Her name is Lisa Wu-Hartwell. She is the ex-wife of singer Keith Sweat and the current wife of NFL player Ed Hartwell.Lisa currently stars in the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Bravo,but don’t you call her a “desperate housewife.” The budding actress owns her own real estate firm, Hartwell & Associates, a jewelry line called Wu Girls, a children’s clothing line, Hart 2 Hart Baby;she is also a model and a mother to 13-year-old Jordan, 10-year-old Justin and 1-year-old EJ.It is Jordan and Justin,however, who won’t be starring in the Bravo series because their dad,Keith Sweat,won’t allow it.

The drama on Bravo’s new The Real Housewives of Atlanta series began long before the cameras ever started rolling.Lisa Wu Hartwell, one of the five women showcased in Bravo’s latest Real Housewives incarnation, tells me she was hoping to have all three of her children on the show, but her ex-husband, late-’80s R&B hitmaker Keith Sweat, has gotten in the way.Hartwell and Sweat have two sons together, 13-year-old Jordan and 11-year-old Justin. “He didn’t sign a waiver,” Hartwell complains. “He’s like, ‘Lisa, it’s nothing personal. I just really don’t know how they’re going to edit and if they’re going to make you look crazy. I just don’t want the kids to be, you know, overexposed or anything.’ “

Hartwell doesn’t buy it. “They asked their dad if could they be involved, and he [said] no,” she says. “It could have been a Disney show and I don’t think he would have signed it.”

An email sent to Sweat through his official website has not been returned.For now, Hartwell appears on the show as if she only has one child, one-year-old E.J., her son with her current husband, NFL player Ed Hartwell.

See pictures of Lisa’s family below: Justin (first pic),Jordan and EJ(second pic),Lisa and her husband Ed(third pic). Keith Sweat and his kids are featured in the last picture(thanks to for picture of Keith and kids)

Meanwhile,the ” Real Housewives of Atlanta” held a premiere party for their show last night.Ms. Tami Reed of Talking With Tami got a chance to attend the festivities last night. CLICK HERE to see pictures from the red carpet!


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  1. I’ll be tuned in every Tuesday. I’m all over the blogs as well. What can I say…I’m a reality show junkee. I respect Keith’s decision.

  2. I respect Keith’s decision also. Kinda weird that he has full custody of the two boys. Something is strange there, i wonder what she did. and I will be tuning in every week to The Real housewives of Atlanta!

  3. I haven’t caught the show yet. But I will try to. Lisa is pretty and she is doing her own thing. Cute kids. I want EJ’s cheeks he is a cutie.

  4. @Nik

    Where does it say he has full custody?

  5. Yeah , I didn’t see that Keith Sweat has FULL custody. Did they mention it on the show or somewhere? Source please.
    Anyway, I totally respect and applaud Keith’s decision. He obviously has his children’s best interest at heart.

  6. And oh HEEEEEECK no ! Why did they title this article as having family drama with Keith Sweat even though he is quoted as saying, ‘Lisa, it’s nothing personal. I just really don’t know how they’re going to edit and if they’re going to make you look crazy. I just don’t want the kids to be, you know, overexposed or anything.’
    What’s “dramatic” about that ? Shame shame shame.

  7. Maybe BCK meant drama in the sense that there was a familial disagreement. The title is a bit sensational; but, it doesn’t completely miss the mark IMHO.

  8. Keith Sweat is mad his (groupie-ex-wife) moved onto new $$$$!!!

  9. I respect Keith’s decision also. Kinda weird that he has full custody of the two boys. Something is strange there, i wonder what she did. and I will be tuning in every week to The Real housewives of Atlanta!

    I agree I bet she is like the other Video girls who leave their kids behind to chase money or maybe her husband didn’t except her kids !!Either way it sounds fishy!!!

  10. I overlooked that Keith has full custody. I wonder why.

  11. I don’t know why people think that it’s weird that a man could have full custody of his child. For all we know the kids may want to live with their father.

    Anywho…I respect Keith’s decision. These “real housewives” shows are all about drama and you never know how they will put their “spin” on anything.

  12. I don’t see what the problem is…smh @Keith Sweat’s old ass.

  13. I’ve been a fan of Kieth Sweat for years! Still listen to his music all the time- timeless.

  14. take 5 low budget (Kimora Lee Simmons) talking about what they got and how much they spend on it and where they shop and party in Atlanta THATS THE SHOW in a nut shell.

  15. ladybug, you obviously haven’t check out the show or you’re just hating. Ghetto as they may be, most of the women on that show are strangers to budgets. It’s sad to see though because they give ammunition to people who believe black people are ghetto regardless of how much money they have. By the looks of the preview and the premiere of the Atlanta season, it will definitly be the most ghetto (and I’ve watched almost every episode of all three seasons). Hopefully, they’ll portray these women as not being as shallow and talent-LESS as they initially come across as. Fingers crossed.

  16. I forgot to add, what disappoints about the fact that this season will be the first time the show is characterized as ghetto is the fact that black people were introduced to the show for the first time w/ the Atlanta cast (putting aside the 5 second shot of a black waiter, last season).

  17. i think Keith is just using the kids to punish her. That’s pretty f’d up!


  19. Yeah I saw the show and I watched the extra clips on She did not even mention those kids and that is a shock to me. I don’t think Keith is using the kids to punish her. He would look like a dead beat if it seemed like Ed Hartwell was raising his kids. Lisa strikes me as a groupy. Did anyone see how she was all up in Sharee azz at the party. She clearly wanted camara time.


  21. Keith is right. Pimp your kid EJ w Ed & leave his kids along!

  22. PS: in the urbanhoopla pic, who r those girls? Does Keith have 2 other kids?

  23. I’m so glag K. Sweat had the self respect and the respect for his kids to say NO!
    I mean these woman are sad.
    It is upsetting the first time the cast of Real Housewives are called ghetto is when african americans are involved…..however they are very low class. Money doesn’t make you a worthwhile perSon. And these females prove that!
    P.s is Sherre (she know her momma named her SHERRY) on steriods? She is very large and manish?

  24. I loved the REALITY show debut. PEOPLE– let’s try not to hate on ourselves for once. Everybody deserves their 15 minutes of fame or shame. It’s JUST a tv show-entertainment.

    I’m an African-American female, educated, with a career, portfolio and a nice stash of rainy day cash — and I’ll be watching, encouraging my friends to do the same.Stop hatin’!

    Right on Keith!

  25. Nice looking kids.. The baby, EJ is adorable. Keith does have somewhat of a point but putting them on a show with their mother wouldn’t hurt them. And she is beautiful. =D

  26. She is beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful black woman haters out there. She does not strike me as a groupie. Groupies dont work. Keith Sweat might want to go on the show himself and try and make a comeback. I love her on the show. She is the only one that works. For the haters out there maybe you can get some beauty tips from lisa. lisa keep bein fab!!!!

  27. Who says groupies, i.e., gold diggers, don’t work? lol. I know groupies who went to law school/grad school to find a suga daddy. Don’t get it twisted, some groupies have stepped their games up.

    As for the women on Housewives-Atlanta, I don’t know if they are groupies but more than one of them seems classless and egregious. Only time will tell if they continue to feed into that stereotype.

  28. LMAO its so funny the people and things that “Not Buying It” chooses to judge or defend. You just…I don’t understand WHERE you’re coming from with the things you say most of the time. Good point about groupies not being gold diggers…Well taken. Its totally relevant and makes a lot of sense.

    …So do we defend and appreciate what is considered “ghetto” or do judge it? Is the phrase “ghetto” especially coming from the mouths of black folk problematic in itself. Is it just a label? Does it have any true meaning in itself? Or are we glorifying both the word and the concept behind it by continuing to make it apart of our vocabulary. Just some things to consider. But if you couldn’t tell I particularly HATE the word.

  29. shesh1nes, I don’t know what comment you’re reading of mine where I said that groupies were not gold diggers or where I was defending the ghetto mentality. Just because gold diggers/ groupies have “stepped their games up” doesn’t mean I believe its commendable. I actually am a very educated, independent woman who thinks it’s essential for people, especially women, to be able to stand on their own two. Even still, it’s quite amusing to observe women who go through lots of hoops to land the “dream husband who looks great on paper.”

  30. …forget it

  31. I respect the mans decision, but the thing that bothered me is how she did not even MENTION those children on the season premiere. She said she just had a baby, insinuating shes a brand new mom.


  32. your right! keith sweat might not have let them on the show, but as their mother she should have definately mentioned them if nothing else. The only thing she did mention is that she was in a bad relationship before and she deserved happiness. The kids werent bad just the man. That would have been the perfect time for her to mention them when she brought up the past.

  33. Sooooo she’s upset because her kids’ dad was a RESPONSIBLE father who gave a valid, non hater-ish reason for his denial AND does not appear to cater to his kids’ every whim, thereby turning them into spoiled brats??? Ok, so far there are 2 wives I despise, WU Hartwell and the hi siddity, mannish Sheree

  34. I am disappointed to see Black women cast as a spin off from Flava of Love, I Love NY. Due to the hunger of those 15 minutes of fame, mainstream has made us appear as clown like and shallow. No one is talking about anything of substance. Its all designer this and label that. We wear our wealth on our backs and this show proves it. Where are the real housewives? The dentist, doctors, teachers, and lawyers? Where are the women that work a nine to five and still come home and fry up the bacon? I am not impressed with the “working woman” front. She is merely flipping her man’s money. Especially since there is the possibility that he may not get back into the league. We will see how long she sticks around when the well runs dry..why be in such a rush to remarry ( especially after only knowing him a month and a half) unless you have an plan?

  35. Don’t hate on Lisa because she married her man in less than two months. My husband asked me to marry him in a month…flat. I think that after you have have been a bad marriage, relationship or whatever….when someone right comes along; time is of no concern.
    I dislike the show due to the portrayal that I saw of the women. Expensive, shallow, thoughtless, mindless, heartless and classless. That equals just less not more.

  36. Stopitplease, you’re spot on.

    As an aside, I do think the name of the show is a misnomer as most/all of the wives claim to “work.” I don’t know about yall but when I think of the term housewife, I think of someone who does not work outside of the home. But, perhaps that term has new meaning… perhaps.

    Anyways, good for Keith. We may not know which way he swings, but at least we can be comforted by the fact that he probably is a very devoted and loving father:-)

  37. love does not have a time on it. You must have never truly been in love. My husband and i got married in 6 months and now happily togehter for 7 years. We adore each other. I too was in a bad marriage, but not anymore. God can bring you somebody overnight, you better be ready and be open. So yes please stop it

  38. Actually I too have been married and I also made the almost mistaking the relationship that followed as “love” when it was really a need for validation after being in turmoil. Just the fact that Lisa felt the need to mention how bad her prior marriage was indicates that there are still some open wounds. Its like she has to remind HERSELF why she remarried so fast.
    I find it funny to hear folks say that God can bring you someone over night when if you are following the word, you weren’t supposed to divorce the first one. The fact that he had just signed a multi million dollar contract makes her suspect thats all. Tralancey- time being of no concern equates desperation because lust and infatuation may come immediately, but only time brings real love. Real love comes from admiration and respect. These things take time to reveal. Convienience sees no time.

  39. stopitplease well said.

  40. It doesn’t matter if he was/is/has ever been a jerk. Doesn’t matter if she was/is an opportunist or golddigger. Bottom line, someone has to be the responsible adult and I applaud Mr. Sweat. It takes a real parent to step up and protect their children. The children may have wanted to be a part of the show, but in his God-given wisdom, he didn’t see fit for them to be exploited. Its a dangerous thing to have your children on display. especially in a reality TV setting and TV excs don’t care about them, they’re in it to make money and don’t mind making fools out of the participants. Children are a gift and we’re to protect them. Soon, these children will be on their own and things that come come back to haunt them could’ve been featured on this simple-minded show that make a mockery out of women and this time around new money African American women. It appears if they have no self-respect and don’t respect their children. Why shouldn’t the children be respected? Its a dangerous thing. So as a mother, I say kudos to Mr. Sweat. Your children will respect you for it in the long run. No disrespect to Lisa, but just think about it and consider the image you and your co-stars present and consider if this is going to bring repraoch uopn you, your current husband, and your sons? We’re living in dangerous times and more important than social standing and mayerial items are the mental and emotional health of your sons. And then swallow your pride and if nothing more, thank God for your ex-husband for being protective.


  42. I think that Keith was right, in not letting his and her children be victims of this TV drama and PAPARAZZI crap. I also feel if she really was hard up for them to be on the show she either would have fought or at least menntioned their names, SOMETHING other than NOTHING. She do her business thing in all but for real whos really the real Housewive of Atlanta.

  43. Why is everyone coming down on Lisa here. She’s beautiful and smart and maybe she does’nt mention her other 2 kids in the show because she maybe under some strict guidelines through the court. Maybe Keith Sweat whinning ass got her under some type of gag order. Don’t be so quick to pass judgement on her.

    Her Husband is fine as hell and they are a perfect match. And I think K. Sweat maybe hating on them a tad bit. But with that said I see his side as well in all this.

    Big up’s to BRAVO for showing a different side of African Americans for a change I bet alot of white people are totally shocked by how well these Black Women are living. Because they are living large.

    Yall lay off Lisa don’t hate on her because her intelligence and good looks got her one rich Husband after another. Don’t ladies congratulate.

    Carlita L. Smith from Dallas said this on October 16, 2008

  44. I meant to say don’t hate ladies congratulate

  45. heya i go 2 skool with jordan his locker is rite next 2 mine he’s lik my brotha

  46. I wonder when celebs post pics of their kids or put them in the spot light do they expect them to be eaten alive? I wonder do they consider that the embarrassing blunders normal children make everyday will be maximized x100 because they have red carpet/blog babies. I respect Keith for considering his kids because this fame ish seems to bite two ways.

  47. I respect the man’s decision….I think it’s shameful how so many people whore out their children like that loon Denise Richards and others…..reality TV has gone too far when you start including children…..more parents should be like this man and protect their kids from the horrors of “reality” TV. If his kids are interested in the entertainment industry that is one thing but reality TV is a whole other arena in my opinion….good for him!

  48. I have to say I tried watching this show this morning and I got sick to my stomach. They named the show the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the word real in the name is the realist thing about it. After watching this. I have to say I can definitely understand why he didn’t want his children involved in the show. Good for him.

  49. Real Housewives of Atlanta is a REALITY show. You are not going to see every facet, nor are you going to be privy to all of the details. It’s amazing that so many people tuned in on Tuesday when that was the final presidential debate, I know I know you have already heard everything the candidates have to say right? Well, let me say this ALL of them (Housewives) have managed to escaped the economic doldrums therefore it doesnt matter how ghetto they are, how quickly they married or even who has full custody( and where has this been substantiated who has the actual court docs?) Sorry, I too digress, the point is, if you are going to bash them, bash them for not taking a stand and promoting economic responsibility, bash them for not utilizing the privilege of correct grammar, or even bash them for for not spending alot of time with the children that are shown but don’t bash them for what they were hired to do, CREATE DRAMA.

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  52. he has full custody. it states it in JET MAGAZINE…..

  53. hello did we forget how this houswives show started there were the white women gold diggers on houswives of orange county, they were the original gold diggers, they were much worse than these women. the one white ladies son steyed in drug rehab. at least these black women are more together than housewives of orange county.

  54. Stopitplease – Those are very profound words coming from you. Real deep! Also, I agree with everything you’ve stated.

  55. Also, they mentioned Keith have full custody on Tom Joyner. I understand Keith’s position. It will appear to people that another man is taking care of his child and he is a deadbeat dad. It would be similar to the situation with Al B. Sure and Kim Porter’s son.

  56. children***

  57. I disagree that these ladies were hired to create drama. That may have been the case with the previous seasons but it truly looks as if these ladies forget the cameras are in front of them, and its real.

    I think Sheree is real stupid to be mentioning how much she is expecting to get out of her divorce. She said she wants to live the same lifestyle, if not better. I hope she is out flipping that money like Lisa. Also, for her to say, “What is a budget…I don’t have one of those,” makes her seem very silly. Even though you have money, you should still watch your spending. Anyone who talks like that probably won’t have that kind of money 20 years later. Sheree rubbed me the wrong way when she called NeNe classless and stated she couldn’t dress yet, she smiles in her face.

  58. Hello Friends
    long live and healthy occasation Dipawali

  59. pac4lyfe: I totally agree with your comments regarding Sheree. That woman needs a reality check, and her ex-husband’s lawyers just might be the people to do it.

  60. I totally agree with pac4lyfe Sheree comes off really ignorant. I don’t care how much $ she has she want have it for long showing out in front of the world. She’s literally setting such a poor example to her children.

    Lisa appears to be the smart one here she realize if she wanna keep living the life style that she has now it’s gonna require smart investing on her part.Because when those beautiful looks fade she will still have a strong financial foundation she has established for herself.

    Nene seems to be down to earth and I like that.

    DeShawn seems sweet however the verdict is still out on her. But I do admire the foundation she has.

    Kim she’s a typical materialistic gold digger with no substance.

  61. There are alot of men today that has custody of their kids. Men today are fighting for their rights more. This is an area where women has always had the upper hand. But now its changing and Men are stepping up.

    We have to admit that SOME women do have babies out of greed. And those women I do not feel sorry for. You know the gold diggers.

  62. Woh..keren aku seneng mampir kesini…

  63. Keith Sweat been banking $$$ for a long time and he was one of the 1st to move to Atlanta and built his home. This gold diggin chick is slick she pump out two kids so she can get paid, and before her looks and body go she went and married this dumb jock this clown has to thank the Falcons they were the only team that paid his sorry broken down behind the big $$ lol

    Why he is a fool this jerk marry this gold digger after knowing her just for 1 month lol and what this slick chick do ?? she pump out another baby with this clown.

    Ed Hartwell is a BUM he got cut by the Falcons lol and NOW the sorry Raiders cut his sorry butt lol he better hope he invest his $$$ well because this slick chick we be out looking for another dumb jock to married or someone dumb to marry her ass with 3 kids !!!!

    Now before you say she has her own company lets get real because WHO IN THE HELL IS BUYING A HOUSE NOW ??


  64. Big Papa, You may have made some valid points but who can decipher them? and those that can afford 4 1/2 million dollar homes are not being affected by the economy so she may be selling homes. As for all of the people who are berating Lisa she cant DO anymore than the men allow her to do, at least she has a job! The other thing that everyone is failing to see is that no one knows what really happened between Lisa and K.S. except for them and God hello none of us were there. The other point is that no matter what she has found another way to generate money, and we are supporting it, so she is smart as well as beautiful!

  65. Amen Expecting Change.

  66. Not Buying It – I’m sure Sheree’s ex watches the show. If not, someone is keeping him informed.

    Carlita – Each episode, Sheree is coming off more arrogant and ignorant. Lisa acts like she is Sheree’s biggest fan, making her ego even bigger. Then, Sheree said that every woman wants to look like her because she is so gorgeous and sexy. Not me. She is not a beauty queen. And her character makes her look worse.

