Rapper T.I. a.k.a Clifford Harris is pictured with his daughter Deyja Imani Harris. In all T.I has five other children: sons Messiah Ya’Majesty, 8, and Domani Uriah, 7(their mom is T.I.’s ex-girlfriend Lashon Dixon); son Clifford “King” , 4, Major Philant, 7 months, and daughter Zonnique,all of whom are with fiancée Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle.

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 8, 2008.

50 Responses to “DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL”

  1. all of T.I’sd kids from his previous relationships look just like him. king and major look like just like TINY

  2. Really? I have never seen this girl before I thought i knew about all his kids. Thanks for posting she is a cutie

  3. Who’s her mother

  4. That’s a cute picture. I love it.

  5. Cutie pie. It’s cool that he calls Tiny’s daughter his daughter. I have heard many interviews with T.I. and it seems like he is just a genuinely nice guy. Some rappers have the a-whole gene, but I haven’t seen it in his personality yet.

  6. Don’t you mean 6 kids, including this little beauty? Am I counting wrong?

  7. yeah who is her mother? cuz she look too cute to have come from tiny

  8. yeah hes got 6 Tiny oldest isnt his but he claims her

  9. Ahh shes cute

  10. LOL@Mandude

    Ok so who is her mother? She’s adorable. She looks just like T.I.

  11. Katrina@ i know she look just like him therefore tiny could not have gave birth to this one… i mean we seen how king look n to tell the truth major look like he headed down the ugly road also.

  12. yea T.I. has 5 kids that he produced and 1 that is Tiny’s daughter from a previous relationship but he calls her his daughter….But out of his kids he has 4 boys and 1 girl deyja

  13. Lol mandude you are a trip. She is cute.

  14. Zonnique is not his biological daughter. She is Tiny’s daughter from a previous relationship. T.I. might claim claim Zonnique, but he hasn’t legally adopted her. His daughter with Tiny was the baby that was stillborn around 5 or 6 months.

  15. Its about time we see him with his lil girl. He never takes pics with her, and its his only “by blood” daughter. I would think she would get all her daddy’s attention and money. lol
    I would like to see more pics with her and him… she looks the most like him than all of his kids to me. Cute pic!

  16. She is sooo cute, she look just like him. I wonder who her mother is?

  17. why do yall want to know who the mother is? so you haters can talk shit about her too. Lets say tip likes them light and short.

  18. Cute little girl. And I LOVE the Hello Kitty theme!

  19. pa412 what r u talking about ive seen load of pics of them together ive seen a pic of her mom 2

  20. Right, so the oldest isnt his biological child. Thats nice that he claims her. He always says he’s got six kids in interviews. She looks like him

    Aww, he named one of his kids after his best friend. Thats nice.

  21. deyja a cutie looks like her daddy ti how old is his little girl deyja she a cutie pie cute hello kitty shirt i love hello kitty and lisa frank i bet ti spoils her like crazy thats his baby girl when i was little i used to have a lisa frank ninder

  22. she looks exactly like this girl i grew up w/ down the street…i almost thought it was her too…creepy…

  23. it was nice there and the family is nice

  24. she’s a cutie

  25. good to see he’s spending time with her because i always see him in pictures with zonnique.

  26. What’s T.I and Tiny’s stillborn daughter’s name?????

  27. aww they look so cute….she look just like him too

  28. The still borns name was Lleyah Amour Harris

  29. She is cute…Her nose don’t appeal to me, but whatever. LMAO @ Mandude love ya posts.

  30. I agree, Suz -mandude is hilarious! And right on point too. This little girl is really cute…and really lucky she doesn’t have the “Tiny genes”.

  31. SUZ & Zee thanks. i guess.

  32. She is in those pics in the family skate night. She is right next to Zonique. TI is even tying her skates.


  34. She looks just like TI she is a cutie all of his kids are cute and they all have their own look.TI is giving us a good look with the kids.

  35. If you search for his daughter on youtube there is a video of her and her mom. He had the mother of his other sons and deyjah mom pregnant at the same time that’s why domani and dehjay are the same age. No tiny isn’t her mother

  36. i think shes the same age as his second 1

  37. Lashon Dixon is Domani’s mother she also is the mother of Messiah
    she’s the women TIP claims he lost his virginity to at the age of 10….Niko ( i dont know her last name and i think thats a nickname) is Deyaj’s mom….Domani is a few months older than Dayaj is because Lashon and TIP were together when she got pregnant but somewhere along the lines split up and then he got Niko pregnant with Deyaj…TIP also has Major and King with Tiny and Zonnie is Tiny’s daughter who TIP claims….Their still borns name is Llayah Amour Harris she was TIP’s and Tiny’s first baby girl….

  38. […] Daddy’s Little Girl Rapper T.I. a.k.a Clifford Harris is pictured with his daughter Deyja Imani Harris. In all T.I has five other […] […]

  39. Mzcici acually their daughers name is spelled Leah Amore. Tiny told Jamie foser how it was spelled in the july issues of siser 2 sister when she was on the cover

  40. sorry my t button on my laptop was suck but ya’ll know what i meant lol

  41. As long as he takes care of them (emotionally & financially) 5-6-or ten do your thing, T.I.!

  42. She is a cutie, I hope to see more pictures of him with his daugther.

  43. LOL @ People trying to make the stillborn baby’s name all extra. Llayah Amour…

  44. i love mandude’s posts too! LOL

  45. um…Suz how is that funny…perhaps that was the name they had planned for her all along…what, just because she was stillborn her name should be Baby X or something? grow up.

  46. The stillborn baby’s name is Leah Amore everyone else is spelling it wrong and why aren’t we letting this poor babies soul rest in peace she’s a baby some of you really have the nerve to talk about a baby’s name that’s fucked up! I don’t like tiny as a person, based off some of the things I have heard about her but I would never stoop so low as to talk about her children that’s just low people

  47. T.I.’s boys: Messiah and Damani are with Lashon Dixon.


  49. whoever the fuck reading this quit hating on tiny and t.i. relationship bitches and he married to ha so y the fuck is yall worried if he claim niq niq she might as well be his daughter let me go cause yall just hating on them and tiny or ha kids aint ugly bitches

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