On December 9th, Jaden Smith,10, who stars in film “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” brought his family along to the New York city premiere. Jaden was  joined by his parents, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, his sister Willow,8, a fellow actress herself, and his grandmother from his mother’s side.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film:In ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still,’ an alien named Klaatu (Keanu) travels across the universe to warn of an impending crisis on the Earth. Klaatu encounters renowned scientist Dr. Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly) and her stepson Jacob (Jaden) on his quest to save the globe, but not before convincing people on Earth of his good intentions (Source). The Day The Earth stood Still is set to hit the U.S. big screens on December 12.

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~ by blackcelebritykids on December 10, 2008.


  1. now that is one child that they need to do something bout his hair. he dun got too old for that. get u sum braids or something.

  2. I think he looks cute like that. Jaden looks like his Dad and Grandad, Willow favors Mom.


  4. he is very handsome. his hair looks great!

  5. why are you telling people to shut up. Grow up!

  6. I guess if it’s spirally, shiny and bouncy it’s ok. Please!

  7. what colour r will and jada just curious

  8. Will and Jada are black!!

  9. MANDUDE, Every child and adult in this world cannot and should not have hair that’s “acceptable” to others. We’d all look alike. How boring that would be.

  10. oh was jus wonder bcuz of da hair

  11. Now this is a NATURAL hair style you can tell that it has been groomed.You go look at heidi and seal’s son henrys hair and you can tell the difference

  12. here we go with this hair crap again. anyway, he’s a beautiful child.

  13. You can SHUT UP TOO! Why is it that everytime some post something its NEGATIVE…just so you know BOO BOO.. I am GROWN! If he likes his hair like that then let him be..it ain’t you.


  15. Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter if you agree with it or not. I get sick of seeing some of the things that people post on this blog but I know that it is their right. Why can’t we just agree to diagree and be mature about it?

    Anywho…Jaden is such a cute boy with so much talent! I can’t wait to see him in this movie.

  16. i swear people kill me, to be asking what color are will and jada, becuase of his hair, so two black people cannot make good hair children? or one parent has to be mixed, yeah right, well let me explain this to you , then you can analyze it and let the world know, my dad is black, nappy black hair, and my mom is black, nappy black hair, permed , hot combs, etc, my hair is indian like, long silky and pretty, everyone said to my dad, get a blood test, that kid aint yours, he did it, and it turned out i am 100 percent his black a#####ss child!!!!! i took after his grandmom, who was indian, and had long good hair, somehow her genes came down on me, and dig this, my dad is dark skin, and my mom is dark skin, i am light skinned, with hazel eyes, and neither one has hazel eyes, but great grandmom does, so explain that? damn idiots!!!

  17. Juicee is right! DNA does unbelievable things people.

  18. One of my favorite families in Hollywood. =D Cute kids, handsome dad, beautiful mom all that makes a gorgeous bunch.

  19. Well it has been said Jada has a more DIRECT ancestor of Native American ancestry. (When I say direct I mean like Jada’s grandmother at the most) But it doesn’t matter. This post isn’t about hair. The child is cute PLAIN & SIMPLE!!

  20. What is this good hair nonsense? I have been hearing that all my life in the black community and I am sick of it! So if a persons hair is as you say “nappy” they don’t have “good hair?” The closer your hair is to white/natuve american makes your hair “good?” Just another thing to seperate us all in the black community IMO>

  21. beautifull family….jaden looks handsome…I love his hair…don´t care about the movie tho

  22. WHY ARE BLACK PEOPLE N THEIR COMMUNITY SO IGNORANT? THEY would each other The N word, hate or kill each other.This is one of the reasons why I’m starting to hate most black people.I think one reason for this behavior is that they feel like they are too ugly or they are inferior if they aren’t mixedwith another race. IT seems like BLACK PEOPEL have to rely on different races to have beautiful looking children.Look at the majority of the celebs on this Website and see for yourself!! “If you have nappy hair it isnt good hair” CAN SOMEONE DEFINE GOOD HAIR?