    So far, I get a good vibe from DeShawn. She seems humble, genuine and not down for the backstabbing.

    Kim has shown her true colors. She is probably the one going to Sheree telling what NeNe says about her, and come back reporting to NeNe. I was under the impression they were friends for many years and they have only been knowing each other for 3 years.

  67. Expecting Change – That is exactly why Lisa’s target market is entertainers and people in high positions. She will always have a job if those are the only people she target.

  68. I disagree with the whole premise that rich people aren’t effected by the economy. Let’s face it, anyone who has been investing in the stock market has been effected. People forget that millionaires go broke too. Nothing in life is guaranteed; no matter how big your bank account is today.

  69. Bigpapa, I have to say you have a lot to say. I just want to know 1 question. Do you have a woman?

  70. NO, I don’t have a woman I have a wife.

  71. Ok. I had to know because you were saying that you were going to give these hood rats and players some advice. I wanted make sure you have a woman if you were going to try and give others relationship advice.

    I agree with a lot of what you said about the materialistic attitudes that some women have. However you have to understand that just because you might not find a certain kind of woman attractive to you doesn’t mean someone else may. To each his own. Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one. The men these women are with may think they are the most beautiful women in the world. Ghetto attitudes and all. I however think the show is garbage and I don’t watch it. I tried last weekend and I couldn’t stomach it. Yet they have some people who watch it and think it’s great.

    I am more of a movie, sitcom type person. The shows that are not reality based shows seem more genuine to me then reality tv. Reality TV seems so made up. That’s just my opinion. You chose your wife for your own personal reasons and to them I am sure the same applies. You might not like the choices they made, but then you don’t have to. They are after all not your wife. So of that you should be happy.

  72. Hell I believe it for the most part myself that’s why I couldn’t watch it. NeNe looks like a man in drag to me and the Shree lady is to full of herself. I don’t know much about the others because I didn’t watch after I saw Kim give her 11 year old daughter a Louis Vuitton purse. That is foolish and wasteful. They need to try and teach them life is more than material possessions.

  73. pac4lyfe- once again I agree with you. Kim is a back stabber and a snake in the grass. With friends like her who need enemies.

    DeShawn is down to earth and geniune. And Sheree & Kim are haters. And I do agree that Sheree is no beauty in fact on last nights episode she looked just like a drag queen her self she should’ve been in that Gay Pagent she attended with her hair stylist because she looks like a drag queen.

    And Lisa is always kissing up to Sheree I just don’t get that.

    And I still think Nene is a cool a person. But she better watch out for that back stabbing Kim. Right now I really dislike Kim alot.

    Deshawn is a sweet and down to earth person and I think most of the ladies are jealous of DeShawn.

    And I too thought that Kim & Nene has known each other much longer than 3 years.

  74. Bigpapa – You made one or two valid points. You keep saying all of the ladies on the show are out of weight and don’t work out. That isn’t true. Lisa is a physical trainer and she and Ed work out religiously. It’s obvious that Sheree stays in the gym too. I don’t consider any of them to be obese. DeShawn isn’t fat to me. All she need is a little toning. Also, give her the benefit of the doubt. She has 3 kids and I’m sure when Eric met her she was smaller. NeNe must have been bigger because she was on a diet on the show. Now Kim, she has probably has all kind of surgeries so I won’t even speak on her body. Also, I don’t think all of them are loud. Lastly, these entertainers don’t have to leave the country to find a winner. There are plenty of them right here. Every guy may not be looking for a size 4.

  75. Correction** “out of shape”

  76. Bigpapa- That is pretty lame that Ed Hartwell married Lisa after knowing her less than 2 months. I mean that is border line insane on his part and that is just genius on her part. Then she had a baby. I just have to say that Lisa got plenty of game.

  77. I think Sheree’s body is almost too overly toned with that said her body is amazing.

    And DeShawn is a normal size and she do look really good considering she has 3 extremely young kids.

    Lisa works out alot with her athletic hubby.

    And Nene seems to be on the tall side so she may appear to be larger than she really is. Quite frankly she looks like she is on the slender side to me. Keep in mind TV do add pounds.

    And I agree that Kim has probably had surgeries to alter her look. And speaking of altering your look have yall checked out Kim’s horrible hair weave. Big Papa need to help her upgrade her hair pieces.

    So I would’nt call any of these ladies over weight or out of shape at all.

  78. @bigmama…excuse me bigpapa.maybe your man has it all together & has less than 5% body fat, but the average WOMAN does not. none of these women imo would win any prizes for their looks,but they r far from the hood rats you r depicting them as. ?. what kind of MAN critiques women this hard either they r your type or not? why write a “12” page letter about them. & why is a full grown man (as well rounded & astounded as you claim to be) sitting around watching girl talk like that?

    @notbuying these chicks r low budget next kimora Lee Simmons. i doubt labybug was hating.

  79. I absolutely hate it when African Americans mannerisms are categorized as Ghetto- Its stupid. Who sets the standards of ghetto, what is this ghetto word. We should stop hating each other, ever thing that we do is ghetto eating chicken, ribs, hairstyles!!! because it is being compared to the Caucasian standard of life.. I personally do not think ne ne is ghetto, a little loud maybe, but just because you are vibrant and like to enjoy your life laughing rather than being down does not make you ghetto!! I refuse to compare my self with this American standard, and for Correct grammar- Americans have the worst Grammar- The English/British have the correct grammar if you really give a darn, they hate the way Americans speak. I also hate the ” Weave” thing being ghetto, yes African American have some creative hairstyles, we are not plain Jane’s and that dates far back, but not ghetto!! Whatever makes you look good- Go for It!!. Caucasian women wear hair extensions also!!!!!!! I do think some of the woman may need a reality check or Attitude check- on how to treat people, maybe a little manners. I love this cast, everyone has problems in there life, and if you watched the other Real Housewives shows those women were total messes and flaunted their wealth also- Handbags, new cars, expensive clothes, plastic surgeries!! I just hate it when others let the media Control their way of thinking. Think for yourself, go against the grain!!

    OH- Vote, Vote, and Vote.
    14 days left!!!

  80. The time and date is wrong on this thread??

  81. I think Keith Sweat played out ass is jealous of her and her fine husband. If it was his reality show and she was doing the samething to him. Everyone would say she was jealous and she was wrong. Keith is a hater. I like Lisa she is a beautiful woman. And E.J too cute.

  82. I have watched this show, it has become a guilty pleasure and not in a good way. i’m disappointed at all of the women on this show, at least the way they are being portrayed. Sheree Whitfield doesn’t impress me at all, I have no idea what happened in her relationship with her husband, but regardless does she have to act this way? Especially when you have kids. He is being bashed as a man who wasn’t involved with his kids and the courts had to make him visit, whether this is true or not, does America need to know? Kim is ridiculous! She dates a man that cannot be seen with her in public, what is she telling her children? Finally, back on the topic of Ms. Hartwell, I can understand Keith’s viewpoint on not allowing his children to be on this show, Bravo doesn’t necessarily show everyone in a positive light and you do have to guard your children. Many celebrity parents do not allow the media access to their kids, if just for their own safety.

  83. Eve- I absolutely agree with you 100%

  84. OK cheerleader lol I could name drop now until next week if I had time lol I am ATL born I am ATL breed when I die I will be ATL died !!! I am not one of those Northern carpet beggers that move here because I couldn’t make it somewhere else lol I can’t go into to much without giving out to much info that could lead to who I am.

    BUT, let me say I too know MANY and I mean MANY so-called VIP’S in this city IF anyone was at the Janet Jackson concert on Sunday you may have seen me I was with a few of them my friends in the VIP lounge area behind the mixing area (Tyler Perry,The Mayor,Jermaine D.,Ne-Yo,Cirara,) just to name a few, I lived and live around ex-Falcons players we too laugh and talk about groupies,hood rats,models, gold diggers, strippers etc., etc, I don’t hang out anymore like I use to because I am married now.

    Ed Hartwell is a DUMB JOCK yeah I said it again look let me break it down to you, I don’t give a rat ass about his school background, I AM TALKING ABOUT HIS COMMON SENSE THIS FOOL MARRIED A CHICK WITH NOT ONE BUT TWO KIDS !!! I know this chick background dude BETTER THEN HE DO !!!!! there is a reason WHY Keith Sweat have his kids !!!!! after all Ed ONLY knew her for just over a month this chick has been around I won’t say anymore then that she is trying to start a new fresh image.

    I was just out in Vegas on the 17th to see Mary J Bilge at the Palms ( OH there I go again name dropping lol ) and we kick it at the PURE night club and then I came back to the ATL to see Janet on the 19th, I run into people all the time that know many of these DUMB jocks and they laugh and talk about how many of these fool trick their money on these gold diggin whores and strippers Kanye West did a song on these type of gold diggin whores.

    Look I pop my collar to Lisa and all these cute hood rats that played these DUMB JOCKS and that MULE face chick that is looking for her paper $$ from another DUMB JOCK Bob Whitefield let’s keep it real most of these guys couldn’t pull no chick UNLESS they played ball so when these clowns stop playing ball these chicks are GONE !! to look for another fool, mark my words Ed Hartwell HAVEN’T BEEN ON A DAMN NFL TEAM SINCE HOW LONG ???

    His ass did play along side Ray Lewis and he did shift over when Ray was hurt BUT HOW LONG AGO WAS THAT ??? hell in two season with the Falcons he ONLY played 6 games !!!!!! he got cut by another team right after the Falcons let him go then he went out to the Raiders and right after per season they cut his SORRY ASS lol, trust me I am not hating people that know me know I don’t have a reason to, I give him credit if you can get your money from Arthur Blanks back your truck on back brother get your money !!! lol I don’t blame you.

    BUT were you mess up Ed was to marry that Lisa chick lol you should have check into more of her background more hung out more hook up with some other ballers in this city and drop her name around and we would have gave you the low low on any of these broken down use up gold diggin ass whores in this city who they did who they been with etc. etc., ok LIKE THE STORY GOES THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO A STORY !!! now let me ask you guys this how many times have you heard of a guy a R & B singer getting kids over the Mother ???

    I could have had one of my boys take Ed on a trip overseas to Panama or Brazil hell when he come back to the ATL these broken down gold diggin whores he wouldn’t give them a second look, the problem is so many of these dumb jocks not use to being around REAl dimes !!!! most of these ho’s here in the ATL would be lucky getting a job making up beds in Brazil they may look fly here BUT most places around the world they would be a 5 !!!!

    I agree editors and know about making movies you shoot maybe 13,000 hours worth of footage and you edited it down to 2 hours worth of good footage BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE BEING A GOLD DIGGIN HOOD RAT IF YOU NOT ONE !!!!




  87. Bigpapa,

    I don’t want you to think I am being rude. However I have to ask why is this man or any other man or woman that marry the wrong person your concern? You don’t have to live with the consequences of their bad choices they do. Experience is the best teacher. If this man made a bad choice in marrying Lisa time will tell. Then from there it is up to him to learn or not learn from his mistake.

    The outside appearances is not all that matter in picking a good spouse. No amount of money, No amount of education, no matter how nice the body and face look. If the person is not in the right place mentally the marriage won’t work. Look at how many times Halle has been married. She has the body, the face and the money. Her problem is she wasn’t ok with self. If you are not ok with who you are how can you make a good wife, husband or mother for that matter. Looks come and go. But if your head and heart are in the right place that is the kind of thing that will last a lifetime.

  88. Big Poppa, Big Floppa whatever! While you are on the blogs pushing your “myspace” page and your advice please keep in mind you are dealing with AMERICAN WOMEN we are taught to be proud, and confident. I am a proud size 14 Woman and I am thoroughly educated I have a wonderful MAN in my life who does not disrespect me. I can not conceive of a MAN who does not have a basic respect for WOMEN trying to give them advice about relationships. I am not sure how your relationship works or how you were able to get a size 4 woman when you don’t have a dime piece mentality but I hope before you start advising you get a P.h.D in humanity and respect of all women not just those from
    your country! Oh and by the way it’s okay if you think I am fat and rude, I seem to be more educated since I do complete ny words.

  89. Bigpapa, would I be wrong for asking if you’re overweight yourself? Your name implies that you are and so I wonder too what your mother and sisters look like. I mention that because you’re filled with such vitriolic hate for women probably much like the one who birthed you. And before you insult me, NO I’M NOT OVER-WEIGHT (and never have been, very health conscious). Bigpapa, countless industries make big $$$ by keeping some of us in the mindset you describe(overweight, ghetto, lazy, etc.), so maybe you’d like to help some of these sisters before you castigate. Btw, you obviously cannot write or speak very well, so one can also assume that your wife has a size six brain because she married …

  90. married you…

  91. Ok why all the hostility? We are supposed to be building one another up not tearing each other down. Everyone has their own personal preferences. Not all men find big women attractive and not all men find little women attractive. I wear between a 6 or 8 depending on who makes the clothes. I however have to say with my second daughter I gain a lot of weight and took a minute to lose it but my husband if he felt any different in the change of my appearance never made my feel anything but loved. I have four kids all by the same man and he is my husband and we have been together for over 11 years. That is real love. What if your wife married you because you had a beautiful head of hair and as you got older she saw less hair and more head would you expect her to love you any less? Why do you think the marriage vows say through sickness and health, through thick and thin? We all go through changes. Change and taxes are the only constant on this journey we call life. The person you marry should love you no matter how you change physically. It is inevitable we all change over the years. That is why the person you choose should have some substance and not just be a trophy spouse. I think my husband is a very attractive, caring, loving, giving and gentle man and I could not see myself growing old with anyone but he. We may not be perfect but we are perfect for each other. My husband was a God send and I thank God for him everyday. I know that because we are both loving toward one another that our kids will grow up to find people that will treat them the way they deserve to be treated. That is something I can truly be proud of.

  92. I think its a beautiful thing to see our people doing well. I guess if they were broke and doing all the wrong stuff, the show would be a great hit. People stop knocking eachother love your people. Yes, Keith is raising his 4 children and thats alright.I tip my hat off to u Keith as far as Lisa keep doing what u do go girl.

  93. […] LISA WU-HARTWELL’S FAMILY DRAMA WITH EX KEITH SWEAT Her name is Lisa Wu-Hartwell. She is the ex-wife of singer Keith Sweat and the current wife of NFL player Ed […] […]

  94. Oh! and another thing Big Sloppa, again whatever. You seem to contradict yourself, you say Lisa only married Hartwell for the money and the fame but yet YOU keep pointing out that he has not been on an NFL Team in how long? Before you get your page started I suggest you get some therapy.

  95. Dream’s

  96. Big Floppa or shall I say big flop! I now understand your hostility! and I feel bad for you are almost 6’6, you are almost wealthy, you were probably almost a star athlete (after Ed Hartwell of course) and you can almost write coherently. Didn’t you ever hear Brandi’s song ” ALMOST DOESNT COUNT”. You see I can tell I am most certainly angering you, I have not at one time used any profanity towards you because I am articulate enough to
    make a point without cursing you. Whether I am eating Chicken Wings(love them), Ribs( favorite also) or Fried Fish(not so much) I can convey my points and keep on task! I don’t feel sorry for your wife because while you are on here arguing with us she is probably with her real man not the almost man. Again you contradict yourself you were the one who came on berating WOMEN. If you think I am fat so be it, If you think I am obese horray, but with you I really don’t think it matters because you only always, ALMOST complete a thought. Oh and by the way I got your stupid analogy to ” Big Poppa” but I sincerely doubt that you can write a check for $68,000.00 not that you don’t have the money but because you can only ALMOST spell it out. Her name is JADA not Jade(Will Smith’s Wife). Slim is better it describes the length of you vocabulary!

  97. One more thing Big Joke, Studies show that men who have to travel around the globe to find a mate has been unlucky in love in their own society. Another statistic shows that if you can’t spell you probably have never traveled around the world. News flash if you live in Fulton and travel to Clayton to find a mate that is not around the world. You can change the counties if you like.

  98. For the record, no one on this forum knows why Halle Berry’s relationships didn’t work out. Unless you were married to her, living in her house and in her relationship, you can only speculate about what went wrong. From where I stand, she picked some guys who pretended to be one thing but turned out to be something entirely different after the vows were exchanged. I don’t think her concept of self had anything to do with why a man would think it’s ok to put his hands on her or why another would think it acceptable to sleep around on her. Halle is fabulous and it seems as though she found her perfect mate. Congrats to her!!

    Now, on to Bigpapa, why are you so angry dear? You seem like you have an agenda here. What is it? Are you about empowering obese women to take charge of their health and lives or are you just putting them down? If the latter, why? Oh and for the record, I’m a size 2. So, no I’m not personally offended by your rant. In fact, I thought the first post you made was rather humorous and true to a certain extent. But, now you seem almost cruel.

  99. When I said that Halle wasn’t in the right place mentally I meant if she was she would have seen the red flags before she married said spouses.

    When you are getting to know the person which you are considering to be your partner for life no matter how good they try to conceal their faults the are bound to show themselves in bits and pieces. The real person is behind the facade. You just have to pay attention and not make excuses for their poor behavior.

    Ok say if the person you are with grabs you in such a way because you did something to anger them, yet you say he just did that because I made him angry. You are making excuses. Abusive people become abusive when they become emotional. The proof that Halle wasn’t in the right place mentally when she chose the men she did, is because she chose the wrong men. It is as simple as that.

    You know when the person you are with is cheating long before you find proof. Yet you ignore it and make excuses because you don’t want to believe your own feelings. Yet when you can no longer deny what you have known all along, you start to see the signs of their deceit and you think how could I have been so stupid to not notice this before now?

    It’s the same principal. When you think you deserve to be mistreated you always find a way for someone or thing to prove you right.

    When you believe you deserve better(in the right place mentally) You find things and people to treat you accordingly. Until she made peace with her past she kept choosing men that treated her the way her dad treated her mom because that is what she knew.

    We all replay our past in our current life until we come to peace with it. Once you do then you know that you worthy of the best life has to offer.

  100. big pappa’s comments were offensive and had to be deleted

  101. BCK did you see how someone killed J-Hud’s mom and brother and kidnapped her nephew?

  102. The nephew is 7 years old and the murder was Jennifer’s brother-in-law William Balfour. He is NOT the father of the missing 7 year old. They caught him last night but not the boy.

  103. Maryamb, I think you are oversimplifying the situation. I agree, yes, oftentimes one can see the signs. But, there are definitely situations out there were “you couldn’t see it coming a mile away.” With time, people change (like you said earlier). Sometimes, that change isn’t for the better.

