Don’t mess with busy mom Melanie Brown! The British singer was accompanied by her 20-month-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown as they picked up Melanie’s other daughter, Phoenix Chi, 9, from school in Santa Monica, CA on Tuesday.




~ by blackcelebritykids on December 11, 2008.


  1. She just does not look happy to me. She looks tired, and I know a toddler can do that to you, but she is also married and that should always give you a glow or a sense of happiness. She just looks sad like she wants to just kick Eddie’s behind for leaving her to raise this kid. Is it just me? I know that I would be mad to if someone did that to me, first denied my beautiful daughter and then chose not to even get to know her! I guess I would be looking sad too. Nough said

  2. LisaLisa I do not live in the mind of Mel B so I don’t really know what she’s thinking. But I think that you are way off. To me she looks irrated at the paps for taking photos of her simply picking up her child from school. I can only imagine how irritating it would be for the paps snap photos of you for the world to see ever time they spot you somewhere. And in this case they are casing her daughters school. Anyway, I don’t think she’s thinking of Eddie at this moment and I’m sure she has nothing but love for her child and thinks of her as a blessing and not a burden as you have assumed. But that’s just MY assumption. And honey, all married people don’t walk around with glows on their faces. What world are you living in? You’re right about one thing though, you said enough.

  3. doesn’t mean her marriage isn’t well. who knows what silly ass baby daddy is putting her thru.

  4. […] Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown concieved an adorable little girl despite the fact that Eddie’s a dead beat and refuses to see the little girl. To get a look at the adorable little girl CLICK HERE. […]

  5. Looks as if shes scowling at the paps.

  6. Angel’s getting big. Love her tights! 🙂
    Melanie looks either tired or sick of seeing paps everywhere!

  7. Double standards the way some people talk about Zahara hair,is it because her mother is Angelina. This little girl is almost 2 come on put a comb through it.

  8. cute baby, she could of put something better on her, what is up with that sad look, she making me depressed lookin at her, and who is she? and what does she do? damn she look bad, let me move on , before i start cryin over here, LOLOLOL

  9. OMG!I didnt even notice the hair. I was was focusing on moms facial expression. But you’re right Ms.P. Maybe it’s the new Hollywood trend

  10. Even when she frowns she still looks pretty to me.

  11. shoes look a lil big for baby!!

  12. Aww, Mel looks so tired!
    Angel is always so cute! I love her little stockings…how cute! I like clothes that actually look like they belong on a kid and are comfortable too.

  13. mel maybe having a bad day, The bottom line is that deadbeat no good daddy EDDIE MURPHY I say daddy with a small d, First of all you would think he had a litle class when he knew it was Mama baby Daddy maybe. The cute little girl Angel will have to see that clip one day, He thinks he is going to be able to tell her her Mom tricked him when she is older, That won’t work that child is going to long to know her Dad as she gets older and kids tease her. I don’t know how he can look his other kids by Nicole in the gace and think they don’t see what kind of low life Dad they have to deny seeing their half sister. no excuse.

  14. icant beleive angel will be 2 on april 3 her daddy is a bad dad if i was angel i would tell people that stephen was daddy id be ashamed of eddie shes cute l should comb her nappy hair and potty train her her hair looka funky mess mel needs to put ponytails its looks a mess

  15. Look at Angel, looking like she can read that paper, She is so petite. Mel looks a bit annoyed, can’t blame her. lol

  16. Possibly one of the cutest tots.

    so many psychologists and hair stylists around. smh. Cant she not be peed off cos the paps are takin pics of her and her child rather than something deep. She’s probly thinking Eddie who?

  17. She barely has enough hair to put in a ponytail.You don’t want to break off the little she has.Her hair looks fine anyway she is one for goodness sake.

  18. mel looks stress out or piss. angel hair could be better but she is a kid.

  19. Even though they both look tow up in this picture, hell, the sh**’s allowed every once in a while I guess. Maybe the school ain’t that far from where they leave and since it’s just an errand, there was no reason to get all primped up. Maybe Mel didn’t feel good – coulda been THAT time of the month.

