Former “Lost” actor Harold Perrineau and daughter Aurora,13, visited the Hamilton-Selway Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles, California earlier this year. Harold Perrineau and his wife Brittany also have a six-month-old daughter named Wynter Aria. Click Here to see a picture of Wynter Aria.

BCK Says:Harold looks a little lost in this picture,no?



~ by blackcelebritykids on December 5, 2008.


  1. 13? WOW. I thought this was his wife.

  2. Why did I think he was Chris Rock when the page first loaded? lol

  3. Tayo, probably cause the exspression in his eyes.

  4. Ha ha the comments are funny! I did a double take as well myself. I thought it was Chris rock and Lisa Bonet’s daughter Zoe.

  5. She looks so grown to only be 13.

  6. I thought she was his wife at first glance also. It’s not because she looks old. It’s because I’m used to seeing the “celebs” or wealthy men in general with women that look like children.

  7. both of his girls are pretty

  8. I thought that was Chris Rock and a clean version of Lisa Bonet’s daughter.

  9. Wow, I would have guessed she was at LEAST 16!

    But she (and her baby sister) are very pretty girls!

  10. Lol, you all are a trip; but true she does look old for her age, but pretty girl, she looks like she is going to be tall.But just like a teanager, on the phone. Looks like she may be holding mom’s hand. Smile. I did not know he had children,that is great. I am still tripping off his character in “Best Man”. Good actor.

  11. wow 13? he better keep her on a leash! she look mature too, i thought she was at least 17!

  12. 13? i tought it was his girl or something lol

  13. dats not a gd look 13 yr old lookin like an 18 yr old jeez… however she ite

  14. beautiful

  15. Wow. She’s really pretty but like many of you have already stated, she looks a lot more mature than 13yrs. Are we sure about her age? I’m thinking 18-20 yrs. She does look a lot like Zoe Kravitz!

  16. Thought it was his too. Stay close daddy!

  17. Thought it was his wife too. Stay close daddy!

  18. 13 looks so grown these days. I thought it was his wife too!!

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