Actor Hugh Jackman, his wife Deborah-Lee Furness(not pictured), their kids Oscar,8, and Ava(not pictured),3, were photographed at the airport in Stuttgart over the weekend, where they enjoyed a snowball fight instigated by Oscar.

hughsnowfight hughjackmansnowfight hughjackmansnowfight2

Flynet pics


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 15, 2008.

9 Responses to “SNOW FIGHT! WATCH OUT, HUGH!”

  1. man i missed out

  2. Oscar should be the next BCK Cute Kid of the Momemt.

  3. sorry but I heard that kid is adopted it..but he looks just like hugh. I think somebody is lying.

  4. hahaha lol if it goes right in the back of the head, hopefully the kid wil have a better aim than the man who thru his shoes at Bush at the press conference, though i comnd his efforts. Now that will go down in history. 😉

  5. Damn! Hugh can be my “daddy” anyday!

  6. the little boy looks black maybe hes adopted

  7. his kids are adopted i read it on imbd thats why his son looks black he look like he may be half white and half black

  8. he dont look like hugh at all

  9. Both of his children are adopted- though Oscar definitely does resemble Hugh to some extent. I loooove me some Oscar (and I so agree with you Kiki!!), he is too cute!

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