Actress Paige Hurd is not the daughter of singer Al B Sure,but she is the Goddaughter. Paige Hurd is currrently playing the role of Tasha on CW’s show “Everybody Hates Chris”.Paige has two sisters(Chloe and Erin) and 2 brothers (Pierce and Ryan), but considers Al B Sure’s sons Lil Al and Quincy Brown to be her brothers.


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 19, 2008.


  1. I love it! I knew you were gonna get the bottom of the barrel on this one – I saw that falsified thread on Wikipedia – how deceaving! Anyway, great update!

  2. Thx for getting the story straight.
    Now is she any relation to famous Hurd family? Chip Hurd * Kim Fields?

  3. Why does Al B. Sure still have that Ultra Perm Curl from 1987?


  4. Why dont you stop makng fun of people && get over their flaws!
    And she is the daughter of Al B sure!

  5. Wikipedia dosnt always say the truth

  6. For all you women or should I say young ass girls, leave Al B Sure alone and stay out of his business because I am his #1 fan and I’m not worried about it so yall shouldn’t be worried about it either. I LOVE YOU AL B. SURE!!!!!!! I always have and always will!!!!!!

  7. Wikipedia says your wrong, “Paige’s father is R&B artist Al B Sure, who has 7 other children. Her oldest half brother, Quincy Brown, is the oldest child of Kim Porter, ex-fiance of Sean (Diddy) Combs.”

  8. “Albert Joseph Brown III (June 4, 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He grew up in Mount Vernon, New York. During the late 1980s under the stage name Al B. Sure!, He has 3 sons: Quincy Brown (June 4, 1991), with Kimberly Porter; Albert Brown IV (who is an aspiring singer with the stage name “Lil B. Sure!”); and the youngest, Devin, who resides in Atlanta. He also has five other kids, Peirce, Erin, Paige Hurd

  9. Love the show.

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