Just recently, went into the home of Denver Nuggets NBA star Carmelo Anthony and his fiance Alani “LaLa” Vazquez, former MTV veejay and aspiring actress and film and television producer. Lala tells Essence that she and Carmelo are doing everything to “make their house a home” for them and their 21-month old son named Kiyan Carmelo.

“We are doing all we can to make our house a home,” says LaLa. “At the end of the day, when you’re busy, all you have is your family and home to come home to and you want to make it the warmest and most welcoming place it can be.”

Lala says that unlike many of her celebrity friends, she does cook and clean, “I clean my own house. I don’t wait for the maid to come,” she says. “And I cook for my family. It might not be a ten-course meal, but I have my specialties like mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken and my world-famous lasagna.”

Click Here to see pictures of their sprawling estate
Click Hereto see more pictures of Carmelo, Lala, and Kiyan.


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 11, 2008.


  1. WHEN IS HE GOING MARRY HER. We just had thid topic yesterday, Show me some black Atheletes married to black women and prud of it. Yeha don’t name me the usual suspects. They have been engaged forever, Mr. Tilman you posted yesterday, married his baby Mama. I wanna know what’s the hold up. I bet it’s on Carmelo’ s side.Cute family, just need to be made right, Now that’s just my take on it. I have a right to my comments.

  2. Kiyan is too cute, they are a nice couple.

  3. Beautiful family! Nice house!

  4. he is sooooo cute

  5. awww they suit each other

  6. They are a beautiful couple w/a beautiful little boy. That house is the business.

  7. llala is cute kiyan i s acutie bet her mac n chese and cheese and chicken is the bom i love baked mac n cheese and fried chicken

  8. he needs to go on and marry her

  9. he should marry her theymake a great couplre besides kiyan almost 2 its about time what the they waiting on

  10. I wonder when the pictures where taken. Didn’t ‘Melo trade his braids for a fade a few weeks ago?

  11. jmp>>>Yes, he sure did. He’s definitely sporting a fade. I think these pictures are old. If you go to, you’ll see an updated picture of their son at his daddy’s basketball game. He’s a bit older now.

  12. lol lil man hairline is way back there aint it. still LaLa gon have to fight them lil girls off him.

  13. mandude>>>not anymore. It’s filled in and they have it cut short.

  14. Teri- thts gud i thot he was going bald lol

  15. Beautiful family… =D

  16. LOL @ Mandude…

  17. Mandude, nope. Little man isn’t going bald. You’re too funny 🙂

  18. beautifull family…married or not…they will if they feel like….don´t take away the love for their child


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