In this POST, readers reacted to the term “Half sister” which was used as the title of the post. Here are a few reactions in no particular order:



What is up with this “half nonsense they both came from the same mother, there for they are full brother and sister. Anyway she is a cutie



Full sibling-A full sibling (full brother or full sister), is a sibling that shares both biological or adoptive parents.

Half sibling-A half sibling (half brother or half sister) is a sibling with one shared biological or adoptive parent. Half siblings can have a wide variety of interpersonal relationships, from a bond as close as any full siblings, to total strangers.

BCK Says: Do feel that the terms “half sibling” and “adoptive brother or sister” should be obliterated from the English language? Do they have any purpose at all?


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 7, 2008.


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  2. What is up with this “half nonsense they both came from the same mother, there for they are full brother and sister. Anyway she is a cutie


    Ummm Candy how can they be full siblings if they only have the same mother. I half a half sibling and that’s how I refer to him. Now i think the adoption thing is different because some kids are adopted by the same set of parents (usually) as the biologically child so they are legally full brothers or sisters. I can see some people don’t like the half sibling term but that’s what they are.

  3. For anyone who thinks someone can be only “half” their sibling please tell me then which half of them is related to you, the top half, bottom half, left side half or right side half ??? “Half brother” , “half sister” and “half sibling” are terms that are used because of ignorance. I would NEVER distance or disrespect the relationships and love I have of my brothers by categorizing them as such. This “half” nonsense is just as bad as “good hair” “bad hair”. Wake up people.

  4. BTW: If the term “half” is supposedly scientifically correct then why doesn’t anyone claim their children to be their “half son” or “half daughter” ? I mean really, the children have 50% of each parents DNA right ?

  5. Half siblings represent kids who have different mothers and fathers, that’s it. And no I’m not ignorant because my brother has a different mother than me and so I sometimes refer to him as my half sibling.

    Mimosa the term half-sibling isn’t scientifically correct.

  6. I personally think that half sibling should be obliterated from the English language. It amusing to me how adopted children who aren’t biologically related to their parents are considered full brother and sister. I feel that its just another title used to separate one another. LOL, so that’s half my sister, so she therefore she deserves half my love. I think that it was invented to give such a negative stigma to children who were born from different parents. I think back towards slavery where blacks were bought and sold and I think about parents who started second families due to the separations and the women who were raped by their masters. I personally hate when I hear people say that’s my half brother or sister. I have siblings that some people may call my half siblings but to all of us, we’re brother and sister. That little girl was Justin Combs sister as much as those twins, Quincy, Chance and the little boy who looks just like Diddy are. I guess we can say that just because my sister and I don’t have the same mother that my neice is my half niece. I had a boyfriend who would get infuriated when I would say my sister and he would try to correct me and say you mean your half sister. To make a long story short, I hit a nerve with him, when he revealed he had so called half siblings. Apparently his parents were married and the father conceived other children outside the marriage. He didn’t considered these half children to be nothing to him. He proclaimed my mother and father didn’t conceive them so therefore they aren’t anything to me. I hate the term half sibling because in my opinion, I think of negative things when people refer to that term.

  7. I, just like many of the other readers have siblings outside of my mother and father. I love both of them as if I grew up in the house with them. We may not share the exact same gene pool, but who gives a damn. Telling anyone they are 1/2 seems to make them feel less than the others. Family is family period!

  8. This is a disgrace, how can you introduce a sibling as half sister or half brother? What difference does it make it they are half or whole, they are still considered a sibling. My sister and I have different fathers and I don’t care what the dictionary or any of you have to say… she’s my sister… PERIOD! Stop making a big deal out of crap like this and concentrate on more important things like the importance of getting an education.

  9. “I think that it was invented to give such a negative stigma to children who were born from different parents”. Well said Steffie.

