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Actor Jaden Smith posed for photographs during the “The Day The Earth Stood Still” Japan Premiere at Roppongi Hills on December 18, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. In the United States, “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” was last weekend’s top-grossing film.

With a top grossing film, how does Jaden keep his ego in check? Well, according to Jaden’s dad, actor Will Smith, Jaden is “well- adjusted.” But Jaden’s sister Willow is a whole other story:”Willow is the one. That’s the one I have to keep my eye on — Don’t let her get to No. 1!” Will laughed.(Source)

Click Here to see a picture of Jaden with braids in his hair, on the same day as this premiere.

~ by blackcelebritykids on December 19, 2008.


  1. He is such a beautiful child. He also seems very poised and grown up for his age but in the way kids should be. I know they have lots of little kids that try to act like they are grown and it is not cute but with him he seems very humble. I could be wrong because I have never met him but it is just his demeanor.

  2. I like that outfit. Go ahead Jaden

  3. I like the Smith family, but I think that they should shield their children from hollywood and just allow them to be kids!

  4. cutiepatootie…he is just too cool for school in his leather jacket a dope red kicks…He’s gonna be tall like daddy.

  5. beeyootuhfull

  6. Barlow’s world if is it something the kids want to do because they are trying to emulate their parents it is all good. From what Jada says about their parenting style and letting the kids decide if they want to act or not(Trey) they still show their support to all of their children. I know I have seen pics of them at their eldest son’s games. Also I think because both her and Will are in the industry they know how to protect their kids due to their own experiences. I believe due to that fact alone they won’t turn out like most of the other children actors( Todd Bridges and pretty much everyone of the kids from Different Strokes. Just my opinion

  7. He will never learn the value of finding work because his daddy will always get him roles is he a good actor… no …does he have an ego…… yes…. its not what you know its who you know

  8. I think Jaden is am excellent actor. He did great in The Pursuit of Happyness. Hes only like 10, he has a lot of room to grow and learn in the acting biz and he has great role models in his mom and dad.

  9. I agree Nik,

    JJ, just because his parents make it easier for their childern to find work doesn’t mean the don’t have to work hard to keep and maintain those roles. Case in point look at Solange and Bey. All though Bey is mega successful at what she does Solange is no where near as popular or successful as her sister. Just think of blacks in general and how so many blacks before us made it easier for us because they paved the way for us. Like MLK, Malcom X, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver. The list is endless. Some of them had to come in through back entrances, be treated like second class citizens so we wouldn’t have to. So should we rebuke them because they have paved the way to a better life for all people of color. You can’t say that just because Jaden has it easier than most because of his parents that he will not learn the value of finding work. Most people of other races and cultures help each other to better themselves. Each one teach one. If you ask me I think helping others up is a lot better than keeping someone down. Again that is just my opinion.

    We are all put in our stations in life to either learn from our mistakes or not learn from them. Some are given less to learn the vaule of things or learn that having less doesn’t make you less. Some people have more and realize that having more doesn’t make you any better than anyone else or that just because you have today doesn’t mean it is promised to you tomorrow.

    In to every life a little rain must fall, but what matters most is how you weather the storms that are bound to rain on your parade from time to time. You can either let the rain make you bitter or you can learn the lesson that the Lord intended for you to learn from them and be a better person because of them.

  10. I have had friends meet this kid and they say he is unbelievably stuck up and the only reason he will remain an actor is because of will. Liek I have said before will smith is a marketable actor but not a great actor

  11. I disagree, Maryamb, from what I’ve seen of this kid, he seems the very opposite of humble. To me, he seems like a stuck-up little a-hole. I love confidence, don’t even mind a little arrogance, but he just seems like a little jerk. But hey, I guess it can be expected of a child of a Hollywood A-lister. I don’t know him personally, so he may be really sweet- but like I said, that’s just how he SEEMS to be. That said, he is really cute (and he knows it, lol). Haven’t seen him act yet, though, I heard he’s pretty good.


  13. I am sorry and I am NOT hating but this little boy seems SOOOOOO stuck-up!! He is always trying to pose and look cool. Somebody needs to deflate his head!

