11-month-old Harlow Winter Kate Madden and her mom Nicole Richie were photographed leaving Color Me Mine pottery on Saturday. According to Nicole Richie, her daughter Harlow loves to dress up.

“She likes to dress up. You can see it in her face. She just loves dressing up; she loves putting on tights and bows and stuff like that,” Richie says. “I’m not too caught up in her fashion at the moment. I just let her wear what’s comfortable for her. But she loves those tights.”

Nicole has a new 35-piece jewelry line called House of Harlow 1960, named after her daughter (with rocker Joel Madden), in stores now.

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~ by blackcelebritykids on December 17, 2008.


  1. The hell is that child wearing? Oh well to each his own. And shouldn’t she be bigger than that by now? It seems like that little girl was born about two years ago.

  2. katrina what in the hell are you talking about….lawd some of my people are just so damn critical and ignorant…..harlow is a beauty!

  3. Kiva please go sit your dramatic behind down somewhere. I NEVER said the little girl was ugly. I have NEVER referred to any child on this website as ugly! Nothing about me is critical and ignorant. Lighten up…it’s not that serious! Everything I stated is my opinion…if you can’t understand that then YOU are the ignoramous in this case! And for the record I don’t know who “your” people are, but I’m sure I aint never been one of them!

  4. She is beautiful. I love seeing picturrs of her baby.
    I think Motherhood agress well with Nicole.
    You can see Nicole gain a litte bit more weight and she looks pretty.

  5. Katrina, Harlow is 11 months. She was born this year. I love Harlow’s outfit.

  6. She’s adorable. I like the way Nicole dresses her like a little hippie. They have the same mouth too.

  7. The outfit is a little off, so I have to agree with Katrina on that one.

  8. Aww such a chunky baby.

  9. Oh no, not Harlow again… Co-sign with Katrina 100%!

  10. i just dont understand what people get out of worrying about someones outfit especially a child! if you aint buy it then who are we to question it…and umm, katrina hun, i meant black people as a whole we are too critical at times but i meant nothing byt it…cant do the whole internet arguing over something as petty as this and plus i dont know you so it means nothing to me….happy holidays guys!

  11. what was she thinkin putting that tacky behind outfit on that child?

  12. She looks just like her mommy. I agree. Motherhood seems to have grown Nicole up, and she seems like a good one. Cute baby girl.

  13. That’s so funny, I love Harlow’s outfit! What is everyone finding wrong with it?

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