Denzel and sonActor Denzel Washington is the father of two daughters and two very athletic sons. Denzel’s oldest son, John David, is a running back on the practice squad of the St. Louis Rams; his youngest son Malcolm(pictured),17, has barely finished high school, but he already has sports columnists talking. As described by sports columnist Frank Burlison: 

“Malcolm understands how a point guard is supposed to play, especially in terms of running the offense and taking care of the basketball. He’s not careless or too flashy, like a lot of guys at the position. He’s a sound defensive player with great fundamentals. They list him at 5’11, which is probably generous, and he rarely shoots, but he has all the intangibles you want from a point guard. He doesn’t over-handle the ball, and he really creates opportunities for the whole offense, not just for himself. From what I understand, he’s going to the University of Pennsylvania, and at an Ivy League school, he could play substantial minutes. He has physical limitations, being short and not especially fast, but he’s a coach’s player, the kind of kid every coach wants to have on his team.” 

Denzel, who attends most of his sons games, must be a proud dad.




~ by blackcelebritykids on December 18, 2008.


  1. wow, he looks just like his dad!

  2. He sure does look a lot like Dad!

  3. he looks like a cool guy

  4. just like dad

  5. hes cute 😉 lol

  6. I think Denzel’s daughter(?) are athletic as well. I remember him talking about making sure he spends equal time at the girls soccer games.

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