  10. Well for one when you adopt a child you take on full responsibility of that child as if it was biologically yours. And two your child has to have some other kind of dna it cant be just fully yours, if it is its something wrong with you and your child and you need to be killed off the world so this wont happen again. It has 2 be male and female dna to make a child. Plus we not talking bout parent to child relationships we are talking about sibling to sibling.

    If a woman has a child with man A. and a child with man B. these are HALF siblings. Their dna match up is only half the same. Because they share a mother. The other HALF of their dna comes from their DIFFERENT fathers.

  11. Thank you mandude, just b/c i introduce my brother sometimes as my half brother doesn’t mean I love him half of the time. That makes no sense. You can name call all you want but that’s what he is. My brother was conceived by my dad and his chick on the side and yea sometimes i have bad feelings for my father but not my brother. My mom did not give birth to my brothers so they are not my full siblings, that’s science PERIOD!!!

  12. thank you miss jessica. nobody never says oh this is my half brother i love him half the time. its crazy you love them you cant just love them half the time. it makes them no less of a person but its just that they are your half brothers. people get angry with this and i have no clue why. its stupid.

  13. My mother was married before she had me. And 3 kids was born in that marriage. It never ever crossed their minds that I was a “half” sister (or mind). When I was younger (about 10) I heard some BS in school about full and half sisters and brothers. I think we were talking about family trees.(I really can’t remember) I went home and asked my older sister Marsha. Did she know we are my half sisters? Because my teacher said if you don’t have the same father you’re half siblings. Marsha was so pissed. She told me there is NOTHING half about our family. Marsha was only 15 at the time. I still want to cry when I think about it. That teacher made me think I was less than what I was. Its sad the titles we uses to “categorize” each other.

  14. oh dear. People are getting their knickers in a twist so therefore they bring their personal experiences into this to prove a point. U cant mess with science. Doesnt mean u love ur sibling any less for the last flippin time, isnt that right JESSICA AND MANDUDE. Then again, if u hated their guts, u’d probly b straight up there with the ‘half’.

  15. To woop Jessica and mandude thanks for some level of sanity. People act like this is something new. You can call your sibs whatever you want, but if you only share one parent then guess what??????

    @Dee2 children will always find something to get upset over because they are too young to understand life. You clearly grew up and got over it.

  16. Anyone who wants to call their siblings half… Thats your right. I aint mad at ya. Its just a little odd to me. Because I didn’t grow up like that. My mother cut ties with some of her ex-husband’s family. Because they would call me a half sister. And some would treat me like a red headed step child. I have a strong mother. And she didn’t play that. She feels calling someone “HALF” of anything is a form of disrespect. You are my sister or you’re not. There isn’t any half or whole about it. And that’s how I choose to look at life.

  17. a “half sister” has blood from her mother, a “half-brother or sister” gets that same blood from that same mother. they have the same blood. the only difference is they have two different fathers. we need to stop with all this half foolishness.

  18. Sara-
    I wasn’t belittling anyone with my statement so I wish you wouldn’t do it to me. I was giving an example of how being call “half” of something is hurtfully. Everyone has the right to their opinions. If you want to call people half-something that is your right. I’m not debating that. But in my family we choose not to use those words. And that is our right.

  19. I agree with Mandude and Jessica.

    Half siblings share one parent genetically that doesn’t affect their relationship, that is dependant on other factors in their lives. For example if thier are brought up together or apart, relationship with other parent or family.

    For me the term half sibling decribes someone who shares one of your parents. The bond beween you and you half siling is a separate matter.

  20. This is my last comment (on this subject)and then I’m done. So its “science vs human feelings”. Every one isn’t going to agree on this. So all we can do is state our opinions and move on. And please respect each other when give your comment.

  21. Of course people are going to use their personal stories. This is a blog about children. Not the New England Journal of Medicine.

