Cheyanne “Chey”(L),11, and Chicoco “Coco” (R),14, are the children of R&B singer Chico Debarge of the legendary Debarge Family. In all Chico has six children but only five of his six kids’ names are known: Dontae, Chicoco, Emmanuelle, Cheyanne and Abrielle. The kids’ ages are 20, 14, 13, 11, 10 and 3.

cheycoco cheycoco cheyandbrothercoco




~ by blackcelebritykids on December 9, 2008.


  1. I didn’t know Chico had any children.

  2. all of the debarge’s look exactly alike…his son looks like the oldest brother though.

  3. never in my life wud i call a coco that just seems so gay. get a new nickname fa tht boy

  4. never in my life wud i call a boy coco that just seems so gay. get a new nickname fa tht boy

  5. @Mandude

    I knew a dude whose nickname was “Delicious”…no lie. All his hardcore, muscled out, weeded up, deep voiced homiez would call him that too…”Aye, what’s up Delicious”…or “That’s my n***a Delicious”.

    It was no big deal to them, BUT from the outside looking in, you would think that they were some “down low” brothas.

    So, yeah. I hope that CoCo is just a his family name and not his public name…for his sake.


  6. wtf how bout he change his name. that aint no good look.

  7. Who cares about the kids name?
    Maybe the boy is being raised with confidence instead of fear of conformity. Please, if other celebs can call their kids Apple & Inspektor Pilot, then if his family wants to call him coco they can. Maybe its bec. he has a ‘coco’ shaped head or something. jeeze

  8. the coco is actually a part of his name… if u would actually pay attention.

    and that boy name is actually Pilot Inspektor
    maybe you should go back n check yo facts.

    opinions are opinions n like buttholes, everybody has one.

    part of the name or not i dont think u should call a boy coco, and that is MY OPINION

  9. WHO

  10. Omg do they get their eyebrows arched.

  11. LOL @ Mandude… Also those kids are cute.

  12. The eyebrows are crazy but my god-daughter with her pretty chocolate self has some beautiful perfect silky eyebrowns like thatand she is 11yrs old. I wish I had them.

  13. What r they even miXed with?!!

  14. Probably, black, white and indian like most black folks.

  15. that boys looks gay

  16. lol the things people are saying about this name stuff is pretty funny.

    oh and lmao at that “Delicious” comment…U stole that who story from Cedric the Entertainer’s Kings of Comedy routine, but it was still a funny reference.

  17. Who sent in their pictures? Their mama or Chico? Does he even see these kids. I’ve heard stories of him being a deadbeat.

  18. And since when did Chico become a celebrity, especially a big enough one for his children to end up on a site under Celebrity Kids. I guess that Vibe article and hour on VH1 went to their heads. And yes I’m jealous of those eyebrows.

    Where are the other 4 kids?

    Maybe these are the guinea pigs. See how people respond to these two before coming out with the rest.

  19. Why the negative comments? The kids are cute and shouldn’t be the subject of ig’nat folks’ jealousies. Kids should be off limits.

    BTW — Chico is a nickname and it means “little one” because he is the youngest. His birth name is Jonathan Arthur. Look it up in the California Prison records.

    Yes, I STAN for Debarge, but still believe that ALL kids, even your ugly little cousin, should remain off limits.

  20. @INSIGHT,

    Who would be jealous of a child or a DeBarge?

    The most ig’nant comment from where I sit is yours.


  22. @Cinda,

    What did the kids do to you to warrant such animosity? You need a hug, boo…You and your cousin’s baby’s-mama best friend.

  23. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. (That’s life and there is little one can do about it).

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