Born: Nicole Camille Escovedo

Professional Name:Nicole Camille Richie

Date of Birth:September 21, 1981

Claim to Fame: Best known for role in reality series “The Simple Life”

Kid(s): Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden (born January 11, 2008)

Partner: Joel Madden

Interesting Tidbit: Nicole has been described as having Caucasian, Black Creole and Hispanic heritage.

Nicole Richie was born in Berkeley, California. Nicole Richie was adopted by singer Lionel Richie and his then wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie, when she was nine years old. Her biological father has been said to be 1980s pop musician Pete Escovedo Jr., whose sister is singer Sheila E; her mother has been identified only as a woman who was employed as a backstage assistant on Lionel Richie’s 1980 world tour. Nicole, however, denies that her biological father is Escovedo. Presently, Nicole Richie has a 35-piece jewelry line called House of Harlow 1960, which is in stores now.


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 18, 2008.


  1. So why is she on black celebrity kids

  2. because it says “featured mom: nicole richie”…and she’s a celebrity mom…who is of black descent…so that’s why.

  3. Being adopted by a black man does not make you black ??? shes still white.

  4. Well said Jasmine! I think it’s foolish that people focus on the percentage of “blackness” in a person.If you read anything above(read people), you would realize that Nicole is of African descent. Therefore, BCK will feature her on this site. That’s why i love BCK in the first place. They don’t care about how “black you are,” just that if you have a percentage of african descent in you, you are featured on this site. I think in a way it’s clever the name “Blackcelebritykids” because you learn that “blackness” is a state of mind. To be “black” means that you can be biracial, of mixed asian, Indian,or Mexican descent. If you frequent this site, then you know that BCK doesn’t believe in the one drop rule, but will feature any child with any “African heritage” in him. Continue to do what you do, BCK!

  5. People assume she is white b/c of her appearance now…

    but you can tell from the baby picture of her that she is clearly mixed! Mixed with what? Who knows for sure..but she definitely isn’t ALL white!

  6. She is mixed with mexican not black people

  7. her sister sophie who is lionel biological daughter and therefore half black looks just like her, if not lighter.
    Nicole’s biological mother is black dominican and she herself identifies herself as a black girl. STOP HATING!!

  8. I hate when these posts veer off into race, race percentage, etc. Why is this subject so contenious to some of you? Anywayz,Nicole was a really cute kid.

  9. **I meant contentious

  10. r u kidding me we are still talking about race after what we just experienced with the election. this is why our country cant get past anything b/c we always bring race into everything.

  11. Everyone qualifies as the HUMAN race… that should be all that matters but sadly, we dont live in a perfect world.

  12. Well if race wasn’t an issue there would be no specific blog BLACK CELEBRITY KIDS

  13. If you look at her aunts Wikipedia page, it identifies Sheila Escovedo (Sheila E) is of Mexican, African American, and Creole heritage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheila_E. But I agree that we shouldn’t worry about how black someone is or isn’t. Nicole identifies herself as Black.

  14. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good point hmmmmmmm. If you don’t want to concentrate on race then stop the specifics. Can’t have it both ways people.

  15. This site is about black celebrity kids, it doesn’t discriminate with “how” black one is. Nicole Richie identifies herself as Black, she is a celebrity, whats the problem?

  16. @ Hmmm

    I think this site was created because some other sites who dont claim to be “specific” sometimes chooses regardless to only showcase kids who happen to be Caucasian.

  17. @ hmmmm

    Definition of Kid: A child. A young person.
    Slang Pal. Used as a term of familiar address, especially for a young person: Hi, kid! What’s up?
    adj. Informal Younger than oneself, off spring: my kid brother; I have two kids.

    Nicole will always be Lionel Richie’s kid. =)

  18. Blacks are still ignorant after Barack’s win. THere is NOTHING in this world that makes someone “black.” Dumba**

  19. This subject just in time for Ne-yo’s comment about how light-skinned babies are the prettiest. Some say he was just joking, but whether he was or not, that mentality still permeates the black community like a bad smell. When will it end? How long are we going to beat a dead horse? I don’t care what percentage Nicole is because it doesn’t make or break my life whatsoever.

  20. *being the prettiest*

  21. I think you can clearly see the black and hispanic in her. Even if I wasn’t aware of her heritage, I wouldn’t look at her and consider her white..at all. She also looks like she’s had a nose job.