  23. corbin bleu’s mini me

  24. Juicee,
    I guess it’s good you inherited “good” hair because you certainly lost out on intelligence!

  25. lol see i knew this was going to happen. yall be the first ones to say sumthing bout henry’s hair n then when its bout sumbody different yall say a whole other story.

    i actually dont care how his hair looks. he looks adorable with it. but thats how sum of yall act. its his hair he does wateva he wants with it obiviously. but sum of yall same ones been dun said they need to do sumthing bout lil henry hair. yall crazy fa reel

  26. @ Leo. thats what i was thinkin

  27. Those two are so cute, they’re the next superstars in the Smith Family. I love Jaden’s hair and that pic with Willow and Lil Mama is so cute. I’m not even gonna comment on all the negative comments.

  28. @ iamtheking

    Good hair is healthy and clean no matter what the texture.

  29. jaden hair is nappy he needs some braids hes cute though willow is ugly jada needs to take out them nappy braids and do ponytails

  30. Will & Jada always looks so good, I would have LOVED to see her two kids as babies… I bet they where just so adorable!! beautiful family I wish them continue sucess and health for 09

  31. i think i lost several brain cells reading these comments. is it that serious? i have both good and back hair…a literal black mullet. lol

  32. I could go on for hours and hours talking about how much me and my younger brother DON’T look like our parents as far as hair and skin go — but, honestly, WHO CARES? It ain’t like it’s something amazing! It’s just skin and it’s just hair! I’m still black no matter how I ended up looking like!

    How come people seem to act brand new on every freakin post? What will it take for ppl to realize how diverse the black community is?

    This is really scary, guys…I wish ya’ll would come on, but I know you won’t which saddens me…

  33. Corbin blue LOL so true

  34. the boy’s hair is fine! Damn!

    I see what everyone means about us africans and our hair hang ups. Every time a child on this website has hair that’s doin it own thing we’re gonna hear about it. It sad what slavery has done to us. What is the fear of having big beautiful (well-kept)african hair and letting it do its own thing.

    Not that we should be judging ourselves by the standards of white folks, being that we’ve been forced to do so for our entire existence in this country (US), but they let their hair do its own thing. Why shouldn’t we take back the right to allow ourselves to do the same?

  35. Co-sign with juicee. When my daughter was younger everyone was always questioning her hair. Is her daddy mixed, cuban or puerto rican. Some think you have to be light to have nice hair. Why as black people so concerned about that. Read 400 years with out a comb it is a good book.

  36. Jaden is so handsome.. like his daddy!
    LOVE his hair!

  37. The reason black people remain ignorant is because we are born into, accept, and continue to perpetrate the lie that was taught to us in America: If you have one drop of black blood you are black. Black defines a part of our ancestry but the reality is none of us are 100% African…unless you know for a fact that your ancestors came from East Africa (Ethipia, Somalia, etc), it took a white, asian, or indian gene to put the natural spiral or curl in our naps. If your grandparent or great-grandparent was white or deemed other–you are not 100% black, no matter what shade you are.

    That’s why Africans from Africa do not consider mixed-race people as “black” and they sure don’t consider black Americans as Africans…just long lost cousins.

  38. @ Jaime
    you are absolutely right!

  39. jamie explains it pretty well

  40. LOL @ this title. Like Jaden really brought them, like he drove. His parents BROUGHT HIM!
    Jada’s mom is pretty. Jada has good genes.

  41. Jamie I don’t agree with you. I know that I am 100% black. All I have to do is look in the mirrow

  42. what is good hair?

  43. renee. the answer is all healthy hair. i am tried of people who make believe that only blacks talk about bad hair days. there are people in other cultures who perm their hair in secret. because they dont want others to know they have that hair period.

  44. WillI love you, Jada and all the kids….but will yall do Jaden a favor and CUT HIS DAMN HAIR….All that hair is not cute anymore. !!


  46. Quoteing my dad here.”All hair is good hair, if it is covering your head then it is doing it’s job. However now that I am older and see not all people hair covers their head as well as it should. So does that make their hair bad or just reluctant to grow? LOL


  48. jaden smith is my bestest actor in the world Lolll

  49. Its like you read my mind! You seem to understand a lot approximately this, like you wrote the e book in it or something. I believe that you could do with some percent to force the message house a bit, however other than that, that is wonderful blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

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