Former NFLer Ed Hartwell is pictured with his three boys Ej,1, Justin,10,Jordan,14. Although he is not the biological father of Lisa’s sons with R&B singer Keith Sweat, Ed calls Jordan and Justin his sons all the same, “Me and my sons have a great relationship. I tell everyone I have three sons. They call me dad; I never say my stepkids, they are my sons. Every kid is different but they are both wonderful children. My eldest son is about to turn 14 and I have conversations with him that I can’t have with Justin.”

Ed and his wife, reality television star Lisa Wu-Hartwell, have shared pictures of their home and family with on-line magazine See some pictures below and more with the referenced links.

lisafampics4 lisafampics1 lisafampics3

Click Hereto see Lisa Wu and Ed’s extragavant home.
Click here to see more family pictures.


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 16, 2008.


  1. Great looking family, I like a man who can call another man children his. I hope and I think he is sincere. I wish them well. Whatever the problems Keith Sweat and Lisa had they had, it;s over and should be all about making sure the kids are happy. Both are the parents and should be involved in the kids life. Besides the kids are getting older they know.

  2. Nice looking family.. the baby is TOO cute!
    And the pictures of their house are amazing! Gorgeous house!

  3. I can’t see Keith being cool with his sons calling some other man dad…

  4. Aww EJ SO CUTE!!

  5. Don’t keith have full custody of the boys?

    I feel if keith is doing his part as a father, I would be upset that my kids are calling another man, DAD!

  6. Why should Keith be upset?? The boys love their stepfather too!! It’s the same regard Trey Smith has for Jada, he calls her mom/she calls him her son but he lives with his mom & it doesn’t take away from the fact that Sheree is his mom. Why people got to make things so negative. There are so many black kids especially that have no dad, these kids got two!! Good for them. Also, it helps keep things simple for EJ so he wont be confused.

  7. Now I’m starting to feel like this family is being shoved down my throat….and this is just MY opinion. I see more pics with the boys and Ed than I do with them and Keith.

  8. The kid in the blue looks like Wynton Marsalis (sp?) the trumpet player fron New Orleans.

  9. Thank you nrf!

  10. So someone please tell me the real reason if known why Keith has full custody of the boys. Lisa and Ed seem to be stable in their lives and she they all look happy when they are together with her!!

  11. Sorry some typos

  12. Ava, from both Ed and Lisa’s statements, the two don’t get along with Keith. This whole situation is NOTHING like Will, Jada and Treys mom. Those three respect each other and get along. Lisa has done nothing but bad mouth Keith since TRHWOATL started.

    I do agree with you that it is good that the boys have two father figures and that Ed treats them like his own… It just seems like a slap in Keiths face (the man who has full custody of these children) that they call Ed “dad.” I wonder if they did that on their own or if Lisa told/asked them to

  13. It is something up with them, I just can’t quite put my finger on it. The crazy part is you haven’t heard anything from Keith Sweat but these two are continually opening their mouth about this issue. I am not feeling neither one of them at all, they are up to no good!

  14. Could it be that Lisa is trying to show that they’re this loving family and the boys are so happy with them? I mean for a man to have FULL custody of his kids, then something is really wrong somewhere with the mother. I never knew Keith had kids and what they looked like until the tv show and all the things Lisa has said about Keith. I respect Keith so much for just being low key about it all and not really putting their business out there like that.

    And as far as the kids calling the stepdad “dad”, my stepdaughter calls me mom. Have been since for 8 yrs now and her mom gave her permission to do it only if I was ok with it as well. And yes, my husband has full custody of her and there were issues with that for him to be able to get custody.

  15. I do agree with you that it is good that the boys have two father figures and that Ed treats them like his own… It just seems like a slap in Keiths face (the man who has full custody of these children) that they call Ed “dad.” I wonder if they did that on their own or if Lisa told/asked them to

    I had a change to look at candids on Ed’s myspace page. These kids have a loving relationship w/ Ed. Also, I wasn’t saying that this relationship was exactly like that of the Smiths. I was talking about the child’s (Trey) perspective, not the adults! I was saying Justin and Jordon can love Ed, call him Dad, without loving their father any less. Also, if Keith is as good of a father that all of you have decided that he is, he should respect that.

    Sometimes custody decisions are just a matter of who has the most $$ and clout to win the legal battle, lots of fathers have gained custody of their children that way. Nothings wrong with the mother, just couldn’t compete in the legal system. I maintain that the only 3 people that can decide whether Lisa is a bad parent is Jordon, Justin, & EJ. Not Keith, not the court system, and certainly no one on this board.

  16. why are yall bad mouthing a mother who is doing what she can for her boys. Just because her boys call him dad doesnt mean anything about keith and his manlyiness. thay probably call him dad out of respect. i mean couldnt they just be a loving family or is that not possible because they are black?? i mean seriously yall are being too quick to judge. if you watch the show you’d know lisa said she didnt want to talk about her pass relationship. if your not god dont judge them. just like ava said courts and yall dont decide if she is a bad mother. her kids do so leave them the fuck alone and get a life

  17. If pictures are posted every week of this family, why doesn’t Kieth just let them be on the show. He didn’t want the kids to be involved in the Housewives’ drama, and it seems that none of the kids on the show are affected by their collective issues so whats the big deal. It also helps Lisa and her taping schedule because she said in an interview that she had to schedule visitations around the taping of the show.

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