What’s making Henry Samuel-Klum, son of singer Seal and model Heidi Klum, so sleepy?Click Here to find out.


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 8, 2008.


  1. they got all up in his mouth when they took this pic. and yes to the ones who will say it… they know how his hair looks

  2. such a cute pic

  3. Mandude, do they know? I’m curious to know what Seal’s role is in this foolishness. How grand does love have to be in order for a man not to notice that his toddler’s hair hasn’t been combed since infancy?

  4. nothing’s wrong with natural hair

  5. Common Sense, yeah they know. they see him everyday. they know. they could care less or could be waiting. you just never know

  6. […] The rest is here: WHAT’S MAKING HENRY SO SLEEPY? Share and […]

  7. why don’t they just cut the kid’s hair – looks so untidy. Come on Heidi and Seal – take those cuties to a barber please…

  8. They probaly are to afraid to try and comb it, the texture requires a delicate touch, you can’t go raking through that head of hair. You need an afro pick, bowl of water and blue magic grease. Heidi probably doesn’t have a clue what to do with that hair. She hasn’t ever had to deal with it until the conception of her child. Seal is bald so she hasn’t had in dealing with his hair. I have never even seen it. He is always bald. That hair will eventually get cut because it is just too much. Poor heidi, she is lost as to what to do. O well, she should have thought about this before having a child with an african man. It’s too late now, she needs to figure it out. Go to a black hair care salon or sumthin.

  9. He is soooo cute. They’re gonna have hell when they do try to cmob his hair. Tired, i guess.

  10. oops i meant comb

  11. enough is enough now I cant stand it anymore all the money that heidi and seal have they should just hire an african american beautician to style their hair being that they dont have straight textured hair. stop doing this to these kids because people are doing nothing but talking and its nothing good. I have no shame is saying what I’m saying and leaving my name

    Thank you,
    Shantell Duffy

  12. well he probaly cries when they try and comb it since they have let it go.Heidi prob doesnt know how to maintain black hair Henry’s hair is a little more coarse than Johan’s.She needs to get him a fade and call it a day

  13. Maybe they think if they ignore it, it will go away, LOL….

  14. it breaks my heart when i see black and mixed kids with uncombed hair lol

  15. He seriously needs a haircut or some leave in conditioner.. my baby has the same kind of hair and she NEVER looks untidy! Ever!
    It may take a little extra time, but it’s well worth it!

    He really is very cute though!

  16. henry is cute and his hair is fine. He is a kid and kids hate combing and doing their hair. Perhaps heidi and seal have tried but cant get little henry to sit down for a minute. As long as his hair isnt causing any physical or emotional pain….dont see anything wrong with natural hair

  17. The audacity of these people to assume Heidi doesn’t know how to comb her sons hair is absurd. Heidi is a supermodel I’m sure she would never let Henry or Johan leave the house if she thought they looked dirty or untidy. Its disgusting how people are always bitching and moaning about some child’s hair. Get a life PLEASE!!!!!!

  18. exactly@Jessica. the paradigms and stigmas in the black community on how people should look disgusts me, especially when you pass that ignorance on to a child.

  19. Tight2def, the issue is not natural hair, it is unkempt hair. Natural hair can be very beautiful, but natural is not synonymous with uncared for. And Jessica, what in the world does Heidi being a supermodel have to do with her kids’ hair? There are plenty of beautiful parents walking around with disheveled children. Is that somehow more acceptable than average-looking parents who allow their children to look disheveled? Children are a reflection of their parents. So, a parent, regardless of how attractive, who allows a child to look uncared for in any way — hair, clothes, hygiene, etc. — is showing disrespect to the child and to himself.

  20. How do know know the hygiene of her child’s hair??? Are you there when she bathes her children to know they aren’t getting their hair washed? Just because it’s not braided, cut or combed down, it’s dirty? PLEASE. Maybe their parents don’t CARE about how people view their children. There is nothing about her kids that say they are unhealthy, uncared for or any pejorative terms. These stigmas about how people look need to leave us black people. These paradigms of what’s acceptable need to vanish.

  21. First of all, tight2def, you need to re-read my last post. I didn’t question Henry’s hygiene, I stated examples of ways that a child CAN look uncared for. I said that Henry’s hair was unkempt and disheveled; the word “dirty” was not mentioned. Second, you’re stating the obvious: the parents don’t care how people view their children. Third, who said that these so-called “stigmas” only apply to black people? A disheveled child, is a disheveled child, regardless of his race.

