Name:Khamani Griffin


Claim To Fame:Playing the role of Robert “Bobby” James, Jr. on sitcom “All of Us”

Interesting Tidbit: Khamani Griffin was diagnosed with Achondroplasia when he was 5 years old meaning he will grow at a much slower rate than usualWikipedia

Khamani has “appeared”  in several movies :Ice Age 3 (2008) – Voice of Young Beaver;College Road Trip (2008) – Voice; Mad Money (2008) – Voice; Great Debaters (2008) – Voice ;Baby Mama (2008) – Voice, to name a few.  To keep up with Khamani,check out his Official Website


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 17, 2008.


  1. I love him in Daddy Daycare. Great, cute kid.

  2. ok…maybe it’s me and all the smart as*es can keep their comments to themselves…kharmani has a cute name, cute face, cute voice…but this child cannot act. he excels in voiceovers-but he was NEVER PLAUSIBLE as Bobby. maybe, hopefully it’ll get better as he gets older.

  3. Bria I agree with you. With some kids it’s just natural..he never got it.

  4. I’m sad that he has Achondroplasia. Doesn’t that mean he won’t grow?

  5. @Bria Smart ass #1 here. LOL

    Really though how much acting does one need to play a baby (toddler) which is what he was as Bobby. Just asking.

  6. sara- aww man u #1 that would make me number 2…. he act better then beyonce

  7. lol @ mandude
    i think he is a good actor, i love him in All of Us i didnt know he was 10 doe jeez

  8. Cute

  9. it’s cute now until he trys to really make it as Webster and Gary did. Keep away M.J.

  10. aww, he’s a beautiful boy 🙂

  11. He’s a cutie,but I agree with Bria. His looks got him that T.V. role because he certainly wasn’t no Rudy Huxtable in the acting dept.

  12. hes cute…but his acting is like a 4.5 out of ten

  13. I think they mean he is 10 years old now, not when he was on the show. If you look at the above pic you can see that he has clearly grown. The condition he has means he will grow slower not that he won’t grow at all. I think he was a good actor for the part that he had to play. Whether he will be able to hone his skills as an actor in another story. I certainly agree that he is better then Beyonce! She is a terrible actor!

  14. I don’t know why, but everyo time I see this kid I think of Kanye West..That’s the role he’s meant to play a young Kanye

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