Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, attended ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still” press conference in Japan on Wednesday. Jaden was accompanied by his co-stars actress Jennifer Connelly and actor Keanu Reeves. The film will open on December 19 in Japan.

jadensmithinjapan jadenjapan2 jadenjapan

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~ by blackcelebritykids on December 18, 2008.


  1. Jaden looks so adorable!!!! But i love when he has his hair out, it shows his individuality more.

  2. Wow Big Will got some strong ear genes LOL. But Jaden is such a cutie.

  3. He is so beautiful!! Love his hair either way!
    Can’t go wrong with a pretty face like that!!!!!
    Will & Jada must be so proud.

  4. He’s going to be such a star. But why does everyone look so angry in that group photo? 😦

  5. Jaden looks just like Will in the group photo! He’s such a poised and intelligent young man, and handsome too.

  6. Now i know who jaden looks like, i was watching oprah last night and will’s father was in the audience and jaden was sitting next to him and I’m telling u they were the spitting image of eachother the eyes, the mouth. He never really looked to much like jada or will, not like willow who looks exactly like Will, or Trey who’s a mixture of will and his ex.

  7. @tpink,
    I totally agree with you! I have been saying that on all Jaden’s BCK posts , he is indeed Grandad’s mini-me.

  8. Horrible actor with an even bigger EGO if will wasn’t is dad no roles would be going his way

  9. silliness@too bad. so i guess because he’s standing in poised, and not smiling a lot, he has a grand ego? and if it wasn’t for him having the parents he has, i’m sure his interest in acting would not exist anyway. but anywho, he’s a gorgeous little boy.

  10. standing poised* (excuse my typographical errors this mawnin’)

  11. he is a gorgeous lil boy and i love his hair!

  12. Cute kid of the moment candidate!

  13. not one of the best kid actors, but he’ll grow

  14. he’s such a cute little boy

  15. […] Click Here to see a picture of Jaden with braids in his hair, on the same day as this premiere. […]

  16. Jaden is not cute or handsome, he has a big head, wide lips, eyes to far apart…not appealing in the least. He can’t act either

  17. He such a handsome young boy he is defintely will otha half and for jenecia how and the hell u say something bad about a precious child tat was cruel maybe u should look in the mirror u ain’t tat cute anyway idiot


  19. he is so cute and his birthday is the same as mine and we r the same age

  20. Ele e um gatinho,acho ele muito fofo!Adoro ele sou sua fã nº1!!

  21. He and a kitten, think he’s too cute, I love it I’m your number1 fan!
    Kisses! S2

  22. i love him

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