For singer Keyshia Cole, the hardest part of being a successful singer is being away from her family.

“The hardest part of my career has been working really hard, seeing everybody else’s life, family, and not being able to spend time with family. That’s the hardest part,” Keyshia admits, before getting even deeper, “so I don’t get to do all that. It’s just not being able to spend as much time with my family, [but] not to have a family of my own.”

Though she may not want kids at the present, Keyshia plans “to be a mother and raise kids” in five years.

“I want to raise my kids to have some of the things I never had. But also, I’m excited about bringing another life into this world,” says Keyshia of her future plans. “It’s a beautiful thing to be able to have that spiritual connection to another human being.” For Keyshia though, she’ll have to wait “to find the right guy,” a task that so many women, Keyshia included, understand can be hard.


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 15, 2008.


  1. I dont blamer her. She’s too young. Enjoy your life while you can.

  2. Good, we have enough ghetto ass people out here.

  3. Why do people always ask our black sisters “when are you going to have a baby?” when it is clear that they are single! If Keyshia were white and single would we ask her “when are you going to have a baby? I don’t think so! They would be asking her when is she and Tony Romo or somebody getting married. They would never put her down by asking when is she having a baby! So why do we keep asking our black single sister that question! Is it because it is expected in our society? That single black women in their 20’s have babies married or not? Stop asking Keyshia about getting preggers!!!!!!!!! She needs to find a good husband be married for a while and then she and husband can decide when to start their family.

  4. LisaLisa, that’s EXACTLY what it is. Black women are expected to have babies outside of marriage, and actually if you state to some people that you want to be married first BEFORE having a child, you are often looked upon like some kind of pariah. With the 70% rate of out of wedlock births, the negative attitudes toward marriage in the black community, and the way we celebrate shacking up, i.e. Erykah B. and others (I know this is a often talked about subject, but I’m mentioning it again) it’s almost the norm. This is just my take on the subject of why black women are expected to have babies. Others I’m SURE will disagree.

  5. @ lisalisa you couldnt have explained it better

  6. I didn’t mean to relate E.B. to shacking up b/c I don’t know if she’s doing so or not. I mean to relate her to have children out of wedlock.

  7. @tanya Shutup. KC seems nice. Its is her bio mother Francine (Frankie) who hey need 2 tranquilise.

    @LisaLisa: u need 2 go 2 bet & read the full interview. The questions wasnt ‘when u gonna have a baby’ but a question about her family. I dont feel AfrAm ladies r expected 2 have kids, then maybe get married later. BET asked her about ehr family bc DUH she ahs a show on BET about her family. I dont think KC is being put down, she was aksed a quesion.

    U act as if KC is repeatedly asked when is she gonna have a baby.
    Also I dont think Tony Romo is gonna marry Jess anyways.

  8. co-sign lisalisa 100%

  9. stop being dramatic lisalisa and cosigners! Damn i hate when people make it about race when she was just asked a damn question.

  10. Lenae, the only one dramatic is you. This is a message board with various opinions, but lisalisa spoke the truth and others, including me, agreed with her. Now if you don’t like the racial element added to it, skip over the posts, but you can’t tell someone else what to say. That’s why it’s an opinion. Thank you and good-bye.

  11. Lenae can you explain why do you think they are being dramatic? Just curious.


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