    As for Angel…I mean, yeah she’s cute and as a mother of a toddler myself, I know first hand the last thing little kids are concerned about is maintaining their hairstyle but her hair looks like it ain’t been combed in DAYS…..and that’s foul.

  20. I am glad she don’t put fifteen pony tail in the little Angels hair, that are so TIGHT that the child is bold around the edges. Let her hair grow out and leave it alone. And any woman would be hurt a little if a man went on TV and dissed her child. You move on but it hurts for a minute. Mel is doing a great job from what we can see. And no working Stephen has been a good step Dad.

  21. it’s nice that everyone can know what’s going on in her life/marriage from one picture. she could have a cold, not have gotten much sleep, anything, maybe even the fact that people are taking pictures of her child? mmm? maybe?

  22. Uhhh Angel has some cute stockings. =D

  23. Glad too see there is people talking about Angel’s hair like on other photos. But all the hair comments still suck to me!

  24. Mel has the expression, “would you get the ‘bleep’ outta my face.” She’s probably tired and wants to take her and her child home w/o some stupid camera in her face. I don’t blame her one bit. She probably has to go home and cook dinner. Who knows, but it’s okay Mel. Every mother deserves those days.

  25. Where are all the mean comments like Lauryn Hill got for looking “less than perfect”? Where are all the negative ppl who love to talk ish about Henri, Z and Jaden’s hair? I guess Mel and Angel get a pass cause yall posters empathize w her.Mel is such a stank IMO. She reminds me of someone who’ll do just about anything for $$ or spotlight. Looks like the paps snapped her pic on the ONE day she couldn’t be bothered, looking every bit haggardly.

  26. The baby’s fro is short so the craziest isn’t as noticeable.

  27. The baby’s fro is short so the craziest of it isn’t as noticeable.

  28. 1) It looks like Mel is unhappy that her pic is being taken. BCK had a pic up w her smiling.

    2) Did Stephan get a job yet?
    3) F*ck all of u. Angel’s hair is fine. It is called an afro. Her hair isnt nappy.

  29. Why do black women have to frown so hard, paps or not, the child picks up on the mothers energy. You don’t see Katie Holmes scowling at the paps, ect. Put on some sunglasses and do your thing, but don’t put out bad energy no matter what.

  30. she looks…discombobulated


  32. phoenix hair looks pretty but angel hair lokks a funky ratty mess shes a cute baby mel needs to put ponytails in it or maybed some VO5 thats my mama used to use on my hair when i was about 5 or 6 VO5 reallyy works

  33. its about time to potty train her shell be 2 in april mel should start now

  34. Katie Holmes isnt a good comparison. She is being controlled.
    & I resent your generalisation. ALL CELEBS frown bc they’re tired of being harassed!
    fanifesu said this on December 13, 2008 at 3:26 p12

    Why do black women have to frown so hard, paps or not, the child picks up on the mothers energy. You don’t see Katie Holmes scowling at the paps, ect. Put on some sunglasses and do your thing, but don’t put out bad energy no matter what.

  35. I feel you are wrong 4 your comments. Angel is weaing an afro, aint nada wrong w that! Perhaps she doesnt have enough length yet for sections. Plsu y put tension on a babies head?
    ebony said this on December 14, 2008 at 3:26 p12

    phoenix hair looks pretty but angel hair lokks a funky ratty mess shes a cute baby mel needs to put ponytails in it or maybed some VO5 thats my mama used to use on my hair when i was about 5 or 6 VO5 reallyy works

  36. Um….that is NOT an afro. That’s dry uneven and uncombed hair.


  38. Guys, I don’t think Angel’s hair is quite long enough all over to hold in ponytails (though in more recent pics, I sometimes see 2 ponytails on the top of her head), so Mel leaves it alone. I agree with Lilkunta, I don’t see the reason to put tension on Angel’s hair unnecessarily. But it does look like it needs to be picked out a bit…. maybe they do comb it, and it coils back up when she gets in the car/stroller/etc, some people have hair like that. Whatever, she always looks clean and happy to me, so I don’t care- I LOVE Angel, she is such a lil cutie!!

    And go easy on Ebony… I’m thinking she may be a bit younger than many of us who come on here, so cut her some slack. Just my two cents…

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