  104. To NotBuyingYou:

    You’ll have to excuse my very late response, as I’ve been very busy at work these last couple of weeks (so had no time for browsing my favorite threads, BCK included). But, I saw your shot out and it makes absolutely no sense. You say that ladybug isn’t hating because the women on the show don’t have Kimora Simmons money… hmmm. I’m going to let you figure out why that argument makes absolutely no sense. Hint, hint: there’s always someone out there with more money and, more importantly, most likely (and I’m 99% sure of this considering Kimora is in the top 1% of the country in terms of income and wealth), ladybug doesn’t have Kimora Simmmons money. Wow, the idiocy!

  105. The movie Phat girl is a great movie.

  106. I am looking at this DL Hughley show on CNN and with all the black talk shows on the radio, that speak on REAL black topic’s, and they have this show having clowns dress up as P.I.M.P.S. making their eyes all huge and making jokes about rims.

    This is WHY I have got so mad at this show we as black people can’t be on TV unless we are acting like clowns, or showing sisters shopping or talking behind each other backs.

  107. Yeah Bigpapa I watched it to and I have to say, I will not watch it again. You can but him up there with David Allen Grier his show Chocolate News and DL Hughley show looks a lot a like. I have less respect for them and even more for Chapple. He is the man as far as I am concerned. I hate that they are doing this right before the elections.

  108. sorry put him up there with David Allen Grier

  109. Some of these clowns will do anything for a paycheck they will go on a show and tap dance and shine shoes and act a fool on CNN, this is so sad some people around the world will NEVER met or see a black person in their lives, and they turn on the TV and see this mess.

    This is why as I travel the world I try to be on point as a black male.

  110. I don’t want to steer this thread into a totally different topic, but I wanted to add that I think that was a mistake CNN made. Its big for DL to have his own show on there but everything is not a laughing matter. I don’t think we can joke about certain things with white people. Alot of them just wouldn’t get it and they would take it completely out of context.

    Back to the Real Housewives:
    I may not like certain things about a few of the ladies but I stay watching the repeats. I want to see what this next episode is about where Lisa says, “NBA wives are snootier than NFL wives.” From what I see, DeShawn seems the most humble and grounded. Also, she appears to not get caught up in the gossip. As for Kim, I hope she takes that weave out ASAP! Is that a lace wig? And who does the big swoop to the side anymore? I’m talking about how her bangs are swooped all high. I used to do that to my bangs back in the late 80s/early 90s.

  111. pac4lyfe: I didn’t catch that comment. But, it strikes me as funny. Those women, even with their money and connections in the entertainment world, would not be allowed to live in certain neighborhoods (which can be illegal; but, still happens) and to frequent certain events becauwse (1) they are new money and (2) they made their money by dribbling and/or throwing a ball. It’s crazy how people have a tendency to always want to separate themselves from the “inferior,” inferior depending on who you talk to. People need to wake up and stop thinking they are better than others, especially when the basis is the dollar bill and not more notable characteristics (e.g., kind heart, loving spirit, generosity).

  112. Not Buying It – You are so right. That money could be gone the next day. I guess Sheree can sell all of her shoes on ebay if that settlement doesn’t go the way she is expecting.

  113. Bigpapa- I do agree with you in regards to the DL Hugley Show on CNN. I watched him on Larry King before the airing of his new show. And I was really disappointed with his show. I am a DL fan but I will not be tuning into this weekly mess of a show. I thought by it being on CNN it would have great substance but it did’nt. Just your typical stereotypical mess.

    pac4lyfe- I did catch the comment that Lisa made stating that NBA WIVES are snootier than the NFL wives and I find it funny too considering that DeShawn is the most down to earth one out of the bunch. But this show is my guilty little pleasure and I can’t wait to watch the next episode. I am really disliking Kim right now what a back stabber she is turning out to be.

    Not Buying It- I totally agree with you in regards to the Halle Berry situation. People are quick to pass judgement. Who knows why her relationships did’nt work out. Whatever the case may be no woman deserve to be physically abused.

    Maryamb- I have been glued to the TV hoping to hear some good news regarding Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew but sadly her Nephew was found dead. So we really need to keep Jennifer Hudson as well as Jennifer Sister and the rest of the Hudson Family in our prayers. I just can not phathom what this Family is going through To lose 3 members of your Family all at the same time. God Bless Them All.

  114. I like Lisa she is a beautiful woman. And I don’t think that if her boys with Keith Sweat was on the show that it would hurt them or overexpose them. She has visitation so its not like they would be on tv everytime the show comes on. I respect keith’s decision however I disagree with it as well.

  115. I have to say I agree with all of the comments about DL’s show. I would love if everyone who seen the show and feels the same way would write in to CNN and tell them how they feel. I think it would make a big difference in the depiction of us if all banded together to stop all the stereotypes.

    Carlita I was so angry when I saw that the Julian was found dead. That was a senseless crime. We can not protect our kids from all the dangers of the world, however we need to be more careful of the company we keep when have kids. My heart goes out to Jennifer and Julia.

  116. Maryamb- I am in agreement with you in regards to writing in to CNN that’s an excellent idea and I will do exactly that.

    Maryamb- I also agree that we need to be alot more careful regarding the company we keep around our youngsters I mean these kids depend on us to protect them. And before anyone start with the ugly comments I am not suggesting that what happened to Julia Hudson Son was a result of anything that she did just understand I am not saying that. All I am stating is that we are living in a place and time where you have to literally do a back ground check on a potential mate these day’s when you meet someone because you really have to know who you are bringing around your loved ones. In this Jennifer Hudson situation this estranged Husband of Julia Hudson had a very long criminal record. I mean he spent 7 years in prison for attempted murder however Ladies we can’t expect a man with a track record like that to be up front with us. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones. I just had this conversation with a Family member a couple of day’s ago. “Sometimes” women is blinded by love and they lose focus.

    Not only are we opening the door for something bad to happen to us as women but we can not be so naieve to think that this can’t happen to you and your Family.

    I know from experience and I thought that I was extremely careful. I mean nothing to the extreme of what Jennifer Hudson and her Family is going through. But I ended a relationship with a guy that I was with for a few years. I ended it made myself clear with him and I moved after I ended the relationship.And a couple months after I ended the relationship with him he goes searching for me at my Mothers home and every relative home of mine he had been to with me during our time of dating. Luckily he eventually moved on with his life but that was a valuable lesson I learned as a woman. You have to be careful who you are exposing your loved ones to because a bad relationship can sometimes effect the closest people to you. It does’nt get any closer than your own child and mother and brother as Julia Hudson is going through right now. I’m willing to bet that this person intentionally did not harm a hair on Julia Hudson body because they or he wanted her to live and suffer and that is horrible.

    And people this is the kind of world we are living in. We have to change the way we view things. Times have changed and our Children are coming up in a cruel world than the one we grew up in unfortunately.

    However I will definately keep Julia & Jennifer Hudson as well as the rest of The Hudson Family in prayer because this is extremely hard what this Family is going through right now.

    Lastly I also want to say that Men also have to be just as careful when getting involved with women. I mean this goes both ways.

  117. They are showing re-runs of Real Housewives right now for anyone who missed them.

  118. You GO LISA, Your X- is an ass. I love the show

  119. Carlita girl you just do know how true your statement was. The last line about men to need to watch the kind of women they get involved with, really hit home. My neighbors’ are having a hard time. The husband just found that the wife is cheating. She is Bipolar, has 4 kids by four different men. Has been married 4 times. She is meeting men online and having affairs. The most disturbing thing about all of this is the fact that her husband caught her cheating because he followed her to the hotel to met the other man and she had taken their 2 year old daughter with her to see this man she met on the internet. The man could have been a molester, murder or anything. She doesn’t take her meds to help with imbalance because she is so unstable she thinks she is fine. When she goes into her manic phase she gets so loud we can hear her across the street. Her kids are afraid of her. She mentally and physically abuses her husband, sometimes in the front of her kids. I told him I knew she was off after about the second or third time after meeting her, how did he not see something was wrong with her? She gave her son away because she went away on one of her sabbaticals and left the child with his dad, and while she was gone the dad died and child was in the house with his dead dad for 2 days before anyone found out. The child was so traumatized it took him a long time to even start talking.

    I take care of their 9 year old daughter and I feel so sorry for those kids. I think that people with mental illnesses need to be forced to have some kind of birth controlled in place because the kids suffer and they don’t realize that their parents are the way the are because that can’t help it. It is really sad. Before I realized she was Bipolar, I wanted to go straight hood and beat the crap out of her for the pain she was causing her family. Now I just feel sorry for them. They need help. One of my friends is a Dr. and she is helping her husband get her committed until she get enough of the meds in her system to stabilize her mood swings. I thank God I am not her.

  120. Did a little research on Lisa Wu-Hartwell. Does not show that she is a active real estate broker in Georgis. I don’t know but something smells a little fishy!!

  121. First let me say I love the show! It’s nice to finally see African-American women in the main stream media who are business drivenn, educated, family oriented, intelligent, and sophisticated. The media loves to put Black women in a box as jezebels, jigaboos, bitches, or mamies. This is a more accurate depiction of the many faces Black women wear. I 100% agree with Keith’s decision to not allow the children on the show. As I have family in the entertainment industry, they’ve made it clear that HOLLYWOOD is no place for children. It can be detrimental to their mind state and self image of themselves. GO head Keith!

  122. Okay enough already in regards to Keith Sweat not letting his Kids go on the show I don’t see the big deal. I mean he’s letting the world view pictures of his kids online why not let them make some money and put them on the show. Millions of people are coming to this site viewing their photos everyday. It’s not like people can actually get to these children. These celebrity babies are guarded like Presidents. I bet you will never ever hear about Kimora Lee kids coming up missing and everyone in the world knows Ming Lee & Aoki.

    Don’t get me wrong I do understand if you are really and truly trying to protect your childs identity but in this particular case with Lisa & Keith Sweat everyone knows what these kids look like whats the point. They have nothing to worry about but us every day ordinary people we are the ones that have to worry more about our children because most of us do not have the financial means to put our kids in top notch Schools and provide them with personal security.

  123. Maryamb- That’s great that you have taken on the responsibility in regards to the 9 year old I feel so sorry for kids that are placed in these unfortunate situations. I love children they are my weak spot. And bi-polar is a serious disorder.

    And 4 kids by 4 different men that is serious within it self. And she’s been married 4 times. WOW.

    I’m with you I feel sorry for them all. But good looking out though. God Bless Them All. You will be blessed in return.

  124. Did yall catch the new episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta tonight?

    I am so over Kim back stabbing. I mean she is so far up Sheree’s you know what until it is sickening.

    I thought NeNe was her best friend now NeNe is the worst person in the world to her now. How many times did Kim tell Sheree she was beautiful?

    Beautiful is not the word that I would use when describing Sheree. She’s ok. I would call DeShawn beautiful before I would call Sheree. And I think Lisa is pretty as well.

    And I felt sooooo bad for DeShawn and her Fund Raiser. I felt like it was poorly planned and I feel that it was because she was maybe inexperienced in planning an event like that. But I truly hope she can do it again soon but hire someone that is more experienced in putting together an event of that callibur. But she seems to be such a good person and her Husband truly has her back.

    Lisa I must give her her props because she know how to make that money. She has that drive that is needed to succeed. And her Husband in those speedos looked kind of like hes stradling both sides of the fence if you know what I mean. That video should’ve remained hidden. Lisa was obviously embarassed.

    NeNe is right to be done with Kim & Sheree.

  125. Cmon sistas lets be real. These “characters” are not the best depiction of powerful, successful, strong black women. I am not at all inspired. Tonight’s episode was the most disappointing of them all. I hold the all responsible for Deshawn’s event failure. Sheree said she felt someone should have pulled Deshawn aside and talked to her about the poor planning of the gala. Well why didn’t Sheree do it, as it was obvious that she is better experienced in that department? I think its awful that out of all of them no one offered to help Deshawn make it a success but had a mouthful when it failed. I am not at all impressed by their over the top lifestyles because none of that is important. What is important is getting the most out of life by what you put into it. They are all just so self absorbed and pretentious that it is sicking. They can all take a lesson from Oprah’s example of empowerment and she has more money than all of them. Sistas we have got to do better.

  126. See this is why I dislike some of these women because Kim & Sheree was quick to speak on why this event was going to be a failure instead of giving Deshawn a little feed back. A helping hand. I mean true friends would’ve not waited for the disaster to happen they would’ve prevented it from happening. But Kim & Sheree are clearly not DeShawn’s friend and that’s sad because DeShawn seem’s to be a sweet person. But she’ll bounce back.

  127. STOP IT..STOP IT..Keith Sweat is no angel..Pls his other two girls Nena and Kia sweat are totally out of control and they are all bad ass HELL!! He just wanted to hurt Lisa by doing this with the boys! I know because I am his neighbor and his girls come over my house all the time talking stuff about there dad! They dont even like him..Go figure! He spends alot of money all the time trying to please them but really all they want from him is love and time! I am disappointed at both of them and I prayer they all find JESUS! Just my 2 cents!

    Neighbor in Alpharetta, GA

  128. Rich B, I have to say I don’t know how old his daughters are but if they are teen and are anything like typical teens they will always complain about the parents. Your kids are not necessarily supposed to like you, they have their own minds and ideals and the maturity level they exhibit comes out in how they deal with others who opinions do not match their own. I agree with you that kids need more than material things. They need our love and support and they need us to teach them boundaries. With this they will be lost.

    No matter the reason they chose to not have the kids on the show doesn’t really change the fact that they are not on the show.

    If you don’t mind me asking why did you say you are disappointed in them both?

  129. I am sorry I meant without this they are lost

  130. I have some good news everyone. The negative press about Dl’s show got back to him and he is asking for a chance to redeem himself. He said he is going to make some major changes to his show. How great is that. We have more power than we realize. If we stick together we can make things happen for our betterment. Someone said that DL doesn’t need us to turn our backs on him that he needs us to give him the proper guidance because he is in a better position to do things for our betterment than most black men. I think the part that surprised me the most is, that he was on the segment about being black in America and said how the stereotypes people place on blacks because the color of our skin caused his son to get the police called on him just because he walked into a high end jewelery store to pick up a package he(DL) himself could not get because he was busy. With that being said you would think he would be doing things to help do away with these negative stereotypes instead of perpetuating them. I feel better knowing that he is willing to fix the outlook of his show.

  131. Maryamb- I have to tune in to see DL show Saturday to see what kind of changes has been made. But right now that sounds like excellent news because like I said previously I am a DL fan.

    Thanks for the update.

  132. Rich B.- I’m feeling your point. I kinda think that its not just about the kids either with Keith Sweat I think he maybe bitter toward Lisa and some of this is coming more so from that.

  133. Well, i see the hostility on this post. Thats sad, most of you guys defending people you dont even know. But im going to tell you how i see it

    Sheree- Stupid Ignorant assz need to sit her old ass down somewhere! Yes i said old! She looks it! Talking about every woman wants to be her, honey please! . .
    She need to stop thinking so much about her self & that 7 figure settlement that i hope she never gets! And take care of her kids. . .
    This stupid woman had the po’ baby carry all that stuff . .& the baby said “mama can you open the door?” she didnt want to! Cause she was tripping about some damn shoes! Well take off the damn shoes, and open the door for your child!! & the dumb daddy didnt even get out the car. . I swear i hate ignorant parents mistreating their kids.

    NeNe- i Like NeNe. She isnt fake like M0ST .
    & shes just funny! LMAOOOOOO@ *sings* im 29 but im really 89…LOLLL (next week episode)
    “We going to start auctioning off this b*tch for $2. Who want a b*tch?! Who want a b*tch?!”

    Kim- is a JUMP OFF. . Who needs 2 be off this show – she aint no housewife!.
    She just DYING to be black, with her non-singing assz.
    She dont have N0THING of her own, sleeps with a married man. . . .to get money, only thing she has is her kids. . .
    Which she barely pays attention to. . .
    I recall 2 scenes when she was @ the child’s birthday party, drinking while their upstairs.
    Getting massages, and the baby comes up like “mommy…”
    And shes like “not now” and the baby sighed…

    Deshawn- i like how she set up that foundation, thats nice to give back but…she is clueless!!! & lazy & spending up her man’s money on useless ish! A estate-manager wtf? She too damn lazy, i can understand a chef. .but she aint doing shit but sitting her assz home, she can clean up her damn self!!!& putting on makeup to sit n her empty ass office is absurd. & her kids…………..are difficult.

    & last but not least …

    Lisa- i like how she makes her money on her own…..but..she appears as a gold diggah..we all know women like her, we see it on the tv & everything & yep, she popped out a baby like a-sap. Cause thats what a true qold diggah wud do…have babies just so when ya get broke they can stick ya up for child support.

  134. I just can’t read anymore, are we all watching the same show. Most of these comments are how much lisa is a bad mother or a gold digger. First when it comes to children from a divorce couple nothing can be done on this scale without the permission of both parents unless one parent has sole custody. So, none of us know if he decided to not let his children be on the show “to protect his children” or to simple be spiteful. Another thing I will agree all of the ladies on the show don’t 100% show african american women in the best light all the time, but I must say when ever they show lisa she is either working or hanging out with her husband. I just don’t see anything negative about that. Lastly, if I recall correctly this woman runs like four businesses, the jewelry line (being picked up by a major jewelry distributor), clothing line, real estate firm (she sold a 4.2 million dollar house to jazze pha, her commission was like 400,000), she paints, models, and writes (which by the way one of the things she wrote was picked up by tyler perry). So people lets stop hating, we get so mad when someone of a different race hates on us, but we love to hate on each other, and for those that think she is with ed hartwell for his money and celebrity, she was married to keith sweat I’m sure she already knows quite a few people and has money. There is nothing on this show that shows her as being a gold digger or groupie. And by the way although there are educated groupies and gold digger they do just enough to get in the game and once there, they spend all of their time forgetting how to work and just sponging off of their significant other just take a look at kim and her big poppa.

  135. Amen! Kareem Amen!

  136. Kareem-I feel you apparently you did not read any of my comments regarding Lisa. I for one have stated that Lisa is about her $ and I respect her for that.

    And I also have stated that Keith Sweat appear to not just be looking out for his kids here. I feel that he’s a bitter man and he’s using his children as a weapon toward Lisa.

    Kareem I have to correct you in regards to Lisa’s commission on the house she sold to Jazzy Phae. Her commission is $200,000 not $400,000.

    Please read my comment from October 29th. 14 comments above this one and there are also other comments I have made in regards to Lisa. I have nothing negative to say about her.

  137. beautyfulsoul- You are taking this show a little to seriously. Take a chill pill sister.

  138. wisekandi- I feel you.




  140. What Keith Sweat is dong is a form of control, Lisa appears to be more than a fit parent and I’m sure that she would not let any harm or negativity be reflected upon her children, like she said, it was a Bad Marriage so obviously there is some animosity, nothing to do with the kids, just hate, and this coming from a huge fan of Keith.