  22. I read it as the way i replied. Or, let me say it like this: There’s nothing to complain about or bring up regarding this child unless he suffered from hygienic problems. His hair being unkempt is not worth noting. His hygiene, health and well-being, if it was being compromised, would be a reason to complain. As far as race, I didn’t say it was only black people that look disheveled, however, I don’t know any other race that complains as much as we do, or “hate one” each other as much as we do. It’s all under the window of stigmas, paradigms and oppression. Other races, as a whole, tend to accept the differences in each other, not tell them how they should conform.

  23. “hate on”*

  24. There is nothing wrong with having nappy hair. NAppy hair is beautiful This child has unkempt hair and there is the difference. If he had straight hair and it was tangled and matted I would also say they need to do SOMETHING with it. I think the length is fine too if they just comb it out and shape it.

  25. maybe they can’t comb it lol. he’s fine

  26. I mean are you all really serious? you cant find anything else to say about him other than his hair looks a mess. Half of you say they could have done somwthing to his hair. The other half say well if you are going to have interracial kids (not mixed learn correct political correctness) then you should learn to do there hair. Have you all ever thought that it could quite a few things. He doesn’t like to get his head comb because it may hurt when anything is done to it..NO? He doesnt want anyone to touch his head….NO? He just might like his hair like that. Being that I am interracial, Those used to be quite a few reasons my head looked like that. My jparents were not embarrassed or upset. They just figured when it was ready to let them touch my head, i would let them. You people need to see the big picture some times when you add your own 1 cent comments. When I read them..Worthless!!!

  27. Babygirl, Tight2def, Jessica, & TionJoe= I agree with all of you! Seriously it gets frickening annoying and repetitive when people post about how his hair is, how they THINK it should be and how his parents don’t do anything with it. The title is talking about why he is sleepy NOT his hair. Smh…

  28. @common sense
    Seal was raised by white parents. He grew up around white women so he cab be excused.

  29. @common sense
    Seal was raised by white parents. He grew up around white women so he can be excused

  30. OMG he is a kid leave him and his parents alone. That kid probably gets more love than most children who put their appearance first

  31. I mean he’s still a baby. Do we really have to worry about this right now? When he’s older and still walking around like that maybe then, but why now?

    I will say this though. I would guess that mom doesn’t know how to properly care for the hair. It looks to me like its dry and its breaking off because it’s probably washed too much and not greased if enough. Mom is probably doing what she does to her own hair not knowing that his hair won’t react the same. I think though, that its an honest mistake and one that if she pays attention too she can correct.

    …in other words…no.big.deal.

  32. You ppl get all up in arms whenever there’s a pic of Henri or Angie’s daughter Z. They are probably two of the happiest and most-loved little tykes but you all keep harping on hair/hair texture. Also, parents have the right to do what they will regarding their child’s hair.—please stop with the overly judgemental bull ish.

  33. I don’t think he was yawning, it looks like he is screaming to me.

  34. god damn, shut up about his hair! i swear, EVERY post that has to do with henry and/or johan is about how horrible everyone seems to think their hair is. let the parents do what they want to their son’s hair. i seriously doubt they haven’t looked into alternative ways to deal with their hair; this is obviously what they thought was best and that needs to be enough for you complainers.

    the self-hate is astonishing! with every other celebrity blog that features these kids the comments are always positive; how adorable and happy they are, AND how cute their hair is. and those are probably from mostly white people… so let it go. seriously.

    btw, @nani, seal was raised by white foster parents for the first four years of his life and then was raised by his mother and then father until he was a teenager.

  35. He is painting, stop hating on his hair! Why does he need to comb his hair when it was going to get messed up by the paint? Get a life peoples!

  36. I think what most people are saying about Henry’s hair is that it ALWAYS looks messy and unkept! Heidi and Seal should consider (A) Cutting it down several inches into a SHAPE and a STYLE; (B) NEATLY having it braided into a style becoming to a young boy, or (C) going for the “Seal” look like his daddy (my personal LEAST favorite option of all!). Henry is too cute a kid for his hair to always be looking THAT bad! For some reason, even Johan’s hair looks a lot more “tidy” than Henry’s !!



  38. Everyone needs to just cutit out, you know good and dawg on well, you wouldn’t let your kids out the house looking like that. Kids learn from example and from a young age how to groom themselves, if you don’t start sooner then later, they grow up unkempt adults, so I don’t wanna hear this, O he will be alright mess. Give me a break and somebody get that boy some oil, a pick and a bowl of water.



  41. How about just a plain good ‘ole American haircut for Henry. That would be very handsome.

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