Defensive back for the Chicago Bears, Charles Tillman, has two children with his wife Jackie:Talya,3 and ten-month-old Tiana. It is ten-month old Tiana,however, who nearly broke Charles’ heart.

In May, doctors discovered that a 3-month-old Tiana had an enlarged heart, a condition known as cardiomyopathy, which prevents the heart from pumping blood through out the body. Doctors told Charles that his daughter wouldn’t survive without a transplant; finding a transplant would take months.

In the meantime, Tiana would have to use an interim heart, a device called a Berlin Heart, while a donor organ was being found. Though the Berlin Heart is available for adults in the United States, none for infants have yet been approved by the FDA. Tillman had to plead for a waiver from the FDA before doctors could attach the device to Tiana’s arteries.

But Tiana didn’t have to wait too long for a heart donor. A donor was finally found a few weeks after Tiana had received her “Berlin Heart”. Tiana underwent an eight hour surgery to have her new heart placed. Charles says that he struggled with the fact that a kid had to die in order for his daughter to have a new heart: “I was happy, but i struggled with another kid dying for my kid dying for my kid to live,” says Tillman. I didn’t want anyone to sacrifice other than myself.”

Today Tiana is expected to live an active life. Charles says, “I’m looking at a miracle.”

tiana tillmanfam tillmanbaby


Scans Courtesy of People magazine/Interview, December 8th Issue;Interview reprinted by


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 9, 2008.


  1. thats a big baby

  2. That is incredible!!

  3. she´s too cute….very incredible story…good for the girl to survive….sorry for the donatin family to lose their child…but at least…the death of their baby helped to save the life of another one

  4. She IS a big girl. I’m glad she survived. God is good.

  5. Prais God for that miracle!
    She actually doesnt look big to me, she is ten months.

  6. on that pic wit mama holdin her cutie look BIG

  7. her sister is cute

  8. I’m pretty sure she’s that big from all the meds she’s on. Like steroids or something. She’ll probably be “normal” sized eventually.

    Both of his daughters are beautiful!

  9. yeah…I’m sure her size has to do w/ her meds…great story, with a happy ending…

  10. @Jae, yeah i did think of tht

  11. How precious. God bless them!

  12. If he was married to a black woman he wouldnt be going through this…its all that mixing with “other” races that you have problems “& it has been biologically proven…

    ***last part of comment of 2Strong’s comment had to be deleted~BCK

  13. Bittersweet story.


  14. I would really like to see the medical data that you have proving that mixing races causes biological problems? I’m not saying that it’s 100% false, but when you make such a statement, you should back it up.
    Also, regardless of what would’ve, could’ve, or should’ve happened in terms of who he married, he’s married to his current wife, and his child DID NOT deserve an ailing heart. I’m glad to know that so far, so good on the donor transplant.

  15. 2strong2bdumb you are just 2DUMB 2BSTRONG! What an IDIOT!

  16. God bless their family! I have a baby girl named Lark and she is 9 months old. I go crazy even if she just bumps her head (first child…lol.) So, this is heartwrenching to read for them and I wish them nothing but the best.

    and i must comment on that idiotic response from the idiot above…pray please. that is an innocent child and any family that is filled with love is okay in my book….whateevr color you are.

  17. @ 2STRONG2BDUMB where did you find the stats on this proven information, because I have NEVER heard that!

    I don’t know what the facts are in humans, but I know it has been proven that in dogs “mixing” (different breeds) actually DECREASES chances of genetic predisposition to certain diseases b/c all those diseases that are more common to a particular group (much like AA being more prone to asthma & diabtes, and white ppl to cetain cancers & mental illness) become less! (which makes more sense to me than your theory)

    But at the end of the day anything can happen to anyone! Go walk into a hospital and there will probably be black person who also suffers from a heart condition!

  18. O by the way everyone who wants to now where I got my information…try reading science & biology it IS in there!

  19. God bless the baby. 2strong2bdumb, a child from any race could have medical problems. The only time race becomes an issue with biracial kids is when its bone marrow . Which can stil be an issue for any race remeber nelly’s sister. there are not much black donors either.

  20. It’s too bad innocent children have to suffer & be sick.. and DUMB ASSES like 2STUPID are probably healthy!

    As a mother of an interracial baby, I’m happy to say she is HEALTHY & HAPPY!!!! As are ALL interracial babies that I know!

    Oh.. and hey STUPID, I bet BCK is deleting your messages cause they’re too STUPID to post.. think about it!

  21. I work in medical services and I have NEVER seen such evidence.

  22. I don’t agree that the comment that 2strong2bdumb made was appropriate or necessary for this blog posting, but a few years ago in Ebony magazine a football player was having a difficult time trying to find a bone marrow for his bi racial child who was suffering from luekemia and he stated that finding a bone marrow for interracial children was much more difficult. I don’t know why medically but that statement was made. Maybe there is a difference.For example, sickle cell disease tends to be an African American disease. Who knows but anywho. Regardless I’m happy to see that she is recovering and she is indeed a beautiful miracle.