  141. Wow, some of these comments are so FAR GONE! I can respect any parent that wishes to maintain some sort of anonimity and privacey in their children’s lives…ESPECIALLY celebraties. I really like Lisa, she seems to be the most well rounded one on the show and seems to quite down to earth!

  142. Man, you guys really get all twisted up behind a group of people who are living it up.

    About Lisa and Keith: we don’t know the real drama. And her comment didn’t make it seem like she was trying to talk bad about Keith, Or that Keith thought she was a bad mother, therefore she can’t have the kids on the show. It’s too complex to try and analyze.

    About gold diggers: Everybody’s gotta have a hustle. My thing is, if you’re gonna be one, at least turn that n*gga’s money over and secure your cut. Point blank. Think long term, not Gucci shoes and pedicures.

    Sheree & Nene: The thing that boggles my mind is how they both say that they have been friends a long time, but then talk crap about each other. So I’m really dying for a back story. They are no different than Jill and Ramona (NY Housewives).

    That might be how they roll…but Kim throws the mix up. I think Kim is just trying to get in where she fits in. NeNe is sweet, but you can’t be with your loud friend ALL the time. Sometimes you gotta be low key…that’s when Kim goes on Sheree’s side.

    Both NeNe and Sheree are b*tches towards each other, and have moments of illusions of grandeur. That’s okay in my book. I personally feel like I can read them, and one can tell what they are about up front…moreso than Kim.

    Kim and ‘Big Poppa’: He Haw says the donkey. Or does it? It’s f*cked up that she’s with a man who won’t even go public with her….but then again, she’s doing good. He’s paying for her creature features (diamond cuff bracelet). Now, hopefully Kim is getting him to pay for her kids to be in the best private schools in Atlanta, and money aside for college. And her house BETTER be in her name and he just pays mortgage. If not, then she IS a donkey.

    I guess she’s trying to flip his money because I’m sure big poppa is paying Dallas Austin’s producer fees.

    DeShawn: The first episode I thought she was a newbie who was more vanilla than Beyonce. But she’s been in the game for a bit. She’s nice, but she’s got a bit of a b*tch in her too. She’s just real low key with hers.

    And ding dong on her for thinking she can raise $1 Mil and she’s new to the Atlanta social set. She should have first done an intro cocktail (for her and her husband, not her company), get seen at some of the top parties (Sheree could’ve hooked her up on that), then people would know who she is and liked her enough to come to any event she threw.

    All of the people with check books were at better parties. You have the option of going to cocktail deal hosted by L.A Reid, or go to an event for some chick name DeShay Something….see that’s her competition. And you charge per ticket or plate (if it’s a dinner or luncheon).

    At the end of the day, no matter how much money you have, n*ggas are n*ggas….and they are gonna eat and leave. Why should I bid money to go out with an athlete, when there is a good chance I’ve already dated him, screwed him, got some cash, and moved on?

    I know DeShawn is smarter than that…I think she just got caught up in trying to do all this great stuff for her girls.

    I like the show, and I like all of the women…for their own little personalities. Good or bad. We all have that one home girl who is a bit of b*tch, loud, and/or a baby whore.


  144. im not taking this show too seriously, im giving my take on what i think of these ‘characters’ . . i really dont give a damn about either one of these women. im just saying how i see it . & the only thing im taking seriously if anything is the fact that some of these women on this show isnt taking care of their children and too damn busy going to parties & tripping about themselves. i dont like to see children being pushed aside, which i have seen several times on this show. &thats my 2cents. you can either throw it away or spend it.

  145. &.. back to the post.
    i APPLAUD keith for not putting his children on this show, he is absoutely 100% right when it comes to the editing you dont know how your kids will come out looking. or how YOU will look.
    a few examples:

    kim; went downstairs. . .to the bar & got a drink w| her girl while her daughters & their friends are upstairs. . .
    it cut to a scene when brielle(?) had a knife & said “who wants the knife who wants the knife” showing how unsafe things couldve been while leaving them upstairs. .

    deshawn kids look like they need a spanking. all that yelling & pouting & playing early in the morning when they need to be getting ready for school. . it look like she couldnt control her kids..

    now; that is a few scenes that made me go “hmmmm…” of course those kids may have not been really like that. . because it IS t.v. & it IS editing but you never know…

  146. i love the reality …

  147. Except for the Jill and Romana comparison, I agree wholeheartedly with what you said AsiaA. Jill and Ramona may have gotten a little hype from time to time; but, it was never on the level of the chicks on the Atlanta season. For example, I don’t recall Jill and Ramona calling each other the b word ever; but, I hear that word on almost every episode (if not a couple of times per episdoe) on this season. Point being, these chicks are g-h-e-t-t-o.

  148. she is stunning. Keith should have wish he never lost her. Maybe that’s who he use to whine to in all his songs lol. Cute kids. well 2 of her sons are cute.

  149. Its a shame that people leave negative comments about people that you don’t even know. I mean if u don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. keith sweat should have let THEIR KIDS be on the show yes he is the father but lisa is also their mother. And no where did they say on the show or anywhere that he has full custody of the kids and I have been watching the show since it started. Also the comment about her being a groupie is uncalled for that lady has a lot going for her self she is definitely a business women and just a rich wife that is just sitting back spending her husbands money she has her own business to fall back on. If u have actually seen the show there are others on there that would be more consider groupies and or gold diggers. so with all that said we don’t know what went on with lisa and keith and all we know is what we see on the show or basically what people say so don’t judge a person if u don’t truly know the person or don’t know what ur talking about because all it ends up being is hear say!!!

  150. I just had to come back and recant what I said earlier about DL’s Show. He came on Al Sharptons’ Show and he didn’t sound apologetic in the least. I have wrote in to CNN and if anyone else wants to just click my name on this particular post and it will take you to the comment page for DL’s Show. He basically said he is not sorry for the show and if he isn’t then I say we do what we can to get then to change the format or cancel it.

  151. @BCK can you post more pictures of E.J?

  152. I am looking at D L Hughley show I think he is trying to do better I call in on a radio show his week and went off on him, saying how when I seen him on being black in America talking about his son being profile in LA when he was picking up his bling from a store BUT yet he is acting a fool on CNN.

    He told me on the radio he only had 5 days to get his show ready to air, I say IF you needed more then 5 days to get your show on point you should have ask for it, WHY do something half a$$ ??

  153. Yes BP I saw the show and you can tell they really are trying to tone it down. I said I was going to watch the first 10 mins and if it didn’t look any better than the one before I was going to write in to CNN again until it makes a difference. I think he had Sharpton on the show to try and smooth things over. I know Sharpton feels we should not turn our backs on him but educate him. I just have to say, I am glad it was not as outrageous as the first show.

  154. DL~ Sweetie,They gave you the show for a reason. Be you, be funny, You must stay updated on everything! Act like you are doing a Barber Shop interview keep it real! If you had a video cam rolling at any Barber Shop black or white you will get the real and the raw. That’s what they want, “Ratings” Ratings to go up like a balloon, not go down like the Dow Jones stock.(Hello) They see what Bill M. is doing for HBO, My guy Keith O.and now my girl Rachel M. is doing for MSNBC. So they are counting on you my friend,to give them (CNN) that boost. And you just happen to be the same color as this great guy who in two days will be the next President. Good luck!! This is Prime Time using the words of our cocky but O’ so cool Dion Sanders.

  155. Hi everyone,
    I would like to comment on the “Real Housewives” shows. First it amazes how Black women are called gold diggers, groupies, and hoochies when they marry a man with money. What is wrong with wanting your mate to be finacially stable that doesn’t mean that as women we plan to do absolutely nothing with our own lives, it just means that we want certain assurances (if possible). It’s funny to me because I’ve read comments on Bravo’s blog about the Real Housewives in Orange County and not once did I read a negative comment about the housewife that was a Playboy Playmate and dated Tom Sellick and then married a baseball player. Not once did I read that she was a groupie, a whore, or a gold digger. It’s sad that Black people always have to tear each other down. I remember a line in one of Common’s songs it says “looking for cheese that don’t make her a hood rat” or something like that. It is so true, I mean come on people if your girlfriend came along and said I’m about to marry this man that just filed for bankruptcy would you give them a high five or would you say “what’s wrong with you”? I don’t know these peoples backgrounds, I don’t know if they all only look to marry people with cushy bank accounts, but again what is wrong with making the right decisions for yourself. Excluding intelligence, kindness, and honesty….who would pick a broke mate over one that’s finacially secure??!! Not me. Also can we stop calling each other Ghetto, and can we stop worrying about how White people perceive us on television or anywhere else. White people do not hold the moral compasses of the world. Stop thinking that every baffoon you see on t.v. represents you in the eyes of White people, because, in my opinion, thats what it’s about. Black people are still so concerned in how we are perceived by Whites, and that is so tired! Do you really think when we see so called “white trash” acting up on t.v, that other White people are concerned with what Black people are thinking about them? Do you think White people feel that these so called “white trash” represent them all, absolutely not!!!

  156. Shaqclav to you I say whatever. If you think the only reason we are worried about the way we are depicted is because we care about how whites see us you are sadly. The reason I was upset about DL’s show is, because lots of black kids don’t have but one parent at home, or both parents work full time to help make the ends meet. So because they may not get much direction at home they think they only capable of having a better is to get into sports or entertainment. Then they see most of the blacks in the entertainment industry make it by selling themselves short and think that it is ok to do less than what they are capable of. That is what I am worried about more than the way whites see us.

    Did you see being Black in America? It said that black men with a degree have about the same odds as getting a job as a black man with a prison record. That is a very sad thing. I am sure with odds like that even blacks that are trying to make a better life for themselves feel disheartened. All though we may know that the way we are being depicted is incorrect you can’t expect everybody to know and understand that. If that was the case they wouldn’t have these children hurting each other by trying to do the wrestling moves they see on the WWF. If you see how someone is showed on TV and you don’t have anything else to gauge them by how do you know if it is true or not? I know that most of the things celebs wear they don’t even have to pay for, yet you see other people going out and breaking the bank trying to keep up with them. The world has more lambs then shepherds. If the shepherds are not leading them to salvation what are they leading them to? If something is not constructive it is destructive. If you go and read the posts regarding DL’s first show episode you will see a whole lot more negative complaints then positive. Is that because we are hating. If you think that, then may the lord bless you and keep you.

    On Being Black in America DL was saying how he sent his son to the the jewelry store to pick up a package for him because he couldn’t make the trip himself and when he went into the store they called the police on him. Why do you think that is? While I am happy being me not all people are ok with who they are. Case in point look at Micheal Jackson and Lil Kim for whatever reason they have so much self hatred that they lightened their skin and tried to look more European by messing with their faces. Making an ass of yourself in a degrading way is not showing self love, but self hate. At least that is how I feel.

  157. While whites may not hold the moral compass of the world they do hold the media in the hands. As long as they have more say so about what is showed on magazine cover and on tv they don’t have to hold the moral compass. They can however continue to use us as scapegoats to deflective negative attention away from themselves onto us. Why do you think when you see the news that they have the blacks on full display with any crime yet with whites they show them on full display when it is something major like the lady in TX that drown her children. I know the color of someones skin doesn’t make them any better or worse than anyone else. However what about children who are young and impressionable? this is who we are worried about. Together we stand divided we fall. If you only care that someone is doing better financially and not about the way they are doing it is that good or bad. They have lots of people getting rich selling drugs is that a good thing? I am not inclined to think so. If you make money off the determent of others how can you feel good about yourself? If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror no amount of money can make up for that.

  158. BigPappa you obviously have too much time on your hands. For a married man who has time to blog constantly you must not be successful in your marriage. Where’s the wifey while you are blogging and being offensive to someone who probably doesn’t know you?? She sure not taking care of you. Also after breezing through some of your blogs I picked up off of a few things. First you are pitiful; blasting people and putting personal business out or airing any business isn’t mature. I’m sure with a name like BigPappa you are an old fellow!! No one cares how successful you are either. If you were busy half of the time you wouldn’t have time to blog constantly. You should’ve been standing in line voting instead of blogging. You keep reitiratting you have no reason to hate but its obvious you not supporting. So the opposite of support would be hating. Its ashame that most of us MEN don’t have the class it takes to conduct ourselves in that manner which is needed to be viewed as having some business about ourselves. You are below all of us on this site. You forgot the most simplest thing before you starting blogging. I’m sure someone told you at a point if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all. Also cursing and degrading a person is a sign of ignorance. How successful will you be with that??

  159. Ok Maryamd, you can say “whatever” all you want. First of all I was commenting on the fact that people were calling Lisa a gold digger and that people were saying that the ladies on “Housewives” are ghetto. I did not see DL’s show, therefore I was not commenting on that. By the way, I don’t remember saying that I didn’t care how a person made their money. Lastly, I know how the world is and how it works, you’re not telling me anything new. My point again, was that as long as we continue to tear each other down because someone else PERCEIVES someone to be a certain way is wrong. Now if you want to argue that point Maryamb, feel free to do so… by yourself.


  161. Shaqclav- I feel you. I mean I followed The Real Housewives Of Orange County as well and I’ve read the bloggs too. And it seems to me that those Ladies were not catagorized like The Atlanta Houswives. They’ve got a pass.

    I think Lisa Wu Hartwell is a beautiful, intelligent and smart woman. And like I’ve said previously I feel that she’s getting some unfair views. I do feel that Keith Sweat appears to be some what bitter in my opinion.

    I don’t think Lisa is a gold digger she’s just smart. I mean why should’nt she set her standards high. Why do she have to be labeled a gold digger because she wants the finer things in life.

    It is obvious that she work hard she’s not laying around depending on Ed she’s making her own paper.

  162. Wow… First allow me to say that I do know that children are exposed to alot of things that they should not be, however as a parent I feel that it is my responsiblity to impart into my own child’s life before anyone else can. I am a college degeed woman with a “good” job and I have strong morals, I teach my child all of that, and with what I have and what I provide for her she is not starry eyed, over what a person she has never or will never meet has. I know… I know… she is in the minority but if we go back to the principle of “raising” our children and not just watching them grow up maybe we will get better results. White people are judging us constantly but the one’s who are judging are not the ones you see mouthing off on T.V. or the one’s who are rejoicing over our supposed inadequacies, they are the one’s who sit back quietly and wait to see who is not going to vote, they are the one’s who approve programs in our neighborhoods and wait for us not to take advantage of them so that this information can be used at a later date, they are the one’s who know how many scholarships are made available to minorities and not utilitized, they are ultimately the one’s who watch us while we are watching the white people who don’t make a difference. The sad part is that we don’t watch ourselves, we are not conscience of how we portray ourselves on an everyday basis. Think about this there are far more of us walking around daily than there are of us on television if we who participate in everyday society begin to make a change wouldn’t white people be forced to look at us in a different light? The D L’s, Nene’s, Lisa’s, Kim’s, Deshawn’s they are the minority within the minority, Shaqclav, Marylamb, Notbuyingit, Carlita, and even BigPoppa, there are more of us than there are of them if we exercise the right to be intelligent, well informed, and at “PEACE” with ourselves and one another , who can diminish us as a group of people? We have been the strength since the biblical days, what makes us different now is that we no longer take pride in that strength because we have been berated for being who and what we are! I say let’s be us be us all day every day and let them figure out why we can’t be stopped.

  163. Very well said Expecting Change.

  164. Maryamb-I did not tune in to DL’s show this week I did however tune in to The Larry King show and DL was on there again this week speaking on Obama. But I was just so turned off by DL’s show last week .I just could’nt mustard up the time to watch his show this week I must admit.

    I am so into this Presidential Election right now I must admit that I probably want look at DL’s show again until the election is over.

    Maryamb-I agree with you in regards to most of your comments because our opinions on alot of matters are very simular. So keep doing you.

  165. I am sorry, if I misunderstood you Shaqclav, I know you made reference to the Real Housewives of ATL, however when you said this stop worrying about how White people perceive us on television or anywhere else. “White people do not hold the moral compasses of the world. Stop thinking that every buffoon you see on t.v. represents you in the eyes of White people, because, in my opinion, thats what it’s about. Black people are still so concerned in how we are perceived by Whites, and that is so tired! Do you really think when we see so called “white trash” acting up on t.v, that other White people are concerned with what Black people are thinking about them? Do you think White people feel that these so called “white trash” represent them all, absolutely not!!! ”
    I thought you had referenced it to what I said about DL’s show. I have been wrong before and I am sure it will not be the last time. I guess I should have asked first before I assumed that your statement was made to me. My bad.

    Expecting Change, I agree with you as well. I just have to say something. Does everyone know African Americans make up 12% of the population. Yet Black folks spend an estimated 800 Billion a year and Black women control at least half of that amount some studies say we control upwards of 60%. about seven years ago, University of Chicago economists Kerwin Kofi Charles and Erik Hurst were researching the “wealth gap” between black and white Americans when they noticed something striking. African Americans not only had less wealth than whites with similar incomes, they also had significantly more of their assets tied up in cars. The statistic fit a stereotype reinforced by countless bling-filled hip-hop videos: that African Americans spend a lot on cars, clothes, and jewelry—highly visible goods that tell the world the owner has money. We basically spend our money on appearing to be rich instead investing it to build our wealth.

    I have heard before if the answers for all of blacks were in a book we would never discover them because we rarely read. It is really sad. The broken English used, now better known as Ebonics is nothing more than broken slave talk. When we were enslaved we were killed if we tried to educate ourselves. Yet now we have the freedom to take advantage of learning all we can and yet we take it for granted. Just like most of us do with voting. I watch very little TV. I have maybe 3-4 shows on TV. I love reading and learning. Knowledge is power. The more you know the less people can take advantage of you. If we took all of the money we spend on unnecessary things and invested in ourselves we could do big things. Whites get lawyers and make contracts and pool their money and buy into businesses,stocks and land. If we let go of the crab in the barrel mentality and start doing the same things we can make big things happen. I just read the marketers spend more money trying to market blacks than any other race because they study demographics and see that black are more likely to spend money on inconsequential things. So basically it seems like we are creating the hell we live in and don’t even realize it. If we stop buying what they are selling then we can see how much power we have over the things they try and sell us. I am sure that is why DL changed his show this past weekend. Lots of black folks voiced their disdain of his show and because of that we made changes happen. If we stick together and stop letting petty differences keep us at each others throats we can really change the way we see ourselves as a whole. We are capable of doing great things. If we realize that and stop giving our power away we can return to our once great heritage.

  166. Expecting Change…you are absolutely right!!

  167. I still think it’s embarassing that all they could find in Atlanta were 3 women who are married to (or divorced from) professional ahteletes, and a white woman with a bad weave who has a sugar daddy who wants to remain anonymous (obviously he’s married). Lisa here went from being married to a famous R&B singer, to an NFL player. Just kind of scerams opportunist!

