Spice-girl Melanie Brown(Mel B),her husband Steve Belafonte,her daughters Phoenix Chi,9, and Angel Iris,1, enjoyed a meal and a movie at the Grove in LA over the weekend.



~ by blackcelebritykids on December 1, 2008.


  1. She is a beautiful little girl. She looks like Mel B.

  2. Mel B looks totally different in these pictures.

  3. I keep wondering if she’ll ever start looking like Eddie in any way but I just can’t see it. I remember seeing Eddie’s oldest daughter, Bria, though, when she was like 3 or 4 back in the day and she looked alot like Ms. Angel did back then so perhaps they favor another relative of his. ( not excluding Mel’s genes )

  4. She is such a cutie pie.

  5. She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl!! she’s the reason that Eddie Murphy couldn’t pay me to go and watch any of his movies. Ever since his denial of this child and his treatment of Mel whilst she was pregnant, I don’t even like to see the man on my television much less going to a big screen to watch him.

    You go Mel B enjoy your family!!

  6. Angel I feel the exact same way. And little Angel is a cutie pie. She has such beautiful eyes.

  7. She is adorable!! Too bad Eddie is missing out on this little angel! His LOSS!!
    Thankfully she has Steve to be a father to her. Every little girl deserves a daddy! And Steve is doing just that!
    He’s the man! 🙂

  8. she is so cute… eddie murphy is a loser!

  9. angel destiny i agree

  10. I never really like Eddie Murphy and with him not even seeing little Angel has made me loathe him.

  11. Angel is an adorable child, and Eddie Murphy’s behavior as well as lack of responsibility is a good reason for not supporting anymore of his works.

  12. her his husband is not tht cute.
    buht angel is!
    EDDIE MURPHY NEED A REALITY CHECK he misses out on the life of a precious baby girl.

  13. She looks like her father.

  14. Mel looks unnatural and leathery a lot now. She just doesn’t look like Scary Spice anymore. She’s too young for her skin to already look like she messes with it. It can’t be that she lies under lights in a tanning salon or lies out in the sun as rumors claim cuz that effs up the skin. No black person in their right mind does that. She looked nice in her spice girls days but looks like hell sometimes now. Stephen is not cute but he looks like he takes care of his skin or he’s just lucky.

    The baby looks like Eddie but she came out cute. The other girl is cute child.

  15. What a gorgeous little girl! 🙂

  16. She unfortunately looks like Eddie.

  17. She looks so much like her daddy, wow.

  18. I read all these comments on here and it cracks me up. There are always three sides to every story: his, hers and what really went down. Eddie does pays for this child. Who knows who, what and why he acted the way he did. All I can say is things were shady all around and both parents are responsible. I remember her demanding things on TV with that blood sucker Gloria Alhred from Eddie. I do hope that now that the media hype around this situation has died down, he has made time for this child. I wish Angel the best in life and from each of her parents.

  19. she is adorable anyone who doesnt thibk so is hating on a small child woe to those who have to belittle little children to make themselves feel big

  20. @ Sane Litel cute Angel Iris looks just like Eddies daughter Bria with Nicole Murph when she was a lttle tow or three year ole. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT EDDIE MURPHY WILL NOT SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL. HOW COULD HE. It takes a low down dog to be thsi angry and not see his child. and his Mother, doesnt she want to see her grandchild. HIs other children , don’t they want to meet thier half sister. MAYBE THEY SEE HER AND MEL B HAS TO KEEP QUIET ABOUT IT. I hope so. In my eyes that cute little Angel Iris looks like her Daddy too.

  21. im glad somebody said it before me that baby aint cute

  22. @mandude, That baby is cure, How can anybody not see that. Stevie Wonder can see it.

  23. Angel ‘is’ cute how dare you talk about a baby.

  24. awwww she is so cute.i love her hair.

  25. Angel has grown!
    I hope Stephan is this involved with his won daughter as he is with Mel’s daughter.

  26. Is he with Mel or the chic standing next to him in the picture?

  27. He marked that baby. She even makes facial expressions like he does. She is such a cutie. He needs to be in her life if he isn’t because she seems to have his humor.

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