Erin Bria Wright a.k.a E.B.  is the daughter of the late legendary rapper Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. According to Erin’s mom, the 17-year-old is a little too rude and spoiled. Some of you may remember Erin from MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 in 2007. Most recently, Erin was featured in another reality show with MTV called My Super Sweet 16 Presents “Exiled”, which is a spin-off from My Super Sweet 16. According to MTV, Exiled is a show which showcases teens “previously featured on My Super Sweet 16 to live with the indigenous tribes of far away countries for the opportunity to add some perspective to their world view.”

Watch Now(60:00 minutes long) as Erin’s mom gets fed up and sends Erin into Exile!-A must see

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 12, 2008.


  1. she probably is…. but who fault is it?

  2. She looks just like her dad. mandude I co-sign. She is that way because the allow her to be.

  3. She’ll get a reality check eventually. She’s still young and stupid. And she IS her father’s twin. WOW

  4. OMG she looks just like Eazy E! She needs a good a$$ whoopin!

  5. a lil spoiled??? yes.

  6. I saw her on Sweet16…all I could do was SMH.

    Just finished watching the clip and I hope that this little “intervention” is authentic. You can’t expect much with all these reality shows.

  7. woah she really looks like him

  8. She’s a horrible little girl. All she kept saying was she’s Eazy E’s daughter, so what. Is she HIV+?

  9. she’s a brat

  10. she looks JUST like her daddy….JUST…..LIKE….HIM…

  11. good lord almighty, they do look alike, creepy

  12. Erin’s mother has no 1 2 blame but herself.
    Y did u indulge her?
    U shoulda been stern & set boundaries.
    Y did u let her have a mtv bday anyway?
    Stupid *ss.

  13. I haven´t seen her sweet 16….but if she´s anything like all the others on the show…yes…she is spoilt….that show makes me mad anyway….why does mtv bother to do that? why don´t they use their money and give a poor kid or something like that a nice b-day in their life

  14. BCK y yall erase that?

  15. […] Video:the Late Eazy-e’s Daughter a Little Too Spoiled? Erin Bria Wright a.k.a E.B.  is the daughter of the late legendary rapper Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. According to […] […]

  16. she is because i am 10 and i can tell spoiled  because i am but anyway on her sweet sixteen she  cussed out her mom and every thing

  17. did easy e leave a lot of money behind? were they married?

  18. erin bria wright is pretty but shes a spolied bee and a brat on sweet sixteen she cussed her mom and everyone

  19. Yes she is spoiled! And she looks just like him with the matching nose/lips. Cute young lady tho..

  20. I’m a year younger than Erin. I mean the girl is spoiled but you have to look at the circumstance. She was like 5 when Easy passed. Maybe her mom was trying to compensate. I’m sure she wouldn’t act like that if Easy was still here.

  21. From that EXILED clip…I’m glad she finally started helping. And…ugh!!It annoys me when rappers/singers have kids and the kids think they have the same talent just because their parent was good at it.

  22. God bless her little soul, to lose your Father is one thing at five years old, but to lose a Father who is a little famous to HIV in front of the world is another, But she seems to be doing good and not in a shell. But you can tell she misses her Daddy, I would too.

  23. ebbiej- losing her father dont mean she get to act a fool. its plenty of folks that have lost they father, picked up the pieces and did good for the world.
    its sad that she lost her father but its still not an excuse for the way she act. her mama should have been on it when she was little

  24. HELL NAW- lol

  25. She may have a big nose like her Dad, her lips are fine, She is cute, A nose job not one like Micheal Jackson, janet , LaToya, or Lil Kim would improve her looks. But she is cute the way she is,

  26. you know sometimes you step back and the only thing you can say is “WOW”!! (not in a good way either)

  27. she looks like a tree lizard..can somebody say geico


  29. no,she is not spoiled you people are just JEALOUS!!!!!!!!

  30. i love you erin as a friend i wish i could meet you.Im a big fan of you and your dad!!!!! I think your dad was creally cool you also.

  31. Hi,my name Is shadowmar(female)I think your cool your dad songs are great. I was born on (March8,1996)

  32. I wish i could talk to you more but getting an myspace

  33. Damn chick u look jus like ur dad!!!!!!! but tha way she acting is killn me what the fuck u actin like that for mane u needa be trying to get yo shit togetha cause this shit u call ur self doing is not making u look good bitch u embarrisn ur self- from a true southern bell

  34. all the muthfuckers comenting on her lay the fuck off dont get mad cuz she getting that moneyy$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  35. ERin is so Cool!!!!!!!!

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