Just a few days ago, Producer Jermaine Dupri, boyfriend of singer Janet Jackson,42, told the web-wide world that Janet is not pregnant. Now, Life and Style magazine is claiming that the singer is indeed pregnant!

Via Life &Style:

After a series of canceled concert dates, Janet Jackson finally pulled the plug on her Rock Witchu tour in early November, setting off a flurry of rumors about what could have gone wrong.Now, an insider close to Janet tells Life & Style the real reason she needed to back out: She and longtime partner Jermaine Dupri, 36, are getting ready for a baby!

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 10, 2008.


  1. yay!!!it finally happened congrats janet and jermaine i can’t wait to see pics soon

  2. I will believe it when it comes from Janet’s mouth not a friends

  3. I agree with you Aimee! or until the baby comes in the world looking like JD and the old MJ

  4. LOL It would be funny if they had a little boy that looks just like MJ pre 1980 before the nose jobs.Mike and janet were practically twins back in da day

  5. I guess time will tell.

  6. If she is I hope the baby gets the Jackson genes, and look nothing like that short and butt ugly Jeramine Dupree.

  7. OOOH I hope it’s true!

  8. MIMI and Janet pregnant at the same time…………congrats if true. I think she will be a great mom.


  10. W@HELL NAW

    Halle daughter is about to turn 1 yrs old. Why would Janet want to have a baby because of Halle?

    Halle want to have another baby.


  12. IF janet is preggers. She got inseminated with some nonblack sperm because her WHOLE family is colorstruck.

    So in 9 months when she has a biracial looking kid. I will be back to say I TOLD U SO.

    She aint havin JD’s baby. I PROMISE u.

  13. @Kelsi

    JD ain’t the 1st Black man she dated.

    Janet and Q-Tip? duh and who cares what race they like.
    I didn’t no it was any of are business.
    You people can be really mean.
    marlon wife is black and rebbie husband is black.

  14. Ewwwww I hope not!!!! Janet is pretty but i’m not sure if it’s enough to cover J.D’s ugly mugly genes. Besides, she’s the miracle of her family, her brothers are hard on the eyes…..

  15. Micheal is not ugly……………..well before he went solo he was cute. Latoya is pretty to before the plastic surgery.

  16. Jd has a daughter already and she is not ugly but she does look like JD.

  17. To me life & style is nothing short of the tabloid. They try to act like the information that they give has excellent sources, but a friend of friend is not proper source. I say the jury’s still out on this one.

  18. we’ll c

  19. i really hope she is pregnant cos lets face it TIME is running out!!

  20. Who cares if she is pregnant or not. She is a crack pot like the rest of her family. Canceling concert dates and tours because she has a headache? Oh no. Now it is because she is pregnant. She is washed up (not only in my opinion but the reviews of the tour say it all) with not only one but 3 flop albums and poor press.

  21. @JOY
    UR point?

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