Mattel Inc. has won a court order banning MGA Entertainment from making and selling Bratz dolls, which were found to infringe on Mattel’s copyrights, according to Bloomberg News.

The multiethnic fashion Bratz dolls entered the market in 2001. Since then Barbie sales have dropped.

But a jury found that a Mattel designer came up with the Bratz name and characters and secretly took the concept to MGA. The jury awarded Mattel $100 million in damages, or five percent of the $2 billion the toymaker sought. MGA plans to appeal.

Bratz sales through June were $3.1 billion, according to evidence at the trial. MGA said its Bratz profit was $405.4 million, while Mattel claimed it was as much as $777.9 million.

The ban won’t go into effect until after the court has ruled on both sides post-trial motions. A hearing is scheduled for Feb. 11.

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~ by blackcelebritykids on December 5, 2008.


  1. These dolls were multienthic that’s why kids and parents like me loved these dolls. My daughter and her friends have Bratz rooms. I can not believe this. My daughter and her friends are not Barbie fans. This is sad. Mattel are Haters.

  2. sounds mattel is hating to me

  3. Maybe if they had a more broad diversity of Barbies they would sale more.

  4. I don’t like the bratz dollz anyway. They are waaaayyy too grown up looking for little girls. There is also nothing ethnic about this doll except her brown skin.

  5. Kiki you are so right! Bratz dolls are too suggestive- just look at the dolls facial expressions and trashy clothing they come in. They do nothing but encourage girls to be fast and look easy/ trashy.

  6. Btw the doll pictured above is the scaled-down version of it. Most of these dolls come dressed in micro-minis, stilletos and belly shirts.

  7. I always thought they were extra slutty looking too.

  8. ? Encourage to be fast and look easy and trashy ? I dont think so that’s why we as parents talk to our kids. And who buys the clothes in your house you or your kids?

  9. I think the Bratz are scary looking & slutty looking. I think their sales went up bc the dolls are multiethnic.

    Barbie needs to relaucnh & appeal to 2day’s kids.
    Be as diverse as the world is.
    Stop giving all the dolls hair that isnt real.

  10. M’sgirl (or whoever you are), seriously? You’re in love with the slutty bratz dolls,and—who cares? You don’t have to agree with my or anyone else’s opinion. You question who buys clothes in my house, and I can question your judgement as a parent. And btw, you be the judge of who buys the clothes in my house knowing that I’m even more cautious about what my children wear and watch than what they play with. Good luck with all those stilletos, fishnets, whips and chains in your kids’ room!

  11. My daughters love bratz dolls. They are 8 6 and 3. And they are no way encourage to look or act like a brat doll.. They dont want to look like a brat doll either. They dont like barbie dolls for some reasons..They love the shows and the movies..My daughters knows the diffrence between whats appropiatte for them to wear and whats not, because i talk to my daighters..

  12. @Zee.Since you thought I was talking to you. I talk to my daughter. Just like with music when i was growing up loved Prince, Vanity 6 and Madonna. Did not make me want to go out and have sex. ?Whips and chains? Dumb!! Everyone in my office is laughing at you and your comments.

  13. M’sgirl I guess I am crazy and not a good parent too because my two daughters love them who are 7 and 10. The 7yr old loves Sasha because she says that looks like her and my 10yr likes Yasmine because her name is that. They dont like Barbie and has never received one as a gift. So if I am considered a bad parent because of a doll there are too many other things to be concerned about. If you dont like Bratz you dont have to buy them.

  14. @M’sGhettogirl
    The only reason I addressed you is that you typed a rebuttal of some sort to my earlier comment.Dumb? That’ll be the rocket scientists you’re raising and who play with suggestive dolls. I am SO THROUGH with you so pls don’t bother with a reply. If any of the working stiffs in your telemarketing center/office need clarification on bratz here’s a link:–

  15. @Zee. I dont have to call names. Like you said it is apparent who is the ghetto girl. I am well educated sweetie and work at a University. Even the Dean thinks this is funny. Its not even that serious sweetie. Have a blessed weekend.

  16. who cares about the clothes they are wearing? if i recall when i was a kid all the clothe came off anyway. (i dont even know why) and i know most houses are like that.. just naked dolls strewn all over the floor.

  17. It does matter. Young girls are very impressionable and we as responsible parents need to control what images they see. That includes T.V. and toys. Even the baby bratz dolls wear suggestive clothes and makeup. You may think it is harmless now but you by purchasing and allowing them to play with these type toys, you are telling them that it is okay to look like this. Actions speak louder than words. My aunt bought my daughter the bratz head when she was 3 years old!! My daughter wanted a doll head to style her hair. I promptly put it away. She will NEVER play with that trashy my house.

  18. I don’t think they encourage girls to be fasted and dress slutty! I can only speak from personal experience but, they kids I know (especially my sisters & cousin) don’t want to look like a Bratz, even though they love playing with them! Those dolls features are so odd and exaggerated that those kids know they will NEVER look like one (and they don’t want to).

  19. i think that the bratz dollz trump barbie anyday and if mattle would’ve listended to their designer maybe dey wouldn’t b lookin like sum h8terz rite now!!! YA DIGG

  20. it wud have been the same doll except made by mattel, she was trashy to go to another company, i myself think those r sum ugly lil things that can go.

  21. 4 1 bratz are not trashy!its the parents chose 2 buy or not 2 buy.
    They are actually quite fashionable.go look at teens 2day(& no not the ones who are hookers/prostitutes/etc.)imaganine if u were a kid and still like wat evr doll u like and it got takin away cuz a company who wanted away got wat the want,and people called them sluts.u most likely would cry/be very sad/angry/etc.i am heart brocken a 15-16 year old lookin doll lost 2 a 25-30 year old lookin doll.

  22. All of the little girls in my family love Bratz but I agree that some of the clothing is not appropriate. I remember my little cousin getting a bratz doll for her birthday that had on a super short mini skirt and the underwear…I remember hearing someone yell out “she has on a thong” (my cousin dropped it on the floor and picked it up by the leg). It wasn’t a thong but it sure didn’t stretch all the way in the front.

    I buy them for my sister but I make sure that I watch what type of clothing the doll has on. I can honestly say that she has never once said that she wanted to dress like one though.

  23. mattel hatein on bratz. to say that bratz are trashy in a way is kind of true, but its just a doll. people have the choice to buy them, and obviously people are. mattel hatein !

  24. Mattel are haters, point blank!

  25. Ok really my daughter just found out about this news AND SHE IS VERY UPSET. She is 9 and likes bratz over barbies & she has both! But does not play with her barbies & neither do her friends! I think the pubic should have voted on this as our freedom of speech! She is a smart/good girl & knows what is right & wrong. It all boils down to parenting!!!!
    Mattel times change sorry to hear about your loss, but every body is losing some where! So really I think the CEO’s need to just grow up & deal with the way things are now, not look at the past!

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