many spoiled kids in this country today that are pampered (i.e. expensive sneakers, X boxes or whatever the latest video game is, TV’s, computers, etc.) Good for Michelle. THAT’S what good parenting looks like.

  9. I agree Peace. 4 to 8 years with no chores and too much pampering and those girls will be like little Paris Hiltons when they are adults. It would be hard to get them to do their chores as older teens if they’ve not had to for so long. They will thank her later.

  10. That is good toknow, We need to see examples of well grounded children. Smile

  11. @ Lee, Umm Michelle deserves to get pampered, she’s had a rough 2 years and she’s an adult who lived a very modest life style. I can understand why she doesn’t want the girls to be too pampered and I have no problem with the staff pampering her. Stop hating.

  12. I totally agree with our first lady Michelle Obama. This is how children learn to be responsible. We are aware that Michelle Obama has been taught very well, because she is responsible. It’s her time to be pampered, she deserves it. And for you Ms Ebony stop being mean, and saying mean things about our first lady (she’s not pretty is what you said). It shows how shallow you are. This woman is very attractive, intelligent, articulate, a professional in her own right, and a good wife & mother. She’s married to president-elect Barack Obama. Who are you married to?!

  13. That is waht a maid is for. I grew up with a maid and i continue having one as adult. Whitehouse has staff for this and she should let staff do its job, which means picking up after the girls. No reason to do chores when someone gets paid to do them for you

  14. Dmitriy, that’s not the point. Apparently they don’t want anyone picking up after their girls. They want to teach them responsibility so they don’t grow up being spoiled, privileged children thinking everyone owes them something. That’s responsible parenting; not raising lazy children that have maids.

  15. Teri, what is wrong with being lazy and having maids pick up after you. I grew up in such environment and will continue it as an adult and with my kids. If i got the money to have maids, why should i make kids my maids? To me that is jut crazy, i am not poor person and will not treat my kids like they should clean when i got no problem hiring someone to do it for us.

  16. Dmitriy, whatever makes you happy, sweetie 🙂

  17. Dimitriy, smh. You’re a sad case. I understand and AGREE with our first lady….

  18. Ciara, if Dmitriy is serious, she’s more to be pitied than censored. Yes, Michelle is absolutely right b/c she’s a responsible parent who understands the lessons her girls will learn when they become of age. I’m sure they’ll thank her for it later.

  19. Awww…happy family

  20. Awww…great family

  21. Dmitriy, it appears by your spelling, and punctuation, that your money should have been spent on a tutor, instead of a maid. Hope your children don’t have the same fate. What good is money if you don’t spend it wisely!

  22. I totally agree!! She is teaching them how to be functional responsible individuals. They will only be in the white house for 4-8 years so after their time is up they still need to know how to do those things. There are too many spoiled incompetent kids out here now. When they go to college, they will have roommates and there will be NO butlers and nannies in college.

  23. It’s kind of hypocritical for the First Mom (as she calls herself) to tell the help to make HER bed, but not the beds of her kids. I mean, when did teaching by example go out the window?
    (Probably as soon as they wanted US to save money by not taking vacations, while THEY jet to Europe, Hawaii or anywhere else, when they’re tired of the grind they got themselves into!!

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