  168. TIS – You have a point there.

  169. I am trippin off of all of those cheap ass people at DeShawn’s gala. The females probably thought they were going to find them a baller. Like Dwight said, she would have been better off charging per person, but I think $2,500 is a bit steep.

    Sheree is a real bitch. She thought she was the Queen of England. Then, she gets mad because there is no coat check. She said someone should have pulled DeShawn to the side. Obviously, she isn’t a friend.

    Kim was being Sheree’s follower. And all Kim’s friend, Kori, does is cosign on everything. She need to get a mind of her own. And Kim is talking about NeNe betraying her…apparently, she doesn’t realize she’s been dogging NeNe when she gets around Sheree. What happened to, “I am always going to be on NeNe’s side?” It is so petty of women approaching 40 fighting over each other’s attention and telling what the other one said. That’s why I have alot of respect for DeShawn. She is an individual. I still don’t know about Lisa. She seems like she is under Sheree’s spell as well. I’m still trying to figure out why Sheree thinks she is Halle Berry, calling NeNe ugly and always bragging and boasting about her looks. The same with Kim. She was indirectly saying NeNe is loud because she isn’t pretty and Sheree doesn’t have to be loud because she is beautiful. She was doing some serious ass kissing when they were at that restaurant. I had to laugh at them saying they look alike.

    I think the show could do without Sheree and Kim. Where are the “real housewives?” They should have thrown a doctor, lawyer or even an actor’s wife in the mix. It seems like they just picked a group of people that already knew each other and a couple don’t fit the criteria.

  170. keith did the right thing but it makes him look like he has some bitch assness lisa it dose sort of make you look like a unfit mother to your older kids and sort of a grupie but what can i say i dont know you like that it maybe different then what it seem on tv but you are fine as hell

  171. Lisa does not look like an unfit mother whatsoever we all know that if you have alot of money you can win a custody case if you choose to fight for custody. And Keith Sweat has alot of money and I’m sure he had alot more money than Lisa did at that time.

    It doesn’t mean she was an unfit mother and it doesn’t make him the perfect Father either.

    Look at the R. Kelly situation he was found not guilty when the court had all that over whelming evidence against him. And anyone that seen that tape could clearly see that it was in fact R. Kelly. But he bought his way out. He was guilty but he’s filthy rich and he was able to pay the underage girl off as well as her Family. It did’nt make him innocent. When you got money you can make alot of things possible. The same with O.J. Simpson he killed those people but his dream team of lawyers got him off. He was far from innocent. Keith Sweat got alot of money people.

    Lisa Wu Hartwell has not shown America no signs of being an unfit Parent. She appears to be a good mom. She has to abide by the law and her hands are tied in regards to her 2 Son’s with Keith Sweat. Go to her website she explains it all in great detail.

    Keith Sweat is getting way too much credit in my opinion.

  172. History has been made! Barack is the new President Elect!!! We have as a nation joined together and completed a task, it doesn’t matter who you voted for just that for once we all got together and voted. If we can see this, certainly unity is inevitable!!!!

  173. I watched history being made last night so I taped the show and watch it today that Kim is trash I think this Big papa is some old married black dude that love him some big breasted blonde like this Kim chick.

    Ne Ne is a lower class hood rat that is jealous of he other woman looks and money plus she is UGLY her husband Greg is a trip he comes off more like her Dad then her husband.

    OBAMA !!!!!

  174. I am looking at this dude Greg and I notice something is wrong with his mouth maybe he has a mouth full of floss teeth.

    Kim is rash she sounds like a HILL BILLY she drink and smoke to much what low class trash she is, I can’t understand WHY someone with $$$ would want someone with two kids and smoke and drinks as much as Kim.

  175. I just got around to watching the real housewives of atlanta.

    Kim is a joke she has no talent in singing. I mean is she for real. Dallas need to find a way in telling this woman that she can not sing. Oh my God and I’m with you bigpapa she smoke and drink she’s not even taking it seriously. And Sheree is faking with her that’s not being a friend.

    And I don’t blame NeNe for making fun of her because she turned on NeNe in the worst way so down NeNe is acting out because she’s hurt. I think NeNe is halarious. I like her.

    But NeNe do seem like she may drink a little too much in my opinion.

    And did you all take notice of how Sheree looked at Dallas Austin when Kim mis-spelled CAT. She spelled cat (kat)how embarassing is that. I’m still trying to figure out what Kim have to offer because at this point its nothing as far as I can see. And she’s not even a house wife. No wonder bigpoppa is hiding his identity because this woman is a joke.

    Lisa did not have to throw fuel to fire by going back and telling Sheree something that NeNe said about Kim when she was a little tipsy that’s what you call getting some unnecessar mess started.

  176. i meant to say some (unnecessary)mess started.

  177. Lisa you talk a good game you said you wanted all the ladies to get along but you went to Sheree who was not invited to Deshawn birthday dinner and told her what happen what happened at the dinner should have stayed at the dinner you was a dog that carried a bone and i was disappointed in you because i liked you until you did that immature move Since you want to run your mouth tell us why Keith has custody of the boys RUN TELL THAT!!!

  178. CATHY I agree Lisa started some unnecessary crap she should’ve kept her mouth shut.

  179. Wow, I stumbled across this board while trying to find Wu Girl jewelry. I still haven’t found pictures of it yet, need to search harder!

    I agree with much that has been said here already.

    Lisa is a strong and capable woman. Had she not spilled the beans about NeNe’s song, I wouldn’t see any faults in her television persona.

    I can’t stand Kim. I don’t know how she survives, but she does so I have to chalk it up to my old-fashioned values. Shimmying, rocking the limo with her daughter and her friends left me speechless. Vulgar language. No panties. People speak to her honestly about her lack of singing ability and for whatever reason, she’s not smart enough to listen to them. She’s obsessed with “beauty” which I find her lacking. And she can’t spell!

    My heart goes out to Nene because she doesn’t have a strong sense of self. She’s haunted by an unresolved past when her present and her future are no less than enchanted. She is drinking more, I think, as her past is starting to take over and as her “friends” see her as weak and turn their backs on her. She’s right about Kim, but she doesn’t have to say this out loud. It’s not a sin to keep your opinions to yourself.

    I admire Sheree’s strength. She’s the opposite of NeNe which is why NeNe would be my friend and not Sheree. Sheree is fierce. Kim is fierce in an ignorant kind of way. For some reason, that works. Sheree would not have time for me. NeNe would smells the roses and even see the ladybug on the leaf. 🙂

    I see Deshawn as naive, but compassionate.

  180. first of all i love the show. second, i see “not buying it” made some comments about this being the ‘first housewives show w/ any black people besides the 5 seconds of a waiter’ but u cant make comments like this then turn on BET and not see a white person ever, never, no shows, not even any awards will be given out to ANY sort of white people. practice what you preach. i have a lot of white people in my family , but obviously black too. its not only up to white people to stop being so raciest. look at this website! blackcelebritykids! if it was white celeb. kids people would be all over it saying it was discriminating. its 2008, we have a black president, its time to give up on all the judging – black or white we are all people.

  181. tanika, BET was spearheaded to cater to an underrepresented group of people, which is the same reason sites like this exist and thrive. Having a black president alone will, unfortunately, not change this sad reality. Further, even if there was no discrimination in the world (which there will always be) there is nothing wrong with celebrating a distinct culture or group of people, provided it’s done in a way that does not belittle the glory of other groups. This site does not engender hate for others, like some other sites (see KKK websites for example). Instead it celebrates black and brown beauty. Nothing wrong with that!

  182. Sad reality being that minorities are still underrepresented and misrepresented in the media. (Sorry, I’m at work and doing too many things to express with clarity.)

  183. Am I the only person think that Kim has no future in singing. Did you all hear this woman sing.

  184. Carlita, I was telling my husband about that yesterday. The look on Dallas’ face was priceless. You could tell he wanted to laugh; but, he played nice. That seen was very reminiscent of the latina on Flava of Love who wanted to get a record deal. They both need to reevaluate their strengths because singing clearly isn’t one of them.

  185. Lisa was a 19 year old back-up dancer when Keith swept her off her feet.She stayed with Keith for years while he beat her, and had children by other women. Lisa didn’t like it, but Keith had the money and was control freak. Lisa couldn’t go anywhere by herself, Keiths mother went everywhere with her thanks to Keith.

    He kept her there by telling her if she left, he’d take the kids, because he was KS, and Atlantans love him. Lisa’s from California, so she had no pull in Atlanta.
    she finally divorced him. He cut her off from the kids and the $$.
    My nephew heard she wasn’t with KS, and brought her to Cali. She fougt KS in court til her funds ran out. He paid people to testify in court that she was a bad mother, when all along, he was the bad father. Lisa was engaged to my nephew (also in the nfl), he chased her til she moved in with him. She’s no gold digger, just a pretty woman who many men would like to get with. Lisa has modeled, wrote a movie that I’ve seen, and it’s good. KS tried to get royalties from the movie. He’s a low down scum bag yall. It’s not Lisa, she’s a good girl. I hung out with her and her brothers and sisters for close to 4 years. Lisa is very ambitious, and I’m so glad Ed has her back. Now she’s free to pursue her careers with no jealous man holding her back. I hope
    she may have a good prosperous life. You see, she’s not afraid of work. As for KS not letting the boys be on the show, he’s just being mean. He only let her bring her boys to Calif. once in the 304 years she lived here. Other than that, she had to fly to Atlanta twice a month to see them (KS doing) Lisa’s parents live in L.A., and can’t see their grandkids thanks to KS. The boys hardly ever see KS, they live with his mother. The boys will probably run away when they get older to be with Lisa. They love their mom, and she loves them dearly. As for my nephew, he wanted a woman who had her own $$$$$. Lisa was broke, but look at her now. So all you haters, leave the girl alone. She’s an actress, and se’s acting.
    ps: Lisa, If you read this, I’ll be in Atlanta August 2009. I’ll try to hook up with you. Tina E. (Reggies mom)

  186. Let’s say all you said is true?

    Ok ?? you say look at her now ?? what about her ?? I lived in Long beach CA for years and Hawaii for years I seen girls that look like Lisa working at 7/11 or at the gas station they came a dime a doz.

    What it is you have country gold tooth dumb jocks that haven’t been anywhere and go nuts over a woman that has her real long hair and she has her REAL HAIR lol

    Look IF Keith Sweat did do those things shame on him, BUT he isn’t here to tell his side either, BUT why on earth would she marry a guy she ONLY knew for 1 1/2 month ?? wouldn’t she be a little more careful about getting marry to a clown she just met IF she just came out of a marriage were she was getting her tail whip all the time ?? and lost her kids ?? either she is a fool or dumb or she is a gold digger and found some clown to save her !!

    You even said, your nephew wanted someone with their own $$, so maybe he didn’t trust her or thought she was up to no good, BECAUSE if he really loved and cared about and dated her that long $$ wouldn’t have matter.

    All the stuff Lisa got came from Ed Hartwell $15 millon contract a few years ago he got with the Falcons since then he been cut by two other teams, WHAT he doing now ?? ( I notice Lisa dance on that stripper pole like that wasn’t her 1st time).

    I also heard Kim know her way around a stripper pole too, ( more to come later on that after I gather more intel).

    Eric Snow wife is a joke she should be trying to find ways to save $$ not spend it on mess she bored and throwing $$ around giving Eddie Long $15,000 for what ?? to fill up his private jet ??

    This is WHY 70% of NBA players are broke 3-4 years after they finish playing ball, most buy condo’s,houses, SUV’s,cars for their wives family and theirs and they marry these hood rats that can’t cook a egg and only know how to do things in bed and shop and buy $6,000 of hand bags and shoes, and keep Sally in business by buying wigs and weaves.

    Kim, is trash nothing but cheap trash she going with some old black guy I think that love some white snow bunny (white chick) or he is a trick or he could have been her pimp lol lol let’s get real what does she do for a living ??
    What get me is WHY these guys with money marry woman like Kim and Ne-Ne and even Lisa with two kids ?? and smoke and drink ??

    Ne-Ne look like she married her husband because she was looking for a Father since she didn’t really know hers and she needed and wanted a Daddy for her goofy over size son, I hate the fact they are calling these chicks woman of Atlanta WHEN NONE OF THEM ARE FROM HERE !!!!

    I was born and raise here I love this city and know many smart, fit in shape woman here that knows how to work take care of their bodies by NOT drinking,smoking so much, or been pass around all over this city.


  187. Tina Eastern you know your talking bulls**t. If Keith was such a bad husband and beating Lisa why would she go to him to LEND her money to finance her movie (which stunk) and WHY would he lend her the money to make her film. Am I talking rubbish, NO I AM NOT, google “lisa wu sweat, keith sweat” and it will bring up court documents which prove this and the documents state that the fact that it was a loan was “undisputed facts” of the case. Again I state if things were so bad between them when they divorced or during their marriage, why would she have gone to such a person for a loan and if he was so bitter why would he have loaned her the money. The problems between the two I would say (and I am only guessing) stem from her dishonest dealings over this loan arrangement and the fact that he had to go to court to get his money back. I’m Just Saying


    The following facts are undisputed according to the proposed pretrial order. The Debtor
    is the ex-wife of the Plaintiff. The Debtor was and is the sole shareholder and director of Black
    Ball, Inc., a Georgia corporation created for the purpose of holding and owning the movie, “Black
    Ball.” The Plaintiff entered into a written agreement with the Debtor and Black Ball, Inc., whereby
    he loaned the Debtor $150,000 to help fund production of the movie. The agreement contained
    terms for repayment of the loan, as well as terms for the distribution of compensation of profits and
    restrictions on the sale and licensing of the movie.


    only an extract

  189. Lisa is a Kimora Lee Simmons wannabe….pushing her Asian half. Lisa keeps mentioning her Chinese father. Maybe she really is close to him and her Chinese-half, but I think she’s using it as a marketing angle to make herself exotic.

  190. Why would it matter? She is exotic and she is half Chinese regardless of how close/distant she is from her father. Since when is it a problem to rep who/what you are? Fatima, please.

  191. I am all for the freedom of speach, however please proof before you post!!!!!! There are WAY TOOOOOOOO MANY TYPOS!

  192. Mrs. Wilson please make sure you proofread before you post.


  193. All I see on here is a bunch off haters!!! How can you hate on any woman that is taking care of her family despite the way she is getting the money!!! Lisa has a beautiful personality and spirit as well as Deshawn!!! Kim is trying to find herself like most women who have so much of free time!!! Nene is Nene, she appears to be like cool peeps and she just don’t take Bullsh**! She is still doing her and she has been through much and she is trying to get past that. Sheree is simply doing what most divorced women do as soon as they are divorced, get heard she’s trying to do everything without the boundaries of a husband, yes she is very strong minded and confident but as women we should all be that way. And maybe you all forgot that most realities are scripted and these characters are told to add a “little extra” so remember that the cat fight may not be real and what reality show does not have a cat fight???? It’s called acting, drama??? hello people these are women doing their thing!!! Go ahead girls!

  194. I think all of the women on the show are special and unique in their own way. I really like Lisa and DeShawn. They seem to be very classy and always maintain a lady-like demeanor. All women have been through some bad relationships and we all are dealing with some issues of our own, so don’t be sp hard on Lisa. I mean she has her own thing going on (the baby clothing line, jewelry and real estate). DeShawn has her foundation that is very positive and she’s raising her three boys. Having her husband gone for months at a time can be rough, but she’s handling her business. Ne Ne is just plain ole real. I think we all can see a little of ourselves in her. She’s very opinionated, outspoken, honest and very funny. I watch the show and she cracks me up. Sheree comes of as very arrogant and the “B” word, but I think she’s a strong woman who has been through some things in her marriage and divorce proceedings. You can see the hurt on her face at times when she speaks of her soon to be ex, and going through that can be very draining on anyone, but she holding her head up and moving on with her life. I wish her the best as well as all of the women on the show. Kim. Well exactly who is she???? I don’t want to make any negative comments, but what is her purpose? Everyone else is a housewife and you see their husband. Big Poppa! What? On a different note she loves and adores her children. Can’t knock a woman for that and she is good looking. Other than that, talk to you all soon.

  195. I’ve read some other blogs that say that Kim’s Big Poppa is Lee Najjar a multimillionaire real estate developer who is married with 2 children.

  196. Don’t you need to be married to be a housewife?

  197. At least Lisa is willing to work and try different ventures and take advantage of opportunities that come her way so she can advance her family. She is in a marriage where she is “adding on” through her ability to generate money as oppose to “subtracting”. She obviously is not afraid to get out there and hone her skills and work hard. In my opinion, from what I’ve seen from the show; Lisa is not just sitting there like Deshawn, contributing nothing and cleaning her husband’s bank account out at the same time with estate managers, chefs, governess, plate washing, etc. Deshawn is home all freaking day with no JOB, no ambitions, no career plans. Running a fake, self-serving charity, which probably only consumes 4 hours, every month of out of her wasteful day and she can’t even wash a dish with her lazy tail! Every scene of RHOA I seen Lisa busy, getting up out of bed working hard, making things happen for herself and her family. The only person I’ve seen on the show providing any assistance to Lisa is a child care provider. This woman does not appear to me to be wasteful of her time or her families finances. I say kudos to her and I wish her much success.

  198. fdiary, I totally agree!

  199. Lets see – Is Keith Sweat so rich and powerful that the courts just handed over her kids? NOT!!!!! that story is so much deeper than that. I think Lisa should be very careful and let that die down – Also, can we respect the kids. They are well adjusted and loved on both sides(im sure) her constant talking about her loosing custody is going to eventually drag up some stuff she may not want the public know about. She is aspiring to be an actress…….and whatever else. But from 1st hand exp. her custody conflict is an ugly portrait of who she really is.

  200. I watch the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (and the previous series) faithfully because it’s irresistible. However, I’m fully aware of editing and the fact that we only see what the show’s producers and editors want us to see.
    Lisa Wu Hartwell comes across as bright, focused, funny, and in love. More power to her and her husband for all of the businesses and accomplishments they share! I also learned that she has written movies and I think that’s fantastic. It’s probably good that her older sons were not on the show; imagine being a teenager and having your life “edited” for reality tv. How messed up would that be, not to mention when you’re already not even living with your mother. So I think it’s healthy that they are left out of it.
    Anyway it’s a fascinating show and I have to agree that the majority of the time, these Atlanta women come across as shallow, unclassy, materialistic, spoiled, and confused. Kim’s “singing career” is a perfect example of someone thinking that money can buy her anything. The woman can’t match pitches, she can’t keep a tune, how will she have a singing career that is real? No way!

    The in-fighting and backstabbing is very “junior high” and I thought we grown women are beyond that. The Atlanta “housewives are horrible to each other. If that’s friendship, leave me out!

