janetdupriProducer Jermaine Dupri says that his girlfriend Janet Jackson, 42, is not pregnant. Rumors that singer Janet Jackson is pregnant started after the singer cancelled a string of tour dates in October due to a “mystery illness.” In answer to whether or not Janet Jackson is pregnant, Jermaine Dupri said to Usmagazine recently that: “Does [blogger] Perez know that lying destroys the credibility of a blogger?” , implying that rumors about Janet being pregnant are lies.

Janet Jackson has said that she will one day like to have kids: “I’d love to have children,” the singer has told Us. “It’s just up to Jermaine, what he wants to do.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on December 8, 2008.


  1. she need to go on and adopt when you start having kids that late you never know what you could get

  2. I guess she plans on waiting until her ovaries dry up and she has to have a surrogant or adopt. I dont get these women that wait until late forties early fifties dont they read about the complications that can occur.

  3. He better give her some babies! They can afford it.

  4. maybe its too l8 doesnt he have a daughter

  5. Let everyone else: THEY BETTER GET GOING!

  6. Why would she leave it “up to him”? UH NO. Isn’t it her nunu? Anhow, I wish them the best if she is expecting or considering. TI just hope it is a mutual decision, women have babies in their 40’s more often now, she just may finally be ready. Wonder if they will marry; though it does not really matter, would be nice though.

  7. What is the world coming to? Why even deny a pregnanancy, blogging is ruling the world.

  8. co-sign ksmith 100%

  9. I love Janet…but if she wants to have babies…she better gets going soon….I for myself don´t really like it when people become parents that late on purpose….at some point these kids might not even have their parents around when they turn 18….

  10. well in lifestyle magazine she said that she was

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