  22. this will be my only comment on this. but i personal don’t like terms like this to me it is peoples need to find a difference in things it is like the medias need to always refer to adopted kids as adopted and bio kids as natrial or real (and yes i have seen this)

    i hope to adopt in the future and to me this child was be as much mine as i am my mother’s. yes i will tell them as much as i can about their birth family but that will not make them anyless my ‘real’ daughter or son

  23. i strongly believe that there is (and can/should be) a difference between what is correct scientifically and the term i choose to use in my day-to-day relationships with my siblings.

    sometimes it makes sense to use the term ‘half-sibling’ for the obvious reasons. if someone has a different father or mother, that means there are different genetics (and family ties) in the mix. period. my half-brother’s mother (and her family) is NO RELATION TO ME just as my mother’s family is no direct relation to him. i won’t ever inherit anything from them nor he from my maternal relations; be it cash or a genetically predetermined medical condition. and there is no if, and, or but about that fact.

    on the other hand, i only refer to my brother as my ‘half’-brother if genetics or the family tree is an issue. although he and i didn’t grow up together, and therefore don’t share the same past as my sister and i do, he has a WHOLE place in my heart (and i in his), and that’s as it should be.

    trying to gloss over/evade the issue of genetics to be overtly p.c. (or to accommodate the sad prevelance of single parent households and multiple ‘baby mamas’/’baby daddies’ in the black community is – imho – like trying to pretend the earth circles round the sun. you can say it as often as you like, but that don’t make it so…

  24. CORRECTION: “….like trying to pretend the sun circles round the earth….”

  25. Wow, I was joking when I made the comment about half loving your so called half siblings. LOL! Just because you disagree with me doesn’t make me any less intelligent than you are. Just as you may have, I have a college degree as well. My fiancee’ is a chemist, so I do understand where you’re coming from scientifically. As I stated before this is my opinion. I don’t agree with people being labeled African-Americans, Asian -Americans and etc… We don’t call the so called white population Caucasian-Americans or Europeans-Americans. I don’t agree on the labels we give one another. I know personally that the half sibling label is sometimes seen as hurtful. I guess it depends on the people and the situations. But I will never consider my brothers or sisters half of anything to me. Even if they were adopted, they would always be just my brother or my sister. @Dee2, I applaud your mother because a lot of people use that half sibling label, to separate children. We shouldn’t be focusing on the science, we should be focusing on the emotional stigma that may be attached to being called a half sibling. I’m pretty sure that almost everyone on here is aware that scientifically two children who have a different parents are considered half siblings. But explain that to a child, who is taught in school that half isn’t complete. Much love to you all. Mandude and Jessica, I respect your comments and see your view as well. Thanks for making this post interesting.

  26. if you only share one parent then you are half (brother/sister) it’s pretty straight forwards but i think within the black community, one of the many vestiges of our enslaved past, is that we make a way where there seems to be none. having a different father is merely a technicality. we tend to accept full familial bonds irregardless which i think is great. if i grow up in the same household with someone i would refer to them as my brother or sister. any siblings that may have come about as a result of daddy, or mommy, stepping out is a half brother or sister. discuss…….

  27. Some of these comments REALLy surprises me. Truth is Truth! If someone is half-black and half-white, is it ok to say they are half either? Barack Obama would look mighty stupid saying he is a white man. I think some of u r taking it to personal.

  28. people need to know sometime if a person is a half or full brothers and sisters. People shouldn’t get mad. If people got marry to one person than we wont be having this problem

  29. I do not think the term, “half sibling” and “adoptive brother or sister” should be obliterated from the English language at all. If that’s how people choose to identify their relationship with their sibling, so be it. I have “half siblings” (brother and sister by the same mother), but we NEVER, EVER identify ourselves as such, and would never think of doing so. I don’t see the need to get upset at someone because they use those terms. Different strokes for different folks.

  30. Mimosa you are stupidly misinformed. Half is the correct term, it isnt from ignorance.
    Justin & Niko/Madison have the same mother but not the same father. Case closed!

    Why deny Niko & Madison father Joseph?
    Justin aint denying his father Puffy.
    They are half siblings.
    BCK you are totally correct.