  14. Kiki I have to say you are entitled to your opinion but from what you are saying it sounds like that whole crab in the barrel mentallity. What is wrong with the child being confident in himself. I think people’s confidence in themself is a very attractive thing. It is not our job to deflate someone’s ego. That is the Lord’s job that along with us suffering the consequences of our own actions. If he is stuck up and to full of himself no one can bring him down a peg like the lord can. His own dad said that the kids is really level headed and down to earth. His dad also went as far as to say it is Willow he needs to watch out for. Also what is wrong with him posing ?he knows people are trying to take pics of him. Most people pose when you know it is a good chance you will have your picture taken. I know I want to show my best side. It is very common. I learned something a long time ago. You can never judge a book by it’s cover just because you precieve things a certain way it doesn’t make it true. It is just your perception.

  15. Cutie

  16. Maryamb,
    I don’t see anything wrong with confidence. I want my kids to be very confident in themselves. I do see harm in having a super-ego. Am much as I believe in confidence, I equally believe in the ability to be humble. I believe someone like Oprah exhibits confidence and Kanye West exhibits over confidence. It’s just not attractive to *me*. JMO..di u see his cockiness when he was on Oprah? Major turnoff for *me*.

  17. hes so cocky from his fame and fortune, reality will smack him in the face one day

  18. Wonder what his dad was like at that age, if Jaden is anything like Will was, he will grow into a well rounded man, love you Will Smith! Ps. the boy has much growing to do hes just a ten year old kid.

  19. if he turns out to be like will smith he will be a marketable actor but not a great actor. None of will’s movies are great none of then will be remembered over time and he knows that.

  20. says who ^^^ how can movies which gross milions not be remembered over time especially that from an ethnic minority.

    I guess ur right, hu remembers Men In Black, Independence Day or Pursuit of Happyness where a miscelleaneous Oscar nod was thrown in there…

  21. I was reading some magazine’s top 500 movies of all time lists and not one of Will Smith’s films was on it. It got me to thinking that despite all of his success and how much money his films make he really doesn’t have a truly great movie on his resume. Most of what he does is summer blockbusters that gross hundreds of millions but he doesn’t have a defining movie, role, or line in his entire body of work.he is the most bankable movie star in the world at the moment.

    but being a movie star is not just about being the biggest at the box office.

    it is about making films and creating characters that stand the test of time. That have a significant impact on film,

    Hanks has done it.
    Ford has done it.
    Cruise has done it.
    Depp has done it.
    Denzel has done it.
    Redford had done it.
    Newman has done it.
    Poitier has done it.
    McQueen has done it.
    Pitt has done it.
    Eastwood has done it.
    Nicholson has done it.
    DeNiro has done it.
    Pacino has done it.
    Morgan Freeman has done it.

    several of the folks on that list have not made nearly as much money as Smith at the box office, but Smith has not created one single iconic role or film, and all the characters on that list have.

    so far he has not made one solitary “great” film…

    everyone on that list has made several.

  22. I agree with Joe! Will’s films are not going down in the history books. I also think that Jaden is pretty arrogant. Just seems too manish!

  23. I love confidence in kids BUT this boy takes it to a whole other level. It’s not confidence-it’s complete cockiness!! And no Im not just saying it based off the pictures- on Oprah and Ellen he was just FULL of attitude- the “i’m too good for this” type. Somebody needs to deflate his little ego b/c nobody will like him or want to work with him.

  24. Yep,
    And when he gets older it will be too late. You atrat RAISING your kids when they are kids. I hate it when kids get older and the parents cry, they don’t know what happened. They need to make Jaden take a step back into reality. It will only benefit him.


  26. It looks like a scar on his forehead what happened?

  27. Our children are precious in our eyes regardless of the perception others may have. Especially to those parents that are involved with their children directly and not relying on the world to raise them. Neither does it mean that a parent is perfect in the ways that they teach their children. They do what they think is right for the child. The world is broad with critics even when the measure of success is obvious. We all can find a flaw in others seemingly perfect world, but the reality is that there was only one who was perfect. The bottom line is he’s young, he is a child! Since when does a child make decisions this young, and his parents don’t have the final say so. I’m sure Will and Jada have a grasp on their son’s demeanor and will check it when need be. He’ll be fine….


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