  201. Sheree and Kim are as fake as that ugly wig Kim wear. And Sheree is always bragging about the thousands of dollars she spends on material items and it is painfully obvious that her Son could use some braces on his teeth. Why not invest some of that wasted money in purchasing that child some much needed braces.

    And it is very obvious that Big Poppa is very married or why else would a celebrity not want to be seen.

    And I’m sorry but Kim dumb ass has zero talent come on this woman could not even spell cat now that’s dumb. And why is she even on this show she’s not a house wife. Unless dating a married man qualify’s as being a house wife. At least Sheree is in the process of divorcing but Kim is not married.

  202. And I give Lisa and Ed credit for attending different functions that people invite them to but these 2 kisses Sheree’s butt in my opinion.

  203. Tina Eastern – Since you know Lisa so well, shouldn’t she have your contact info? If so, she would call you from time to time. And how is it that your nephew got engaged to her but just up and decided he wants a woman with her own money? He should have known that before the proposal.

    There is nothing you or anyone else can say to make me put all the blame on Keith. People always want to make women the victim. And this opinion is coming from a woman. He may have been a control freak but I’m sure Lisa wasn’t the perfect wife people are assuming she was.

  204. I really don’t think this show is scripted. I think DeShawn is really a genuine and caring person, who is not using her husband. She was with him in college before the contract. I think Lisa is an opportunist like someone else stated. I think she realized she needed to make her own money so that no man would think they own her, but of course, she had to use their resources. I think Greg swept NeNe off her feet. He introduced her to a better life that she wasn’t used to. Sometimes, it seems like Nene tries to speak a certain way around her “elite” friends. I think Sheree is a two-faced bitch that is more conerned with her appearance than her kids. If she has to look so extravagant, the kids should look the same. People such as Lisa and Ed are so fooled by Sheree, they automatically think NeNe is jealous so that is why she tries to turn them against her. I think Kim is a two-faced bitch too. It is clear that Kim is using this man for his money. I think its crazy that a man who is never seen with her is constantly spoiling her and her kids with expensive gifts. Between Kim and Lisa, I’m not sure which one kisses Sheree’s ass the most.

    And Ed shouldn’t even be all caught up in some female drama. I’m sure he has better things to worry about.

  205. DeShawn went to college!?!? Honestly, I’m surprised. What school was this, part-time at the local community college? She is a complete ditz, at least she sounds/acts it. And why does she always seem to be so nervous? Just odd.

    What was priceless the other night though was when NeNe said to Deshawn: don’t worry about the lemon, I know you wouldn’t know how to cut it or you wouldn’t know where the knives were. Hilarious!! I had to rewind several times on that one.

    Let’s face it, these women have money but very little, if any, talent. The guy in next episode’s preview said it how it is: these women think just because they have money they can run successful businesses. But, it takes smarts and business savvy in addition to capital. Yes, all of them claim to have foundations and businesses of their own. But, (1) they wouldn’t have them without the financial backing of their main squeezes (thus they can’t claim true independence) and (2) even with the financial help, it seems that most, if not all, of these businesses and foundations aren’t doing all that well. Cases in point: DeShawn’s “fundraiser” which resulted in a net loss, Kim’s “singing” career and Sheree’s “fashion extravaganza.” The jury’s still out on Lisa’s talent or lack thereof. Truth be told, Sheree has the most sense out of all of them if you ask me; although she’s got issues because of her childhood (but, again, who doesn’t). As for the rest of them, they’re c-l-u-e-l-e-s-s.

  206. Pac4lyfe…we here (2 fingers to the eyes) on Lisa. The fact that she’s always trying to paint herself as the victim of a bad relationship makes her very suspect to me. I think she uses her looks to game men and women. I will say whether she has any substance beyond her looks and ability to chase paper remains to be seen. All I see right now is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Big Papa had a point when he said if she was in such a bad relationship before why would she rush right into her next relationship after only knowing this man for a month and a half…she didn’t want to let that paper go to the next woman…that’s why. For the life of me, I can’t understand why people are so malicious towards DeShawn. People kill her on the Bravo blogs. Maybe they’re jealous that she has a good man and plenty of money to go around. I don’t know, but it disturbs me because she seems genuinely kind. I don’t have the hostility that most have towards sheree. She’s going thru a divorce and I think she’s bitter and doing her best to keep her self-esteem in tact. I wouldn’t bother trying to be friends with her because I do find her to be very catty and competitive, but I don’t think she’s as bad as people think she is. I don’t pay much attention to Nene and Kim.

  207. I look at this situation as a day in the life of real people that we all can relate to. We all can relate to being one of these personalities or having a girlfriend that is like one of these ladies.

    To say all of these things that I’m reading about these women is totally wrong because we are looking at the edited-producer’s drama approved version. Its funny how we can get on the internet and judge people we don’t know, yet its people we see and deal with everyday and you can smile and laugh with them knowing that you were just hating on them too seconds before. Like the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by the cover” you don’t know these ladies backgrounds or trials and tribulations to understand what or why… another thing this is usually what happens when you put any amount of women around each other; personalities and estrogen fly. Attitudes clash and that is all a part of how you pick you close friends, associates, and enemies. Get with it people its called life so live it. If we all were the same this world we be so boring it would stop turning. That does not make a person bad, they are just not good for you. So lets not judge others because our grass has not been trimmed yet. Need a landscaper?….

  208. But Miss E that’s the point. You made the statement about not judging a book by its cover yet these books have been opened for all to see. I don’t care how much you edit I’m reading Golddiggers all except Ne Ne. Lisa is hard working but she has to be her husband has not been picked up my another team yet. Yea she got a phone call saying he was picked up by Oakland yet he’s not listed on the roster. The book reads to me fake. Lisa is sooooooooooo fake and if you missed her backstabbing move on Ne Ne then I don’t know how to explain it to you. She talk out the side of her mouth and then gets on TV talking about not having drama. Itch you started it. If you were such an upstanding person you wouldn’t talk behind your friends back as well, yet there she was talking behind Ne Ne’s back. How can you not see the double standard? Is it because she soooooooo pretty to most of you you are blinded by that? I think underneath her is a real con artist. Rumor has it her real estate co is busted. Power couple my azz. Power people have people coming to them not the other way around. And maybe just maybe if she put a little more effort into one thing instead of trying to be broker, fashion godess, movie mogal, then she would succeed even more.




  211. Lisa Wu Hartwell-

    After hearing some of the threats this woman has made, she should be in jail. In addition, this is great evidence to substantiate that the best interest of the older children is for them to be in the custody of their father. Clearly, she is not stable if she cannot control herself.

  212. To me Lisa presented herself in a very deceitful way by giving the impression that the child she had was her only kid. She didn’t come out and say it but it was how she presented herself during the show. Yes she is very pretty and she has a lot going for her–personality, smart, and she “appears” to genuinely love her husband. But she did sound kinda’ surprised when Hartwell says he was being picked up by Oakland. She seems to hang around alot of celebrities. But more power to her: work your game girl!!

  213. Katrina – I don’t fall for everyone’s “I’m the victim speech.” I know trifling when I see it. I haven’t checked out the Bravo blog yet but it doesn’t sound like I would like it. I don’t see how anyone could talk bad about DeShawn. I think people give her a hard time because they see here chillin and doing as she pleases with her husband’s money. I don’t bash her because of the simple fact that she knew Eric before the money and she is a so sweet.

    Miss E – One suggestion…loosen up some! If they didn’t want people discussing them and their lives, they wouldn’t have allowed the world to see it. Why do you think Jay-z and Bey, (one example), didn’t agree to a reality show? I’m sure you were judging New York due to her being so over the top.

    I have the gift of seeing a person as a manipulator or a trouble maker before they are exposed. Lisa is one of them. At the BBQ, She was so busy mentioning “the other girls,” just so she NeNe can say something about them and she can go back and repeat everything. She should have shut up about them and enjoyed herself regardless. And once again, Ed needs to stay out of female drama. You don’t see Greg getting involved. I think Lisa has alot of people fooled because she puts on that “peacemaker” role yet she throws her rock and hides. I’d rather someone tell me exactly how they feel than go behind my back.

    I think Deshawn was being way too nice trying to please other people, and force her kids to wait and eat when everyone arrives. Damn that. My kids would be the first to eat at my own house. In addition, I find it very strange that Lisa never mentions she has two older sons. When DeShawn told the lady in the store she has 3 boys, Lisa could have done the same. She doesn’t have to go into details about them but it does make her seem quite disconnected from them.

    Katrina, I’m not buying Sheree’s victim speech either. I can tell she was the type of woman that let her man have the upper hand and was scared to speak up. But now that she has freedom, she acts a fool and wants to be so outspoken. She wants someone to feel sorry for her rocky marriage. She allowed herself to be married all of those years and allowed her husband to hold her back from accomplishing her goals. I would feel differently if she didn’t have such a nasty attitude. She should be an acttress because she knows how to put on for the cameras.

  214. Sara – I totally agree.

  215. I can respect a man’s decision not to expose his children on a reality televison show that will sensationalize and dramatize the lives of the women. Yes, Lisa is portrayed as the more sensible of the women but she has no control over the editing and production process which can and has in the past made people seem “ghetto” “crazy” “gold-diggers” “phony” “fake”. The portrayal of their mother can be very impactful on the children and he should want to limit that in anyway he can.

  216. Anyone who criticizes Lisa yet claims that critics of DeShawn are haters is laughable. Lisa has a rich husband AND is beautiful and talented. DeShawn merely has a rich husband; she’s not cute, seems uneducated and shows no signs of talent. Puleez.

  217. DeShawn is also an undercover elitist. I can tell by certain things that come out of her mouth, such as “she knew she was destined for greatness.” I mean come on, what makes her think she is so great? It must be the money. And to think your great just because you have lots of money at your disposal is an elitist point of view. I could see Barack, Hilary, shit Beyonce saying that. But, DeShawn?!?! C’mon now.

  218. Not Buying It
    Please tell me what the F*** does the fact that Lisa is beautiful have do do with anything, it is no judge of character, and talented, I don’t think so, more like jack of all trades, master of none except being a very clever con artist.
    There are only 24 hrs in a day Lisa claims to have so much going on claiming to run numerous business, work out, model, act (in what??? one aweful film she had to make herself to get cast), paint, WHERE does the time for her kids come from oh maybe she gets 5 seconds to kiss them goodnight. GET REAL it’s a fantasy, would you put the sale of your house in the hands of someone who was so distracted by so many other things??? I would not.

  219. OK OK NEWS FLASH I just heard and seen court papers were a Judge order Greg and Ne Ne to move out of their house the date on the papers were Oct 13th, I guess she spent and got her boy one to many $6,000 suite’s from her GAY husband lol

    This explains WHY she comes off as a hater and jealous of Kim (which I don’t like with her trashy a$$), BUT Ne Ne should realize she can’t run with these NFL and NBA wives that got long paper compare to her 1st of all she don’t work and her OLD trick husband made his money flipping houses back in the day things have change now.

    She was trying to hard to run and floss with them she had to have been running up her OLD trick husband credit cards and since he CAN’T seem to say NO to her now they lost their house.

    Eric Snow wife is fat and sloopy and bored she is running up bills too, giving that pimp Eddie long a check for $15,000 lol (yeah I said it).

    I mean lets keep it real there is a reason WHY 70% of NBA players mostly BLACK are broke after they finish playing ball this happens 3-4 years after playing ball.

    That Kim is another that will be out on the streets after Lee wife finish taking him to court she OLD looking with two kids and smoke 20 packs a day and always looking for a drink and can’t do anything worth anything out of the bed.


  220. She looks part Asian.

  221. why is it wierd for a man to have custody of his sons? there is not a woman alive that knows how to be a man & teach a boy about being a man. we are not the same. it is horrible that so MANY women are in or have been forced to try to do it… many a woman HAS raised a boy to be a good man….that is not the issue. but MEN MUST teach our BOYS how to be REAL men ….

  222. Single dad here, and I’m sorry but underage children should always live with there mother, unless there is a drug, mental heatlth,etc, issue involved. With the life she is living now there is no excuse for those boys not to be with her.

  223. Come on people this show like every other reality show sucks, is very unnecessary, and degrades it’s participants. In fact, 2 of the women aren’t even married for Christ sake. Everyone in America wants to be famous. No one wants to an unheard off. Well, I ‘ve heard of Lisa’s husband who NO LONGER plays for any team in the NFL. He may want the NFL, but they don’t want him. This is why she’s trying to become successful and flip the money they have because no more big paydays from the NFL. For Christ sake, he was a linebacker. They, like runningbacks have short careers. Their bodies take the ultimate punishment. Hopefully, Lisa won’t have to help him around the house due to all the injuries he’s sustained playing the game. As for her being a groupie; probabley right. Hey, who wants to be poor and struggling all the danm time. Let’s see how long he plays the fool. You know what they say; early to marry early to divorce.

  224. Oh and what’s up with the pole dancing party. I was embarrased to see our sisters acting like that….where were the kids????

  225. This is what I was afraid would happen. I wonder what will be done to correct this. It is a shame in this day and age that we are all still so unaccepting of difference. We are all unique why not celebrate that uniqueness as long as it doesn’t involve hurting one another. SMH we had a lot of misguided people. This needs to change.

    Click my name to see the article.

  226. GB Single Dad (desperatly wishing he could off load them onto a woman) It takes a man and a woman to conceive a child, with a good loving parent is the best place for them to be after a seperation, neither mother or father is the best but either mother or father is the best. This means they need to be with who ever is best qualified and if a father is in the postion and wanting to provide time, love and support then he is just as good a position as the mother and just a deserving.
    My husband is just as capable to have our son should the unthinkable happen and we should part it would be heartbreaking and we would propable have an awful fight because we both love our son so much I would actually feel terrible to take him away from my husband, he is an exceptional father. When my son was born my husband faught his company to change his hours so that he could work evenings so that he could be our sons childcare provider, we have both changed our jobs to be self employed to make our family life work to give us both time together and with our son but while our son was a baby and toddler he was the one who did everything with and for our son. he would have every right and just as much right as me to have our son should we ever seperate.
    The best place for the children to be after divorce is with with a parent who loves them and is prepared to put their needs and welfare before themselves. It’s a shame you do not feel this way about your own situation.

  227. (to MeOnlyThinking) I don’t know what you were reading, but let me make it clear. I only wish she would have taken a bigger role in raising our kids. Most states will give custody to the mother in alot of cases. In my case there was no divorce so no state involvment. I didn’t think once of not taking care of my responsability. I saw their resentment for her and it was not fueled by me. Also my 4 kids are now adults, grown, I have grandkids, I’m done, and NEVER did I wish to “offload” my children on anyone not even their mother.

  228. To clarify the point of Lisa not mentioning her two sons on the show…..she did, but it was edited by Bravo’s network because their father (Keith Sweat) did not sign the wavier, and the network did not want to risk any legal actions from Mr. Sweat. As far as a groupie/goal digger, I think not. People tend to mingle and have relationships within their paticular circle. Mrs. Wu-Hartwell was/is an actress, wrote the first play Tyler Perry ever directed – she discovered & put him on, etc. So naturally the majority of her prospects will be in the entertainment industry. As for the show. I truly do like it. It is in no way “ghetto”. It is a group of women displaying their lifstyle, and they contend with the same problems as anyone else, just on a different scale.

  229. GB
    Sorry if I misunderstood what you were saying, I thought, wrongly, that you were saying that children should always go to the mother, which, even as a woman myself, I don’t believe is right and I commend you for being there for your kids, there needs to be more men like you, Mr Sweat and my husband.

  230. To MeOnlyThinking you asked what does beauty have to do with anything and my answer is: a lot, sometimes. We were talking about people hating on DeShawn because she has a baller for a husband. But, so does Lisa AND she is beautiful and is a businesswoman who appears to be successful. Point being that if anyone is going to hate on anyone it would be Lisa, not DeShawn who can barely talk without grammatical errors. This was pertinent because the individual who said people were probably just hating on DeShawn (because of her baller husband) was also the same individual who was highly critical of Lisa.

  231. Not Buying It
    I don’t think that beauty has much to do with it. supporters of Lisa are quick to jump on her side and always state one of her attributes as ‘she is beautiful’, this is a fact, she is beautiful but it is not a reason to have her back, most of the post I have seen against her have little to do with, hating on her because of envy due to her beauty, and more to do with the fact that, rightly or wrongly people feel that she is on her 2nd baller husband and so is a golddigger. Others, me included, simple do not believe her story, fact, she is bankrollong her business off her husbands money and I do not feel that this is wrong, go girl for that if she uses it to ensure both their future. Many critisize her for putting Sweat on blast for being such a bad husband then marrying a man she did not know after only one and a half months and in between being engaged to another baller (who aparantly wised up before actually marrying her).
    What places me on caution mode in her case is that she claims to be such a great mother, a business woman with at least 3 thriving business, a writer, and artist, a model, she works out daily (any workout session is going to take at least 1hr a day). As I said before, there are only 24hrs in a day and to properly run any one of her business would take a large chunk of her days yet she claims to be doing too much, it is not real, am I jealous because she can do it all, no I have a great life, if she was more real and honest about whats in her life I would respect her more but all of what she claims to have going on, something would give, I know it and you know it. If she had said I write a bit in my spare time and do a bit of modelling but my main thing is (and mentioned any one of these business) I would have believed in her a lot more but she is trying to be more that she is.
    Deshawn is a bit silly but her heart (seems) to be in the right place and unlike Lisa, appears to be married to her high school sweetheart and has just been lucky to have caught a guy whose turned into a baller, which I guess is why many of her supporters have warmed to her.

  232. WOW…MeOnlyThinking you pretty much said it all. You’ve expressed my sentiments exactly. Thanks girl! 🙂

  233. Well, MeOnlyThinking, I know plenty of people who have a full life, such as Lisa. I’m among them. Thing is, when you have long money you have assistants to help with your various ventures. Also, who’s to say that she didn’t go into detail about the extent of her involvement; remember, this is an 1 hr show that will not capture all that is said and done. Further, I don’t think she ever claimed to be an island who didn’t have help. Sure she does.

    I know a lot of sistahs hate to admit it; but, a lot are undercover haters who have a hard time accepting beautiful women, especially those who are also successful. Lisa has probably always been beautiful, so I’m sure she’s used to people overanalyzing her life. You’re not a golddigger just because you marry men with money. Why should she settle for a broke or average dude, when she can obviously do better? Again, I understand why she’s hated. It’s easier for a lot of people to like and accept DeShawn, because she’s so average in every sense of the word (except for her baller husband). So she inspires a lot of women and gives them hope that they too could marry a baller.