  31. I think BCK was right for using the title that chose. The two do not have the same father and it IS important to note that. Especially for the purposes of this website. But more than that. The two simply ARE half-siblings. That’s what they are. I have a half-brother and while I would never refer to him as such that’s what he is. And there are scientific and social reasons why we have such terms…

    I think people are most disturbed by the the difference or inequality that the term suggests. Its like “Oh he’s not my brother, he’s just half” Which I fully understand as being problematic to creating one unified loving family. And for the purposes of family I think it should be omitted from the vocabulary as much as possible.

    @Mimosa…How can there be such a thing as “half-daughter” or “half-son” Either you are the biological parent or you aren’t. It’s not the same as sharing a half sibling.

  32. The terms “step”, “half”, “foster” and “adopted” are all meaningful in the english language. It does not take away from how you feel about that person or what special that person is to you. I have brothers and sisters and when my mom died and my father remarried I have step-brothers and step-sisters and a step-mother. I introduce her as my step-mother and my step-siblings as such also, because I feel loyalty to the woman who birthed me carried me for nine months. My step-mom introduces us as her step-children, so believe me folks when I say that there is NO LOVE LOST when we give each other these titles. If BCK didn’t mention that that was Justin’s half sister, some folks that don’t know any better may think that P Diddy has another child. In the end it’s really not that serious.

  33. PS: Just realize that it’s no one business how you came to be related to your sibling. Stop caring what other people think and feeling the need to clarify how mom or dad begat you brothers and sisters and. Why someone would really need to know which of your siblings have the same two parents as yourself ( aside from medical reasons –if even then) is beyond me anyway. 😀

  34. Like i said before, the only thing that needs to be “obliterated” is having sex with multiple people and creating “half” siblings and what needs to be stressed is the restoration of the family unit with one father and one mother. Black people are going to be defensive of this because more often than not, we’re the ones suffering from this happening. The family unit consists of mostly women raising children, relationship after relationship, producing child after child. I’m not blaming the women. But, it’s just how it is. I promise you, our white counterparts won’t argue over this because they have the family unit as a major part of their society. Anyone who reads this and gets defensive obviously don’t know statistics.

  35. doesn’t know*

  36. @tight2def>>>I cosign and concur 100%. That “baby mama” mentality has been pervasive in our community, and it hasn’t benefited us one bit. I have “half” siblings because my mom was married to their dad, he died, and she remarried. That’s happens, but to purposely have multiple kids outside of the confines of marriage or monogamy is wrong. I know just because people are married and have children doesn’t always guarantee everything will work out perfectly, but when ones looks at the stats on children born out of wedlock (especially when daddy isn’t around), there’s no arguing the truth. Yes, some people get very defensive when this conversation comes up, but if one looks at reality, there really is not denying the truth.

  37. Exactly, Teri. It saddens me because I’m black. I wish our people would want and do better.

  38. Science is full of it, remember it was science that said Black people are not human, it was science that put the first woman with a big butt, big lips and hips on display for the world to see. Remember that when you want to mention science people. You can do or say what you want but calling someone half is putting them down and you can bet your assets that science will tell you that as well!

  39. tight2def>>>It’s very sad. I’m with you all the way.

  40. lmao@Tamara’s ignorance. Thanks Teri

  41. I’m so glad this subject was brought up. I had an argument with a coworker just the other day who swore up and down that if you had the same mother but a different father you were NOT half but if you had the same father but a different mother you were half. He honestly believe that. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If you don’t have the same two parents then you are NOT full blood siblings no matter what. Now, I do understand that most people would probably feel closer to the sibling that was born to the same mother and a different father because they usually grow up together and the fact that they both came from the same womb makes them seem closer. I personally feel that if my Mom had a child by another man I would feel closer to him/her than if my Dad had a child by another woman. But its still HALF. I just don’t see anything negative about that word. Also, if you do have a sibling and you all have the same two parents, that sibling is the closest person to you in blood. Your FULL sibling is closer to you genetically than your Mom or Dad because you all share the same DNA on both sides. I was told this many years ago and never thought about it like that.

