Eight-month old Kal’El, the son of actress Terri Vaughn and football player Karon Riley, is pictured with his big brother Daylen Ali,6(Terri’s son from a previous relationship). Terri and Karon eloped earlier this year prior to giving birth to son Joseph Kal’ El On April 24, 2008. Read below as Terri recounts to the reason why she eloped with Karon Riley:

Actually, it was actually [Karon’s] idea. Maybe two days before we started talking about it he was like, ‘So you still want to get married?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ But really I was keeping it all low-key because after my first marriage failed I wasn’t ever thinking about doing it again. So he says, ‘You want to go this weekend?’ and I’m like, ‘Are you serious?’ and the next day came and he was he booked a hotel room and we jumped in the car and drove to Vegas. I started to calling people on the road and four of his friends and two of mine met us there. The whole picture of planning your wedding is really for everyone else and not the couple because you have to be considerate of everyone else’s feelings. I recommend eloping because it’s so genuine and really is just about the couple.

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~ by blackcelebritykids on December 17, 2008.


  1. she looks so happy

  2. awww sweet

  3. Her hubby and her boys are all beautiful! Congratulations…I hope it lasts forever!

  4. WAIT! A black Athelete married a beautiful black woman. Ther is a GOD, I wish and pray they last. I am happy to see she is happy.

  5. She does look happy and he’s quite handsome. The younger son looks like a lighter version of his older brother. Very cute boys.

  6. Beautiful family and best of luck to them. Is it just me laughing at the name KAL’EL since everytime I see it I think of Nicholas Cage’s son KAL-EL. I guess they are fans of Superman.

  7. Awww her boys are so cute! Congrats to her.

  8. so was she really pregnant when she was on the steve harvey show?

  9. That is a gorgeous family!

  10. co-sign nannette

  11. Destiny- i agree. i thought the same thing.

  12. beautiful kids. the older one is her twin, the baby looks just like his daddy

  13. They’re both adorable……. =D

  14. Both boys are just TOO CUTE! Beautiful fam.

  15. Kal El….isn’t that superman’s name???


  17. That’s what I was saying…a black athlete married a BLACK woman. The world must be ending as we know it.

  18. Congrats 👧 your boys are handsome. I liked u on The Steve Harvey Show as Lavita you were funny.

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