  234. Not Buying It
    Please girl, grow up, in your childish, narrow mind you ‘KNOW A LOT OF SISTAHS’ are ‘UNDERCOVER HATERS’, rather that simply women of free minds who judge on what they see and come to their own opinion based on their interpretation of what they have seen or heard. You are not very sympathetic towards Deshawn but and I accept your view on her as simply no more than what it is, your view, I do not consider you a HATER as I doubt you know her personally and so are unlikely to HATE her, I like many others am not very sympathetic to LIsa because of the reasons I have previously mentioned, I do not believe her story, I do not HATE her, mainly because I do not know her and so do not have that strong a feeling towards her. I am more sympathetic to some of these women and less so towards others, but I, lile most of the people posting on these sites, neither like or hate any of these women. Furthermore, I, unlike you, do not judge people on their looks, you seem to prize good looking people above the less good looking, again I say, grow up. I have friends that are good looking and some that are less so, they are all people that I value equally. I have often been asked why I do not model, so I do not consider myself unattractive nor am I caught up in my looks, I do not expect people to give me special privileges based on my looks and nor should anyone feel that they deserve privileges because they are beautiful. I am happy for Lisa that she is beautiful and has found happiness however, she, unlike most people posting has put her life up for people to debate and as the law of averages goes she will have a percentage of people buying into her story and a percentage of people who do not. All of us have the right to our own opinions, because mine differs from yours does not make me a hater, simply a person who has a different opinion on each of these ladies to yours.

  235. MeOnlyThinking please think. For one, the term “hater” doesn’t necessarily mean you loathe the person. It means you’re jealous of that person, on whatever level. Further, just because I am acknowledging that women tend to be catty and “hate” on those who look better than them does not mean I espouse such views by hating or by thinking the person who is hated on is hate-worthy. lol. You seem bitter and a hater. Just my opinion. Also, just so you know, you don’t have to know someone personally to be a “hater.”

    As far as your comments about me being shallow and immature: I’ll excuse you, for you don’t know any better. I will say its very hypocritical of you to say you don’t hate unless you know the person personally but you’ll make such rash statements about me despite you not knowing me. But, carry on. You’re opinion of me is not only meaningless to me, it’s entertaining:-)

    And your statment about people thinking you’re a model… thanks for the laugh sweetheart. From the sounds of it, you leave much to be desired in the looks department. Even more, you obviously don’t have it all upstairs because you couldn’t even grasp the argument I was making after two clarifying points. Sad.

  236. Not Buying It
    Girl quite frankly if you think that my looks probably leave much to be desired, so be it I do not need to argue the point with you, you do not know me and your opinion does not and would not matter to me, you are the one clearly hung up on looks, I wonder why???
    Of course we all know that the silly use of the word HATER is not the litteral use of the word, my point in my previous post, which obviously rises above your head, is that the misuse of the word is ridiculous and childish, as in ‘I idolise that person and you don’t so you’re hating on them’ rather than just being grown up enough to recognise that because one person has a different opinion to you about a 3rd party it does not necessarily mean that it stems from the fact that they are HATING or rather Jealous of that person, they may simply place higher value on different atributes. Because a person is not impressed by Lisa they are jealous of her because she is pretty, rather than simply not being impressed by her. You however appear to be impressed by her first and formost because she is pretty.
    If you think that I am a Hypocrit, again so be it, you are entitled to your opinion and not a concern to me but let me again clarify, I do not hate on people I do not know however I am capable of forming opinions on what i see, hear and read so I and others will form opinions on you from the content of your posts as you and other will form opinions about me from the content of mine. Point being these opinions should make no difference to you as they don’t to me, the only peoples opinion of you that should matter is that of your friends and family. Don’t let another posters comments upset you so much, you are right I do not know you so the opinion I form of you from your posts should not matter or upset you so much. I can agree to disagree with you on most matters as I feel we are probably polls apart.

  237. Not Buying It – It sounds like you were addresssing me but in an “undercover” kind of way. Yes, I have more respect for Deshawn. She didn’t run for several men with money because she fell in love with a man before the money was there. This is things I know, not based on watching the show. Also, she isn’t catty. Amd it is not a fact that Lisa is beautiful; that is an opinion. Also, its an opinion and not a fact, whether or not Deshawn is beautiful. I really have no reason to hate on Lisa. To be perfectly honest, I think all of the women on the show are average at best (in the looks department). Take away Lisa’s pretty hair and she is definitely an average girl (in my opinion). Once again, I don’t have to hate…my real hair is almost her length and I have self-confidence. And if you compare all of the women, noone is living as large as Deshawn. Not Buying It – Quit bitching and getting mad if people don’t agree with you.

  238. Not Buying It – There is a difference in admiring and worshipping someone. It seems as if you worship Lisa. I don’t get why someone has to be jealous just because they may not see what you see.

  239. Not Buying It – Wow! You were so busy being condecending and failed to make sure your spelling was correct.

  240. *condescending* typo — I can have a typo or two because I have not tried to put anyone down.

  241. pac4lyfe, hilarious that you criticize my spelling as you make errors. Priceless! Because you seem so qualified for the job (not!!), I’m going to designate you as my spelling checker. Carry on….

    To MeNeverThinking: dear, take a class in logic. You still haven’t understood my original argument. There are GED/simple logic classes for that. Perhaps you’re too busy trying to convince people that you’re pretty online, to compensate for what you lack in person; but, you really should take some classes.

    ’til next time ducks…

  242. Not Buying It – I said I have a few typos but I do know how to spell. You, on the other hand, you are talking about people forming correct sentences when you should try to do the same. Then, you mention Deshawn speaking with grammatical errors as if you are grading an essay. Last I checked, the other ladies on the show do not always use proper English.

  243. silly hoes

  244. wow.
    Its amazing to see woman argue over something they have nothing to do with or it affects their life in anyway.
    It doesnt matter at the end of the day. Just enjoy the entertainment. Its just comedy.

  245. @Delaina,

    Right on, right on!!

    —and I WILL be enjoying the comedy and entertainment on the Reunion Special **in my TV voice** Tueday on Bravo at 8/9 Central!!!

  246. Isn’t it hilarious how women we don’t even know can have such an impact on us that it will propel us to defend them on one matter or another? I wonder if they ever actually read these blogs and take notice of the emphatic and sometimes fierce support that we give them. A few short weeks ago I was in the same verbal discord with one of my fellow bloggers, it was a man but as I look back it was silly none the less. We are, who we are and they are who they are whether we be rich, poor, long haired, short haired, fat, skinny, dark , or light at the end of the day we are the ones who tear each other down. We have never met each other and yet we can have sparring matches over simple disagreements, however, we can judge them about how they treat each other and they have actually met! Ladies, let’s stop giving each other a license to be catty and mean. We have all at some point been appalled at what we have seen on the Real Housewives let us NOT fall into that mold. You are all seemingingly intelligent and beautiful young women have I seen you NO! But you are beautiful because of your diversity and the ability for all of us to view things from a different point of view. Real Housewives of Atlanta will end next week but the comments we make may resound a while longer than that, why not make those comments worth hearing over and over again…… and no I am not fat, lonely, or poor,(LOL) but I have come to the realization that it is better to share a peril(as in wisdom) than to loose as gem. Until next time beautifuls…..

  247. The issue with Lisa is that it is apparent that she has mastered the art of reverse psychology. She presents herself one way to disguise her true self. She not only has beauty, she has brains. She is intelligent enough to know if she gives the public a great story ( hardworking mother of an athlete) then she will recieve the notoriety and publicity needed to generate either clients or even her own show. Lisa is in it for Lisa. Period. What is so depised is the fact that pretends to be the opposite. Shereee is blatant about who she is, so is Ne Ne, DeShawn, and Kim. But Lisa pretends to be so civil, drama free etc, when in fact she laughed at Kim calling Ne Ne a drag queen, she asked Ne Ne to pose for a picture and waited until AFTER she walked off to announce to Sheree that she did not like Ne Ne’s choice of words. So it is safe to assume that she was the second slanderer in the dilemma with Ne Ne’s song in the limo. The first slanderer was Ne Ne who was bold enough to go on camera with it, and the second slanderer was the one who delivered the news. Again, Lisa should just be real about who she is and leave all this June Cleaver crap for the sitcoms. She claim that by chance she met Ed at a Hawks game. His publicist just happened to see her and apparently she was wearing a sign around her neck that said ” I am single so suggest that I meet your client who just happened to have signed a $20 million dollar contract”, because the publicist advised Ed to go and meet Lisa. She screwed his naive ass the next day and he was hooked. They were married a month later. She found her a fool before she lost her looks. But this time she will leave the marriage with a couple of dollars in her pocket. The prenup she signed protects the money she earns from Ed from Ed when they divorce. So she has to make it happen and fast. The real proof will be if she has another baby. Ed is done as far as the league goes so the possibility of child support is none. Lets see if she gives him another child. That is the real test of her intentions of sticking around forever.

  248. Also, what puzzles me is the need for a nanny. If Ed is home all day, then he is the perfect sitter. They will both get just what they were looking for. Ed was injured before he got to the Falcons. He knew it was a matter of time before he would be out for good. He needed a wife and a child and had a small window to get them. He is only as good as his valid contract. Lisa needed someone to finance her business ventures. Time takes beauty so she too, had a short window to work with. They are using each other and time will be the true test to it all. All that crap about having him home all day is great when the money is there. Try again when they are down to their last few millions. Lets see how fun sitting around each other is then.
    Lisa is envious of DeShawn because she feels that she should be in DeShawn’s place. Her secret narcissistic personality has her believing that she looks better, is more intelligent, and more deserving of the lavish lifestyle.
    Ne Ne feels the least pretty that is why she is so boisterous and loud mouthed. She knows that her husbands “success” is a front and fears returning to the poor house.
    Kim is despised by the married women for sleeping and GETTING PAID WELL by a married man.They all see themselves as the wives waiting while their high profile husbands creep with the likes of Kim.
    DeShawn- is bored and because she has such low self esteem, will always be docile and subservient to her man as a way to compete. She is genuinely a sweetheart, but hasn’t got a clue. A woman like Sheree would take her man in a second if she could.
    Sheree’s confidence is percieved as conceit, but she knows that she looks good for her age, and the fact that she has had 3 children and is still in great shape. She is however in constant fear that if she doesn’t make out well in her divorce, she has to come to terms with the fact that she is an average woman who happened to marry well at one point. She has no special talents that can sustain her, and she may have to eventually downgrade.

  249. Also, what puzzles me is the need for a nanny. If Ed is home all day, then he is the perfect sitter. They will both get just what they were looking for. Ed was injured before he got to the Falcons. He knew it was a matter of time before he would be out for good. He needed a wife and a child and had a small window to get them. He is only as good as his valid contract. Lisa needed someone to finance her business ventures. Time takes beauty so she too, had a short window to work with. They are using each other and time will be the true test to it all. All that crap about having him home all day is great when the money is there. Try again when they are down to their last few millions. Lets see how fun sitting around each other is then.
    Lisa is envious of DeShawn because she feels that she should be in DeShawn’s place. Her secret narcissistic personality has her believing that she looks better, is more intelligent, and more deserving of the lavish lifestyle.
    Ne Ne feels the least pretty that is why she is so boisterous and loud mouthed. She knows that her husbands “success” is a front and fears returning to the poor house.
    Kim is despised by the married women for sleeping and GETTING PAID WELL by a married man.They all see themselves as the wives waiting while their high profile husbands creep with the likes of Kim.
    DeShawn- is bored and because she has such low self esteem, will always be docile and subservient to her man as a way to compete. She is genuinely a sweetheart, but hasn’t got a clue. A woman like Sheree would take her man in a second if she could.
    Sheree’s confidence is percieved as conceit, but she knows that she looks good for her age, and the fact that she has had 3 children and is still in great shape. She is however in constant fear that if she doesn’t make out well in her divorce, she has to come to terms with the fact that she is an average woman who happened to marry well at one point. She has no special talents that can sustain her, and she may have to eventually downgrade.

  250. It’s funny how people come to the blogs to be so-called peacemakers or mediators. You’re dealing with adults who are free to speak their minds, especially on blogs. Your children are not on here for you to tell them what to do. And one has the nerve to go by the name of “women by all means stick together” and you’re calling people “silly hoes”. Some of you idiots on here are more entertaining than the show.

  251. Lisa Wu reminds me very much of someone I previously worked with. All made up on the outside, but take off the makeup and she is the trick you would want to run from. KS should be happy to be rid of her, she is now someone else’s problem. Appears she may have filed bankruptcy just to keep from paying the loan back to KS. Lisa Wu is trash and based on the vm she left for Kim, Lisa is also ghetto. ED GET A CLUE, AND LEAVE WU.

  252. Expecting Change, you seem like a super positive sistah. We need more like you in the world (and on blogs). All I can say is refreshing!

    To the others: some of you are really miscontruing sentiment on this blog. A few of us were having a healthy debate on the issues presented on the show. To suggest that we should all agree on here is absurd and shows a lack of understanding of human nature. Everyone has his or her own opinions and should be free to voice them (basically this argument is a reiteration of pac4lyfe’s comments above). Let there be no mistake about it, I appreciate the dialogue even when people don’t agree with me; yet, I have no tolerance for bafoons who can’t articulate without using profanity.

    Peace, for now my BCK family…

  253. Speaking one’s mind is never a bad thing in fact it’s a part of the constitution that we fought so diligently for! The issue is the very thing you mentioned calling people out of their names and being narcissistic. We are all entitled to our opinions and since we have taken the liberty of sharing them why cloud humoristic or valid points with the noise of belittling or insulting each other? It’s great to look at this show from every spectrum what’s not great is getting so caught up that we insult one another. As I stated previously I have been there and done that and it really wasn’t beneficial. A peacemaker I am not, but peaceful I am…. I never meant to offend anyone just defend the right to have an opinion without backlash.

  254. Expecting Chamge – I assume your message was to me although you didn’t state a name. I didn’t do any backlashing. And whatever I do should be none of your concern. I was attacked for giving my opinion and then I said how I felt. Get your facts straight before you try to preach. We should be talking about the insults people give on the show.

  255. I’ll reiterate what I said for the people it takes several posts to understand. I think Sheree and Kim are two conniving bitches. Lisa is the type of person that throws her rock and hides, so she is no better than Sheree and Kim. DeShawn is very sweet, humble and doesn’t feed into gossip. I like NeNe’s realness and the fun side of her but, there are times where she is too loud. For anyone that doesn’t like it, move on! Why should you be so bothered by what I type?

  256. How is someone who says “I always knew I was destined for greatness” humble? People, pull out your dictionary before you go typing willy nilly. Please!

  257. I’m not a reality show junkie; in fact I dislike reality shows because what they show you is nowhere close to reality. But, the bottom line is this show put on display 5 of the most corny a** fake b****es I’ve ever seen. As a black woman I was embarassed by the three (and only three) episodes I watched. DeShawn is the phoniest of the bunch; walking around grinning like and idiot all day? Nene, can barely master the English language. Is Kim a tranny or what? She looks like something they scraped up from the nastiest trailer park they could find. Lisa is very beautiful, but she has the words “Sack Chaser” written all over her. Let’s not even start on Ms. D List aka Sheree with here wanna be a**. Real Housewives indeed!

    Before you all get started, I’m an eduacated black woman who makes her own money and pays her own bills; not like some women who claim to be independent, but have a man for every bill. I’m no hater…I’m just honest. Honestly they all looked like buffoons.

  258. Many of you are wise observers. I have had communications with Lisa Wu. Someone above stated that Lisa has mastered reverse psychology – I am with you 200% and I couldn’t have said it any better myself. She uses reverse psychology in a dishonest and deceitful way.

    Katrina, you are also correct, Lisa is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    Not Buying It, I agree, she is a clever con artist.

    Pac4lyfe, you are also on point. She throws her rock and hides.

  259. Just for the record, I’m not saying she’s a gold digga; but, she ain’t messin wit’ no broke…

  260. Okay folks, just a little something to ponder…

    while informative for those of us who did not know much about these women’s personal lives outside of the show, with all that is going on in the world and in “our own backyards” so to speak why are some of you wasting your time arguing about other people’s lives? In today’s world, daily each and every one of us are facing our own challenges with the economy, finding stable employment, changing careers, health crisis, death of love ones, education for our children and poverty all over this world.

    If you are fortunated enough not to experience any of the above or any hardship in life, then you have truly been blessed. Congratulations.

    Rich or poor we all have either had problems or know someone that is experiencing them. Humble yourself to be better then to judge others when we don’t know what is in your house, or truly know what went on in theirs, (meaning the women on the show.) Big papa may know alot of these people and may have alot of information on their backgrounds, but if you have not lived their lives day to day hour by hour, unless someone was in your ear 24/7 you have no knowledge of anyone’s true intent to deceit or what might have lead up to these events.

    True there are gold diggers, liers, cheater and the like. But in each and every one of those folks started an innocent. When we are born into this world we are innocent, it is what we are taught, and what we learn as children that sometimes has us as adults choosing (note I said chosing and not just making) bad choices.

    Some of us are strong and despite our childhood go on to have successful and productive lives, without destroying other people on our way up the ladder. I myself have been blessed in the latter but also know challenges when through no fault of your own life’s chain of events can have you stumbling and falling.

    Only the strong will survive these falls.

    Not everyone has that strength, not everyone makes the right choices or says the right thing in the heat of the moment, when anger, resentment, bitterness, and disappointment sets in.

    However, when we chose to say honestly to ourselves, ” I take responsiblity for my choices and my actions, and this moment will not define my future and my past will not dictate my present,” then we become better people.

    Humble yourselves to know this simple truth: Everyone rich,poor, black, white, all hurt and bleed, we just do it in different ways and sometimes the outcome is not the best of us or for us. Some of us don’t learn from our mistakes and we repeat the pattern, some of us do, and we become better people.

    Spend your time learning, growing and adjusting in your own lives instead of tearing down others. We all can be better human beings. The words I speak I know from experience. Enough said.

  261. whoops, that should be…lessonslearned

  262. Not Buying It – I know exactly what humble means. How about you do a little research and look at the things Deshawn has achieved? Furthermore, someone can be humble and say they are destined for greatness. You are very ignorant.

  263. I still don’tget why people come on a post preaching to tell people they need to work on themselves and not tear each other down, WHEN YOU ARE WATCHING A SHOW WITH THE SAME THING TAKING PLACE. The only difference is that they are friends. Practice what you preach, preachers.

  264. While you are preaching preacher, I hope you grab that dictionary.

  265. pac4lyfe, I love that you pay me so much attention. Thanks!

    As I said before, a humble person doesn’t say things like “I ALWAYS knew I was destined for GREATNESS.” You probably look just like DeShawn and that’s why you put her on such a pedastool. She is busted and she needs to learn how to speak proper English since she is supposedly apart of elite society (LMAO at that claim). Speaking of elite, that’s another thing she claimed to be. Yeah, she’s humble alright… humble looking.


