Besides 15-year-old son Devin, actress Vanessa Williams has three other children:Melanie, 21, Jillian, 19, and Sasha,8. Vanessa admits that she is a strict mom, but she can be laid-back at times: “I certainly have standards and expectations, and if they aren’t met, there are consequences. But I also allow my kids to have freedom and allow them to explore life. I’m not extremely rigid, but they do know there are consequences with every action.”

Vanessa tells OK! that getting a new car is a privilege in her home: “Getting your own car is a privilege. Being able to fill the car up with gas requires money that comes from somewhere. So if they can earn the money to fill their own car up, that makes them motivated to have their own freedom. It’s all part of teaching them responsibility.”

Recently Vanessa insisted that her 15-year-old son sign an Allstate contract, in which he promised not to text, not to drive and drink with friends, and to wear his seat belt at all times. If Devin should break the rules, he will lose his driving privileges for two weeks. 

And  perhaps Devin won’t fall victim to peer pressure, at least his mom hopes so: “Hopefully I’ve established a good sense of self with [my kids], which starts in the very beginning–feeling that you’re comfortable in your own skin. They’re not easily swayed.”

Click Here to see more pictures of Vanessa and Devin at the Allstate Insurance Company’s Home for the Holidays teen safe driving event in NYC on Dec. 2.

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 8, 2008.


  1. Beautiful… =D

  2. Devin does favour his older sister melanie, at least in this pic

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