lisawuLisa Wu Hartwell of the Bravo reality television series, Real Housewives of Atlanta, is the National spokesperson for the “Saving Our Daughters” Book series. The mom of three is helping to inspire mothers who have suffered from bad relationships in the past. Lisa herself has admitted to being in a tumultuous past relationship with the father of two of her three  kids, singer Keith Sweat.

“I’ll just say it was a very tumultuous relationship. I was very young and impressionable (20) when I married him. So it was a difficult marriage, but it made me stronger and wiser.”(Source)

On Friday December 19th, Lisa will kick off her commitment for single parent mothers by participating in the 4th Annual Bratz Toy Giveaway for single parent mothers and their daughters between the ages 6-9 at Princeton Elementary….Lisa will also be supporting the book by attending community platforms for single parent mothers and daughters on issues of domestic violence; teen pregnancy/HIV and Aids; and overcoming low esteem.

For more information on “Saving Our Daughters,” please head to

Thanks Tami Reed!

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 16, 2008.


  1. She’s beautiful N that’s nice of her.

  2. I don’t know if the Celebs read this but after reading about Lisa’s tumultuous relationship (one with continuous commotion or multitude of disturbance)with Keith Sweat, I felt that I had to comment. I watched the show and Lisa and Ed seem to have a beautiful relationship,so why mention the negative impact of your past relationship. You have kids with the Mr Sweat and with consideration to their feelings try to restrain from any negative comments pertaining to their father. Let them form their own opinion in reguard to their father.Continue to grow stronger and wiser.

  3. shes pretty

  4. Amen Angie! That has been my problem with this woman from day one. Give that man a certain amount of respect…he is raising your (and his) children!

  5. i agree with angi

  6. did she even say he was a bad father?? no she said they had a bad relationship. maybe yall should be the ones reading

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