  23. 2strong2whatever …. i shake my head. how sad. like, really. can these comments be moderated? *pulls hair*

  24. I am so glad that she is alright, truly a miracle!

  25. Great news for the family, a child is a child balck or white. I wish them well, Yes people can marry anybody they want. BUT DAMN ARE THERE ANY BLACK MEN IN ENTERTAINMENT OR SPORTS WITH MONEY MARRIED TO A BLACK WOMAN? Don’t give me the usual Will and Jada Denzel and Paulete

  26. well Nannette, how about samuel jackson has a black wife, bernie mac had a black wife, i hear what you are saying, most of them get up there high and turn their nose down on the sisters, but when reality hit them a few years down the line, they will see, a woman is a woman is a woman, no matter what color, if you rub your woman the right way, you will get good results, you rub her the wrong way, you will get hell, and all women got hell mixed in them at one point or another, all they have to do is cross that line, and they will see, do something F$$$cked up, and they will see, i dont have nothing against any race, but i have saw and witnessed, and lived thru a black man with a black woman and treating her like shi$$t, example: my best friend is a good person, educated, good job, down to earth, southern girl, very good hearted woman, the man she was going with, dogged her, cheated on her, hit on her, called her names, and she dont drink, she dont hang out ,she is a homebody, long story short, she dumps him, he gets a white woman, who looks like sh$$t on a stick, big belly, just white trash, becasue they always seem to go after the ugly ones, anyhow, he treating this woman like a queen, he stays out all night, hmmph she calls cops, says he raped her, homeboy sittin in jail right now doing 10 years behind that lie, but he loved his white woman, what a joke, now he tryin to get in touch with the black good woman that he lost, friggin typical

  27. oh lets not, i say lets not forget who our president got standing next to him, a beautiful strong intelligent black WOMAN!!! obama knows what is up, there is no other, and will never be another, not duplicated, cannot be copied, although many have tried, but NOPE, they dont cut it, the original, the first, the only, QUEEN!!!!! obama I tip my hat to you, hopefully many of the brothers will take heed from ya baby!!

  28. Congrats to him and his family… I’m glad their daughter lived.

  29. 2STRONG2BEDUMB=Woooooow. Keep saying that kind of stuff and keep being evil. One day when you have kids, if you don’t already.. Smh, Karma is going to bite you in the arse!

  30. behind every black man, can only be a STRONG BLACK INTELLIGENT GORGOUS BLACK WOMAN, if given the chance!!!!! stand up , stand proud, and stick together. stand proud up hold your brothers and sisters, praise them, when you rise, bring your sister/brother up with you, not the other from another, help that black woman/man open a business, stop being so quick to go all out for the next, when your sister/brother need your help just as well, we need to learn to come together, and rise up together, we are the strongest of all races, no other race can stand up to us, we are creative, talented, smart, inventive, stylish, our ancestors of women stuck by the men , even though they aint have a pot to p###ss in and a window to throw it out, even when that white man beat, humuliated them in front of their woman/kids, the black women, still respected, loved, praised that black man, and stuck by him , see brothers, if you get that black woman right, and stick with her, she is the most loyal, dedicated, woman on earth, come on people lets bring that time back, show em we aint lost, we can stick together and raise our kids, black men i believe in you, i dont care what another race of man has to say, he will never get my attention, i love my brothers, that beautiful dark skin, lovely smile, just sexy, god bless you,

  31. @juicee I know you are telling the truth. I can tell you so many stories that I know of where a brother dogs a sister. It is a trip how they get on tv and profess thier love for these women when it is a black man and a white woman. I heard Obama give Michelle Obama her due and praise his beautiful black woman on the great job she has done with raising his daughters. I think these black men would not date a black woman if she had a million dollars, if he did he would dog her even more because she has the money. We have come a long way, but we have a long way to go. I hope your friend don’t take that guy back. He will dog her again.

  32. @ juicee, I said don’t give me the usual ones. Samuel and the late great Bernie Mac are usual. I wanna see a black sport or entertainer speak well and profess his love to a black woman on national TV like Kobe Bryant did to Vanessa when he cheated on her, She was looking at him, like I could care less, just give me that money. Black white prety or ugly Kobe proved that a man will cheat no matter how pretty or what color. Oh Yeah look what Eddie Murphy did to his pretty wife.

  33. It is ridiculous to blame “mixing” the races for heart defects. I know of hundreds of parents of children with serious heart defects and almost all of them are same “race” couples. Also, the reason why it can be difficult to find bone marrow donors for mixed race children is the same reason it’s difficult to find bone marrow donors for any people of color – fewer donors. BTW, marrow donations have nothing to do with actual rate of incidence of leukemia and other illnesses that require bone marrow transplants as treatment.

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