Singer Seal along with his wife, model Heidi Klum, and their kids Leni,4, Henry,3, and Johan,2, spent time at the Grove over the weekend. The family spent time at the Grove eating out and going to the movies.


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 8, 2008.


  1. I wish Seal and Hedi would come that nappy hair or cut it on that cute little boy.

  2. I wish they would COMB his haie or cut it.

  3. damn the henry bigger then his big sister now. wow.

  4. It’s funny that Henry is already taller than Leni. And it’s amazing how mucht they look alike to me considering they both have different fathers and they both look so much like their fathers. Maybe it’s the nose. They must have Heidi’s nose because they have the same nose.

  5. They really should consider getting him a hair cut cause that just sad to have that child walking around looking like that. He looks bumish and its not his fault. You want to have mixed children learn how to do their hair. Its that simple or have someone else to do it. Dang!

  6. Uh, Cmon fix that hair already.

  7. Seal you should no better, why do you keep your hair cut down but your kid has to walk around like a troll doll. It ain’t right, I just sayin.

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  9. That hair is out of control. Just cut it already, it is a horrible mess right along with that too little jogging suit.

  10. lol yall are such complainers. that’s their child, let them dictate their own child’s hair. Erykah Badu’s hair is natural, Macy Gray, etc. stop putting stigmas and paradigms on that little boy’s life already.

  11. HIGH2DEF there is a difference between natural and nappy.I dont give a damn this little boys head is matted.It has not been since who knows when.

  12. I agree tight2def…HENRY IS ADORABLE!

  13. i’m not HIGH2DEF, cute tho. and there’s NO difference. black people’s hair IS naturally NAPPY. know what ur talking about HATEMEE, i mean Aimee

  14. thank u, Katrina

  15. I give up, that mess ain’t gon’ never meet any clippers.

  16. Blue Magic+Hair pick with the black fist+ bowl of water = well groomed hair….

  17. Oh and some clippers… Naw it aint gonna happen. Too much work for the parents, Lol…

  18. I think his hair will mess up the clippers. The clippers will be so hot that it will burn the barber’s hand when he hold the clipper.Probably the barber may give up his babrber’s license or quit cutting people’s hair next day!!!.

  19. I love it when we see the whole family together.

  20. Smh @ the comments, cept tight2def. People this pictures are talking about a father spending time with his kids & wife. Once again it is NOT about THEIR child’s hair.

  21. cut his hair its a mess leni is not his bio daughter he just claim her as gis

  22. his hair is a funkuy freakin mess

  23. it saddens me to see how many of our people still have serious hang-ups with hair. Black people come in all shape, sizes, and colors our hair is a reflection of that. With that said why then, with all the black actors, athletes, authors, entertainers, etc, this site seems to only concentrate on a handful of them? When it comes to beautiful black babies, gimme sum mo!!!

  24. LOL…dauoo…I second your entire statement. Gimmie sum mo…For real…LOL

  25. I love Leni’s little Ugg boots and track suit.

  26. T.I. and daughter look so much alike too cute!

  27. Good lord…that´s bout seal and his family…and all Y´all gotta talk about is the boy´s hair….who cares….I have friend whose son has the same hair….even longer….and I love….our daughter´s hair is the same, too….I braid it from time to time….sometimes we just comb it through….aren´t there more important things that this little guy´s hair?

  28. No matter what the boy is cute but the hair is a mess.

  29. TANJA= Exactly…More important things like..Hey! His father is spending time with the fam.


  31. WOW..I can’t believe folk are STILL thinking natural kinky hair is NOT acceptible..PEOPLE it’s 2010..slavery in america ands plantation thinking is these children are european mixed children..which by all circumstances are more advance in their way of thinking BEING modern and present..not slave plantation mentality thinking ..last century thinking is unacceptible thoughts about NATURAL kinky hair which is SOFT as cotton.. y’all who are against kinky hair need to Check yourself..its what GOD gave those who have it..and for anyone to be ashamed of kinky hair is to be ashamed of how GOD made you if you have kinky hair..

  32. My hair is nappy and natural and it is sad to me to hear people who are clearly embarrassed about the texture of our hair. If this child’s hair was bone straight and flying in the air all over the place no one would be saying, “comb that child’s hair” or “cut that child’s hair.” Happy to see a family enjoying some time outside together.

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