Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni,4, and sons Henry,3, and Johan,2, along with her mom Erna took the kids to the Grove in Los Angeles, California on Sunday.

Celebrity Baby Style:
Henry is wearing a $149.95 Ed Hardy Kids Vintage Tiger Jacket. Buy Now

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~ by blackcelebritykids on December 1, 2008.


  1. These kids are just too cute!!!

  2. I love this family!!!!

  3. the kids are adorable. i wonder why they dont cut the boys’ hair.

  4. I love Johan’s motorcycle jacket and Henry’s Ed Hardy jacket is cute too. I hope Leni gets a sister.

  5. The gramma looks like Martha Stewart in this shot. The kids are adorable. I think they should adopt an African little princess.

  6. KIKI= They are planning on having another child, so hopefully it comes out a boy! No need for adoption, unless they want to of course. Also I think that’s probably Angelina & Brad’s next pick.

    Awww I LOVE the boys hair. It’s so beautiful. I think they need a trim though. =D Also LOVE this family.

  7. Suz,
    Don’t you think Leni needs a sister? Another boy and she would be too out-numbered. Plus, there are so many beautiful African babies that need loving homes. They can certainly afford it!

  8. ugh why can’t they just cut henery’s hair.

  9. Cut the dang hair, I know those boys must be scratching their heads all day. It is unsanitary not cute. Something could be growing in there and as kids they have to wait for their mom to get around to fixing it. Clean it up heidi. those kids are too cute for that.

  10. why is their hair unsanitary just because it’s long????? washed hair – whether it’s long or short – is clean. period. *sheesh*

    having said that, i think all the kids are cute, but johan is just my personal favorite!

  11. I’s unsanitary because it isn’t properly maintained. It isn’t about the texture or fro but rather it looks like it hasn’t been combed etc. Give me a break!! You know that hair needs combing and a little oil or something.

  12. Heck the little boy has his hands on it like, it’s itchy mommy. Probably has dry scalp. Trim the ends. Kids are cute but why does the hair have to not be combed. Her daughters hair is kept up.

  13. She needs to take time out her busy schedule, sit down with a fro pick, the black one with the fist, some oil and pick that stuff out. It looks matted and like a birds nest.

  14. Is that Henry’s real hair color? They should keep their fros picked! I bet Leni wished she had a sister, not saying that she doesn’t love bros. They are still cute!!

  15. I don’t see how one can infer from any of these pictures that the boys’ long hair is unsanitary. It looks clean to me, and doesn’t look dry (especially Johan’s hair). What are all you people talking about??

  16. people love to talk about the kids hair….lol…sometimes my daughter´s hair looks the same….even tho it´s been combed 30minuites before…she´s just running so wild…going out in the wind..and it looks like that

  17. Please put something on their hair. It is like that in every picture you see them in.

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