Actor, comedian,and former MTV VJ Bill Bellamy, his wife Kristen Baker, and their kids, daughter Bailey,5, and son Baron,2, are featured in this month’s BabyCouture magazine. Check out tons of pictures (10 pages worth!) Click Here Just type in the number “47” at top right hand corner. Don’t forget to click and zoom in on the images!Enjoy!

bellamycouture3 bellamycouture6 bellamycouture4
baileycouture bellamycouture5

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 11, 2008.


  1. Both children are adorable! Look like their daddy.

  2. this family is too cute!

  3. Wow these kids look nothing like their mom! but very cute kids

  4. beautiful family!!

  5. cute family

  6. Awh lovely family!

  7. cute kids bailey and baron are cute i cant beleive cousin has kids now they look nothing like him i love that show i cant beleive it came out in 1998 when i was 10 in the 4th grade my sister was 7 in the 1st grade and little brother was 2 is till like that show it was funny

  8. cousin skeeter has kids wow i love your show its funny

  9. ah come on, these american men are allergic to black women these days………….

  10. bella,normally i would say race doesnt matter.which is true in most cases. the situation for women in europe aint much different. take a visit to both places and you see that money and fame make some forget about race. almost like racism in the same group.the exception in most cases are men like tom crusie,brad pitt,hugh jackman,who seem to favor their own. no one bats and eye at this. i say to you move on to others.

  11. cute family

  12. cute kids…

  13. Pretty sure his wife is black…but so what if she isn’t! I’m sick of all this black/white hate, good hair/bad hair talk. Just stupid!

  14. The kids definately look like their father. Got matching noses… Nice photos =D

  15. bill’s wife is black.

  16. just barely…

  17. just a little bit….

  18. Umm here’s another pic of Kristen and Baron on BCK .. just looks like she lost her tan and so what if she were white. People need to start worrying about themselves and not criticize what other do with their lives

  19. kb: What is wrong with ppl on BLACK celeb kids expecting to see beautiful AFRAM families.

    Not to mention all the men out there who disrespect AfrAm ladies.

    I dont know if Kris is AfrAm, nor do I care. I dont like bill bellmay. his is so rude.

  20. who cares if he is with a white, black, asian or indian woman? i hate all that talk about race….it´s hilarious….and immature

    i´m a white woman with a black man…and that´s just how it is…why do people always have to be so damn narrowminded`?

  21. bailey har is cute put ponytails in it bill wife should have put ponytails in it

  22. race shouldn’t matter. but in some cases its easier for white women to say why do this group care about race so much, they see themself everywhere. white hockey players,many black players most white actors, black entertainers,stock brokers and business professionals of all races. so……

  23. I can’t tell if they are both girls or a boy and girl. Someone help me!!!!

  24. I think both kids are cute.

    Life’s too short to worry about who black men marry or date (have we not wasted many years moaning about it) and it doesn’t change their racial dating habits.

    Just because black men and women are same colour it doen’t mean we own each other. My motto is what ever makes you happy is all thats worth while.

  25. Beautiful Family. I love the names of their children also. Especially Baron.

  26. black men make me sick. as soon as they make it they can’t wait to go out and get the closest thing to white they can find.


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