10-year-old son Jaden Smith may be one of Hollywood’s  youngest actors,  but he has already developed an acting technique which he says he learned from his parents, veteran actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith:

“You got to stay true to your character and you just got to be in the moment.”

The young Hollywood actor  made his big screen debut in 2006’s The Pursuit of Happyness and now he stars in a new film called The Day The Earth Stood Still. In the  film, Jaden plays a boy named Jacob

“I play Jacob and he’s kind of depressed all the time because his father died and he’s kind of aljadenfampremiereways sad and that’s the way he treats other people. He’s not really that nice so I had to stay true to him,” says Jaden. He continues, “It was actually really fun on the set and it was even fun during the emotional scenes because I was being in the moment.”

In his spare time, Jaden likes to “watch movies with [his] family.”  One of his favorite subject in school is math because he is “good at it”



~ by blackcelebritykids on December 11, 2008.


  1. Jaden 1s very talented just like both his parents.

  2. my favorite family, one problem, jada needs to gain a lil weight, she look like a crack head!!!!! she is a dollbaby, just to damn skinny

  3. Yes, he is cute.

  4. jaden is cute put jada put braids in his hair his hair is cute but its time for braids hes a good actor hes a pro like will and jada i liked jaden in the pursuit of happyness he acted his butt off but the day the earth stood looks pretty boring

  5. he needs a haircut

  6. a talented, successful, down to earth family.

    what’s wrong with his hair? the sons of celine dion, kate hudson, gwen stefani and cindy crawford all have long hair.

  7. Yes he is a talented actor. It runs in the family though… =D

  8. I agree Suz, he’s a star in his own right. And so cute!

  9. @ Juicee-
    Everybody doesn’t have to look “thick”. Jada has an active lifestyle and she has a small frame (probably about 5 ‘2). You better hope you can maintain your weight like she has at age 37!

  10. I saw jaden on the “Ellen” show and he seems to have his dads personality. Both Willow and Jaden are REALLY cute kids and I think we will be seeing alot of them on the screen in the future.

  11. Man, this is one SHARPLY DRESSED family – they know how to turn it out. Check out the textures and fabrics and colors … very nice.

  12. Can someone PLEASE cut the kid’s hair in this pic? And by the way, the Smith’s are not very talented, IMHO. Just saying. There are MANY more talented actors out there. Jaden was hideous in his first film. Will see NO OTHERS with him in it. Bad actor!

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