  42. let me help these people who are taking this subject to sensitively. If you have one different parent– you are a half sibling. I have a half brother who i did not grow up with, he grew up with his mother and a step father, i grew up with my mother and father. He is my half brother and I am his half sister. He has siblings my his mother also and they are half siblings, they are not related to me in anyway, therefore it would be inaccurate to call him my brother.

  43. Do feel that the terms “half sibling” and “adoptive brother or sister” should be obliterated from the English language? Do they have any purpose at all?

    *NO, I do not think half sibling and adoptive sibling should be gone from the English language. If someone is an adoptive child or someone doesn’t have both same parents as their sibling, than they are in fact ADOPTIVE or HALF.

    *YES they have a purpose. It’s to know specifically what someone is in relation to someone else.

    ALL SEVEN of my SIBLINGS are HALF. Three share a mother & Four share a father. I don’t usually use the phrase “half brother/sister”. I don’t just say my brothers or sisters either. When I speak of them I tell the person… “I have three brothers on my mom’s side & two brothers/two sisters on my dad’s side.” That works pretty good for me.

  44. Being a HALF sibling or FULL siblings DOES have a point as in with my mother. She is REALLY sick right now and she needs bone marrow. The first ones they test are FULL siblings.Well she has three sisters & one brother, but one of the sisters is a HALF sibling, so she can’t be tested yet. She gets tested when me & my brothers get tested because she has only 50% chance rather the FULL siblings have 100%.

    So the HALF or FULL does matter. Like or it hate it, thats how it is.

  45. For the people saying which half of them is the half as in “top half, bottom half, etc.”… Seriously, dont be a smart arse!

  46. @tight2def and Teri…Here’s a question…

    So say a person gets into a long term relationship, has kids, and then the relationship fails for whatever reason (infidelity or death even). Then they meet a new person fall madly in love and marry. Why should that person not be able to share the gift of life with the new person??? There is something truly beautiful about a properly blended family. When everyone is all on one accord and the children feel loved by several parents rather than two. Take Will Smith’s family for example or Rev. Run. I think yall are being a bit extreme with this idea that one should never have children by more than one person.

  47. The point is that God had a plan and human beings messed it up, so this “half” thing is the punishment. There are people out here who have slept with their own brothers or sisters and didn’t even know it. You’re suppose to marry one person when they die you may meet and be with another person. You’re not suppose to have sex or children out of wedlock. However, society has made it okay to do this, however, God never changes he was against it in the beginning and he’s still against it now. Take your punishments for disobeying Gods will like adults. There is no need to be angered, because no one seems to care enough to stop the madness. I have no kids and don’t plan to have any until marriage. The way God intended. Just think about the limits on the “half” issue if everyone did it the right way and the only “halfs” there would be would be from those whose wives/husbands passed and they had more children with their new spouses. God forgives all and loves all, but it doesn’t mean he is for wrong, he is merciful.

  48. BCK Says: Do feel that the terms “half sibling” and “adoptive brother or sister” should be obliterated from the English language? Do they have any purpose at all?
    Answer: Leave it in there because it is what it is but because something is written doesn’t mean it has to change the relationship of the people involved. That’s just a technical word. Most folk aren’t technical. Love everyone! We are all God’s children. Be blessed!

  49. @ Kiki: “Some of these comments REALLy surprises me. Truth is Truth! If someone is half-black and half-white, is it ok to say they are half either? Barack Obama would look mighty stupid saying he is a white man. I think some of u r taking it to personal.”

    Preach it!
    I totally agree with you. Like many others who have commented, I have half siblings. I refer to them as such in conversation. Sometimes I mention them as “my brothers” and other times as “my half brothers”. We didn’t grow up together, regardless of what I call them we are still family.

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