M.I.A., 31, whose real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam,had a quick chat with UsaToday recently. M.I.A reveals that she and her fiance Benjamin Brewer will choose a name for their unborn child after he or she is born. In addition, M.I.A reveals that pregnany has made her “less angry.’

Q: Have you picked out baby names?

Not really. I need to see the baby and see who it is, what kind of personality it’ll have. I need to give a name that is the character of the child. We’re quite relaxed about the whole thing.

Q: And naturally, the kid will be a musician, right?

I think my baby is going to start off making club music. That’s all I’ve been listening to. Of course, you never know. When you want someone to do something, it ends up doing the opposite. It might end up being an accountant. We actually don’t want our kid to do music, so we’re going to buy it loads of instruments … so that it will completely rebel and go the other way.

Q: How will motherhood change your music?

In one way I feel like you do feel more connected with the whole planet. You feel really across the board. When I sing, I have to be aware that someone can hear me inside. It’s really strange. I definitely feel less angry.

Q: Has the film bug hit you, now that Slumdog Millionaire is getting Oscar attention?

I’d love to make a movie. I told Danny (Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire’s director) that. I went to film school. I went to art school, but I studied film. That’s always been one of my things. Still … music is so much easier because it’s like an individual expression.

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 3, 2008.


  1. She’s such a weirdie but I love her music and her personality.

  2. Just curious, is she Indian? Just wondering why she is featured on this site?

  3. Close…she’s Sri Lankan.

    It is her fiance who is biracial (African American/Caucasian) (which gives their unborn child a percentage of African heritage) that’s why she’s being featured on this site.

  4. yep she’s British Sri Lankan. She’s so cool and her music is always proactive. I mean she’s M.I.A after all

  5. Oh I see. Thanks guys. It’s good to see other ethnicities make it too. I wish there were more Asian entertainers.

  6. her fiance looks like lionel richie

  7. M.I.A makes great music now. After the Baby’s born I wonder if her style will change.
    But I think that M.I.A is part Black or Caribbean because in her videos she has mostly ni**as in them. Apologies for using that word in advance, and I know that I sound kind of primitive using it.

  8. She is a sloppy pregnant women if i was pregnant i would be da shit….like pregnant and sexxiii at tha same time

  9. I think she is pretty and their baby will be beautiful. Best wishes to their family.

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