  22. Well she qualifies on two points: Nicole is the daughter of a Black celebrity (Lionel Richie) and she is a celebrity mom. She said she identifies as Black. End of story.

  23. she’s a cutie

  24. Nicole is of Afro/Latin roots on both sides of her family tree, and yes, as long as she has and openly embraces her black ancestry, she has as much right to be featured on black celebrity kids as any other non black website or magazine.

  25. She is white and mexican in her arrest reports she identifies herself as hispanic and she doesn’t look like a kid too me I thought the blog name was BLACK Celebrity KIDS

  26. um yeah did it not say “black creole”??? i didn’t say that that made her all black, i said that she’s on here because she’s of black descent, even if it’s just partially…i had thought about adding the fact that she was also caucasian and hispanic, but the reason she’s included on here is because she’s mixed with black too and/or she was raised by a black couple.

  27. the people who raised her are black, you know her mom and dad so she has every right to be on here end of story.

  28. AMEN to the above comment! And also, Nicole IS of mixed heritage, which INCLUDES Black/African (amoung other ethnicities). So, if SHE HERSELF considers herself to be “black”, and part of her genetic make-up includes ancestors from Africa, Nicole AND her child have as nuch “right” to be featured on this sight as some of our other brothers and sisters who are deep chocolate brown in coloring! Let’s all just ACCEPT one another — black skin, light light tan skin, and every thing in between, OKAY ???

  29. Nicole is part black, raised by a black couple.(*edited by BCK). Leave Nicole alone, she’s got a lot of class.

  30. yall are going to hard with this. the woman’s black. that’s why she’s on bck. period.

  31. Nicole was such a cutie patooty as a child!! Look at her with her Klondike bar! lol

  32. Not to be rude but… All I have to say is she is featured on BCK because it is BCK’s Blog and she choose to feature her. If you don’t want to see Nic Ritch don’t look. Plan and simple.

  33. She was such a cutie when she was young. Also I liked her better with more meat.

  34. I like what she’s become, motherhood suits her well.

  35. To the IGNORANT people on here:

    #1 Nicole is black.. She identifies as such. Obviously she knows she has mixtures.

    #2 Her father Pete’s mother is blackPuerto Rican and his father is Mexican.

    #3 Her mother was a black backup singer in Richie’s band.

    #4 Her aunt Sheila E. is black though Pete looks more Spanish.

    #5 Nicole has every right being on here.

    #6 If you remove the straigthener and the blond extensions, you will see that she has wavy hair.


  36. Nicole’s biological dad is half mexican and half black so therefore Nicole is biracial.

  37. just like MAriah, this girl aint BLACK!!! smh..anyways she had her son Sparrow today.yeah even gave him a white goo goo celebrity name.

  38. does her childhood picture look like a little white kid or a child of color???? who decideds what level of blackness makes you black????

  39. What “exactly” defines someone as black? Appearance, genetics, speech pattern. And why is it that someone who is half white – half black isn’t described as being white?

  40. Hi there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this website.

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  43. I find this topiccrazy as all hell. I’m going through this with my daughter who is black but inherited my grandmother’s native american and hindi indian features. Both I and her father who is of irish and native american ancestry as well are both black upon appearences. However we both have non afro genes in our dna as well. People often think my daughter is latino but her sister whose mother is trini/puerto rican of african desecent,has kinkier hair than my daughter. However my daughter has straight hair and looks like my grandmother who isn’t black at all. Black is a state of mind not a look. My feautures are very african but you would never know that my grandmother was native american and hindi indian. My hair speaks for itsself its a reflection of my cultural background african, asian(hindi indian) and cherokee/iroquaion. Kinky,wavy, straight when cut low and curly when wet. Nicole and many multi ethnic children with african ancestry reflect this look some feautures are stronger than others.

  44. Black is a state of mind? oh please tell that to the lady who is following you all around the store or your boss who bypassed u for a promotion in favor of your white counterpart who does less work….it is used to segregate and seperate based on the sole color of the skin of a particular race in which most people not just white people think and treat as if we are not even human. It’s as if it’s a disgrace to just be called “black”. Well im black, honey, to the bone literally and figuratively even though i have native american roots and so proud of it! Quit trying to”steal” take away our culture we are trying to preserve it the proud black americans that is.

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