  267. Pac4lyfe: Why would you assume that I was speaking directly to you when there have been several negative comments made by others? I am simply saying that we cannot focus on the insults made on the show if we have to muddle through the insults made on the blog. You have every right to defend yourself and anyone else you deem necessary, however don’t disseminate what I have said and take it personally. I have no concern over what you have said specifically I am speaking in general that is why I did not address you specifically. I will once again reiterate what I said previously there is no need for lashing out….. Thank you for your comment although I will not respond if you choose to banter in negativity…. Stay beautiful!

  268. Another point, we are watching a show where there is backstabbing, manipulation, and overall hatefulness! but we don’t have to allow those qualities to shine through in our comments. They are what they are and we are who we are, that neither here nor there the important factor is that we don’t exhibit ourselves like they did…… If wanting to make conversations fun and intelligent is preaching then I will preach on….and for the record Lisa is who she is and who knows exactly what that is but one thing is obvious…. she has turned another hustle(Housewives) into a money maker, and so have the other “housewives” for that matter.

  269. Expecting change I like your thought process, you seem like a reasonable person. Pac4lyfe, I have only watched one episode of the show, and caught glimpses of upcoming shows, reality shows are not my thing I would prefer to educate my mind on other matters.

    The reason for looking up information on this show and the reason I came across this blog is because Mrs. Wu’s face looked familiar to me, and I thought I had seen her on another show.

    Seriously it is not the deep for me, I am more into politics then watching reality shows.

    Not buying it, my reference to being humble had nothing to do with deshawn per say, it was for anyone and everyone who might need to look at themselves first. It is sad that you seem so concern with calling people names then educating yourself on matters of learning something new that might help you become a better person.

    If you feel you don’t need any improvement, great, read the section on the blog and move on, don’t show me your ignorance by calling someone else in to question when they do not agree with your thought process.

    obviously you take pleasure in going off on people so this is the only address I will give to you.

    For others who seem to be on this blog alot, my only reason for leaving a message on this site was to give folks something to think about, if thinking about what I said made you angry, then you need to seriously look at yourselves and how you treat one another.

    There was a saying out there that the “truth hurts” if my writing bothered you, you should ask yourselves why is that? My message was not about anyone in particular or even about the girls on the reality show specificially it was and is about life.

    Take it for what is worth, this is my last post, I don’t waste my time unnecessarily on getting into arguements over petty things.

    Good luck to you all and god bless.

  270. well, I am not preaching, I just wanted people to think about how they treat one another, in addition, I am not into reality shows, I saw it once, thought one of the girls looked familiar that is what brought me to this blog.

    Why is it that when someone has something meaningful to say, people think they are not attractive? (This is the reference to someone who said I must look like deshawn, who by the way people is not an ugly person, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and obviously her husband likes her. Enough said on that.) It is ridiculous to believe that someone has to be unattractive to have wisdom, just ans ridiculous to believe that someone that is beautiful can’t be smart.

    Expecting change I like your thought process. You seem like a reasonable person. Stay bless.

    Rather then address the rest of the negitivity I will just say good luck to you all. I have no need to have heated discussion on a blog with those I don’t know, my simple statement before was just one of wisdom, if you misunderstood that, then that is on you.

  271. Lisa needs to stop coming on here posting about herself.

  272. hey i respect keith sweats decision. those are his kids just as much as hers and all he is doing is looking out for the best intrests of the kids. it was bad on lisa part though because she never once even spoke about her other kids. i would have at least metioned it because now it looks like you didnt wnt people to know. hey at the end of the day lisa you keep doing you. out of everybody on the show you are the only one i like. you aint trying to cause drama and make a scene because the cameras are there. you kept it down to earth and real. thats what made the show good because there was at least one civilized couple on the show . thats what i apreciate.

  273. I am a proud divorced father with custody of my two kids (boy and girl). The show in a nut shell is about a group of golddiggers who as a result of their spouses or ex-spouses have amassed some money and simply used them for their personal gain. Surely we could have found some Doctor, Lawyers or true business women who made it because of their own efforts or money and not what was given to them. Our young women need to see that and not glorified shows about golddiggers!

    Some parent regardless of sex do not always have the true interest of their children in mind. If Lisa did she might have been given custody and would not be using the show to speak unkindly of her ex. Keith Sweat has every right prevent his kids from being on the show, looking at it is bad enough. They really do not need to hear how bad their dad was, for in the courts eyes he was good enough to be raising them on behalf on their mother.

    Some men are so blind to the true intentions of some women. I remain a proud single dad with custody,with no golddiggers in site.

    Ted Craig Adderly
    Houston, Texas

  274. I watched something on Youtube yesterday called the zeitgeist and I have to say I understand that old adage “If you don’t know your history you are doomed to repeat it” is some of the truest words ever spoken.

    I also saw on it the exact same words that Hitler spoke of
    against the Jews were the same words the George W Bush used to get the get the patriot act passed. According to the zeitgeist the lusitania,vietnam war, and 9/11 are all the means to an end to scare the people into doing things they normally would be against. On that note, I don’t think that GWB is the worst president, I think he did just what he intended to do. It spoke of how Americans were made to give over their gold or go to jail. During this time the U.S. dollars said backed by gold. Now is simply says that the dollar is legal tender. Which means back by nothing.

    the zeitgeist also states that division is made so we can be conquered. If you can divide people by any means they are easy pickings. That is why race, class, blondes, men, women, pro-life, pro-choice are all used as tools to distract and divide us. We focus on the silly things like this and the bigwigs are free to continue to line their pockets and take care of their own self interest while we bicker amongst ourselves like children. If you think about it, it is so simple yet very brilliant strategy. It is why we are bombarded with anything entertainment.

    I don’t know if the video is true but I have to say I found it very thought provoking. I would love to know someone’s opinion that have watch this video.

  275. Not Buying It – “On a Pedastool?” Oh, your intelligence is shining right through (LOL). I don’t have to look like DeShawn to think highly of her. That is very ignorant. I honestly think she is the prettiest of all of the ladies and has the sweetest personality. DeShawn and Eric are the real power couple.

    Lessonslearned – Expecting Change – and Maryamb – Noone is concerned with what you are saying. Once again, it is a blog where people are free to say what they want. Go find your children and tell them what to do.

  276. IS THAT LISA IN THE LAST PIC WITH KEITH SWEAT??????????????????????????????????????????

  277. Maryamb: I agree with you. Where there is an opportunity to divide and conquer there is also an opportunity to convince the gullible. If there is anything that can be used to divide it is not just used once it is used over and over, however, it is usually dressed differently. I feel that if you have a strong presence, generally you are not the one who is approached by the bigwigs but if you are docile, easily intimidated, and basically lacking the ability to convey your opinions or ideas without negative emotions then you are an easy target (look at how the media portrays us). Here is where we begin to impact society, we teach our children to be strong at home and then when they are given the opportunity to express themselves they can do so in an eloquent manner, that accomplishes two feats 1. It builds their character 2. It expands their level of confidence, so that we don’t have to be as concerned with the tactics that were used in our generation to create propoganda, and we can continue to build them in other areas. Please allow me to say this also, I do not agree with all of what Lisa says or does(I believe she initiated the whole NeNe, Kim, song drama) but I am aware of the fact that she did mention her children throughout the whole taping, because of the issues with the release from Mr. Sweat the NETWORK (Bigwigs) decided that it would be best to edit the references to the other children. I know, I know, but read the editorials on Real Housewives of Atlanta as opposed to the blogs.

  278. Lessonslearned – Expecting Change – and Maryamb – Noone is concerned with what you are saying. Once again, it is a blog where people are free to say what they want. Go find your children and tell them what to do.

    Pac4lyfe,(more like pacifier4life).

    Your entire statement regarding Lessslearned-Expecting Change and I is a oxymoron(If I were you I know I would have to tell you to put heavy emphasis on the moron part in oxymoron.) Because that is just what you sound like. On one hand you said that no one cares what we have to say but you have obviously read what we had to say so you obviously have taken some interest in it. Then you go so far as to say.

    “It is a blog where people are free to say what they want” If it is then why are you telling us to go and find children and tell them what to do? LOL That is comedy.

    Then you have the audacity to say NotBuyingIt’s ignorance is showing. To you I say you would think she is dumb because you obviously don’t know any better. As far a what I, NotBuyingIt and Lessonslearned, and Expecting Change are concerned, we already are aware that our words or only meant to get through to people that have the maturity and knowledge to understand them and want to learn from them. Not for people like you who clearly do not posses either of those qualities. So when you say tell some children what to do I consider you to be on the level as a child so I am about to tell you what to do. You know go and get you a flashlight and find a clue, because it is clear you do not have one.

  279. Cindy the last pic is Keith Sweat and his children. Lisa is not in the picture. Expecting change. I could not agree more, If you watch the zeitgeist it basically says that is what they do. George Bush grandfather Prescott Bush had something to do with some of the major financial crisis in his time. It’s amazing that we had similar problems and wars and attacks when both his son and grandson were both president of the US. If you don’t know you continue to keep falling for the okie doke time and time again. I refuse to be put in a box and kept their and have people give me what they feel I should have. Knowledge is our best weapon and the more you know the less people can take advantage of you. So I make it a must to educate those close to me and anyone else who is willing to think for themselves instead being lead like lambs.

  280. They only show you a small glimpse into the lives of these people, what gives you or anyone else the right to judge.

    Haters Bone!!!!

  281. No thats not her, how old is Keith any way?

  282. So I watched the show and would have to say that Deshawn, Lisa and NeNe were the most real people on there. But if we gonna go for the realist it would have to be NeNe, I mean that girl talks her mind and everything and that’s what am talking about. I can’t wait for the union cause apparently there is some mess going down and looks like someone has to be held back or puller away.

  283. Pac4lyfe,

    I had to come back and recant what I said to you earlier. While I thought it was funny and I didn’t mean to belittle you and I realized that I could have defended myself without the personal attacks against you. While I like to banter back and forth because that is the way I like to play by throwing barbs from time to time you may not take it that way I do things and I apologize. When I say things like I did in my previous reply to you it was to hard for me to resist. You left yourself open for that and it was to easy to poke fun at you so I did. I just wanted to let you know not to take what I said personally. It was not my intention. I don’t know you so how could I? However because it did seem negative I want to let you know I was just goading you. I was trying to be funny. I however will from now on try and be funny without being or sounding mean. I truly do not want to bring you are anyone else down for that matter. I for one know that if it is not constructive it is destructive and that is what my wise friend ExpectingChange, and Lessonslearned meant. Hope you have a great day.

  284. To think that DeShawn is the best looking on that show is just laughable. What about her makes her the most beautiful? She’s overweight and isn’t even cute in her unnatural state (she has yet to be seen without artificial hair on her head and lots of makeup on). About the only thing cute on that woman is her clothes. Pac4life you’re just delusional.

  285. Not Buying It – There is nothing about me that is delusional. Just because you find her so unattractive doesn’t mean the next person feels that way. Some people speak of Lisa as if she is a beauty queen but I don’t see it. They are opinions. Quit taking it so personal. You probably think you are beautiful but others are pointing the finger at you, calling you a beast.

    Maryamb – The damage has already been done. You had plenty of time to think before you typed. That says alot about your character. You try to throw insults at people but it didn’t bother me. I know who I am and what I am worth. And get the name right next time…Pac stands for 2Pac.

    It’s so funny how people tell others to stop the bickering and cattiness, and they fall into the same trap.

    Try not to be so condescending and it will take you farther in life. That applies to more than one of you.

  286. I love all of the attention I am getting from all of these so-called mature and intelligent females. Get a life, seriously!

  287. You bitches really need a life! You come on here just to team up on one person. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. How is it affecting you whether or not someone thinks Deshawn looks better? I think she is attractive and not fat. I wonder how you look after 3 kids.

  288. Nikki dear who are you referring to?

    Pac4lyfe that is where you are wrong hone. I am very quick witted. I actually came up with all that at the spur if the moment. The reason I came back and recanted was because that is when I realized the negative impact my words may have caused. Dear what you also have to understand is just because we are mature and intelligent that doesn’t make us perfect.

    I just found it funny and entertaining that you on one hand said that this is a blog and you should be free to speak your mind yet on the other hand you told us we shouldn’t. I mean a blind man could see the humor in that. Also if when you said that due to my statement that you can tell a lot about my character than I would say you are very astute. I love to laugh and make others laugh as well. I just have to work on doing it without being mean.

    One more thing Pac. When I made fun of your name it is called sarcasm. It’s funny that you mentioned 2Pac. He was a Gemini just like me. His b-day was three days before mine. Not only did the man very intelligent, and sweet at times, he also sounded a lot like me when someone tried to goad him. Just go and listen to take money. If I am not mistaken, he started the song off by saying that’s why I f’ed your B you fat motherf’er.

    I am nice person, however don’t let the sweet face fool you, I can be just as mean as I am nice. Never take my kindness for weakness. See how well I was able to make my point without the personal attacks. I can express myself without belittling others. However sometimes folks just leave themselves open for jabs, and while I maybe able to resist at time sometimes the temptation is just to hard to let it pass me by.


  290. I don’t blame Keith Sweat for not allowing his kids too be apart of the show,because his estrange wife Lisa Wu didn’t act like a adult.She act like they were in High School.She started up the mess between Kim and Sheree.Kim,Lisa,Sheree,have all said bad and mean things about NeNe.Kim,Lisa,Sheree none of them like DeShawn.The only one that a pace maker is DeShawn.This show is how they act for real.If I was the ladies they need too stop being friends with Lisa,Kim.Kim is a lair at all time.I don’t think she thirty year old.Kim call NeNe a drag Queen,but Kim don’t have all of her real hair.Kim is setting a bad example for her girls by dating men for money.Lisa don’t even have courtesy of her two boys.Now I see why Keith Sweat has courtesy.I feel sorry for these women.They all have money so why act like you’re a low class person.

  291. Lisa Wu was on drugs that explain her action and why her marriage end with Keith Sweat.So she don’t have no right too talk about nobody.That why he didn’t want his kids too be on the show.I was wondering why she didn’t have custody.

  292. This was a mess lol, did you notice how BRAVO showed the woman of the OC as woman that are into their kids and have more class compare to these pole dancing sisters talking about taking each other wigs off and kicking each other A$$, or throwing each other over the sofa lol or what $6,000 hand bag they want this week, what a mess lol

    I am from here and I wish they would show some of the more classy woman here in this city that have their own money and made something of their lives beside hooking some dumb joke and breaking him of his money after having a few kids with him, Eric Snow wife is lucky she got knock up with him early because WHAT SHE BRINGS TO THE TABLE ???

    She can’t do anything ?? can’t even boiled a egg lol, and giving Eddie Long $15,000 on Sundays to put fuel in his jet lol, this is a clear case of it’s cheaper to keep her I mean really she is FAT.

    Now you wonder WHY so many brothers marry other races of woman I thought Lisa had some class, BUT she acted a fool too, with her eyes all gaze and wild talking about flipping over sofa no wonder Keith Sweat sent her packing.

    Who want to buy a house from this nut Lisa, look sisters this isn’t cool this make brothers run to a more clam low key female, keeping it real sometimes make woman like NE NE look hood.

    But, look if you just wanted to get a laugh cool BUT some sister will watch this and think this is the way guys want their lady to act lol now your broke or hood jock that just got a NBA deal maybe don’t know any better, BUT if they travel the world they won’t give these hood rats, the time of day and don’t think I am giving Kim a break she is trashy and use up looking and smoke like someone cooking a mess of ribs in a pit.

  293. i love lisa and i think she was right for threatning kim because shes a mess so is shree. NeNe, Deshawn, and Lisa keep doin ya thing. and i will flip kim if you wont lisa.

  294. Maryamb, you don’t have a clue. You seem like you are from the old school. 2Pac’s song “Hit em Up” has nothing to do with anything. You stated that you typed at the spur of the moment. Since you are so mature and intelligent, you should think before you type. Also, I think you need to learn the definition of belittling. That is exactly what you are trying to do. You can’t make me feel less than the woman I am. Just like Nikki said…get a life you internet thug.

  295. Maryamb – Furthermore, your sense of humor sucks. You haven’t said anything funny.

  296. First of Pac to you I say “Happy Thanksgiving” !

    Second of all I am not going to go back and forth with you from here on out unless it is something constructive. As the old saying goes when you point the finger at someone you always have 3 pointing back at you. You are doing just what you are accusing me of so in short your post speaks for itself. Have a great day and a safe and Happy Holiday to you and yours.

  297. This is hilarious! Dallas Austin has outed Kim on his myspace page! He states that he is not making a record with Kim!, it was all for T.V. what a laugh! I can’t wait for January to see who her CD is produced by (wink, wink).

  298. Maryamb – You came on hear being negative on Thanksgiving Day. Wow. You always find a way to sneak some sarcasm into your posts. You keep talking about not going back and forth but here you are once again.

  299. People are going to be who they are and nobody can change that. Giving your opinion is great but some people are taking this show too seriously. The show is comical and I try to watch it every week.

  300. GOD’s #1fan – How can you have a name like that and type something like that? You come off as very ignorant.

  301. MeOnlyThinkin summed up my whole view on the subject.

    Im not ‘hating’ on Lisa, I just think ALL the explanations are a bit “convenient”.
    DeShawn may be less sophisticated and educated, but she seems like a more genuine person.

  302. I haven’t heard anything about Lisa going to college. Whether she did or not, she does not come off as being more intelligent than her. DeShawn doesn’t always speak with clarity, but I don’t see the improper grammar being used. What about when Sheree said, “Have you saw her?” Now, she comes off as uneducated.

  303. What I don’t understand is WHY a guy with options and wealth even want to be with or married ANY woman with kids knowing some baby daddy is going to be somewhere in the picture for 18 years to life of that kid and Mother ??

    No matter how great a woman acts or looks I WOULD NEVER marry one with kids now some broke low level guy with so-so income maybe don’t have much choice.

    BUT, looking at these made=up hood rats like Sheree,Lisa,Ne-Ne,Kim all have kids and problems some with their ex’s, some with over spending.

    With so many YOUNGER ,single, fit, in shape female out there with NO KIDS why would some of these clowns be they dumb jocks or old tricks would want these woman.

    Its a matter of time before Ed wake up and see this nut case Lisa for what she really is, The REUNION show the world what Keith Sweat had to deal with and why he sent her packing.

    I don’t see a single one of these woman I would want to be with more then a weekend to be honest I would kick it with maybe Lisa or Kim for a few dates hit it and split.

  304. Keith was right for one main reason, he has custody and the courts deemed that he was responsible and the mother either wasn’t responsible or didn’t want the responsibility earlier on. So, it’s not a question of what decision should have been made but who had the right to make the decision by law. This is exactly why the courts awarded Keith the children in the first place. It appears that this woman only wants these kids on the “Set” not in her real family life after the cameras are gone. It’s disgusting.

  305. It’s a shame that people don’t get that reality tv is a edited production. Lisa may have mentioned her kids, in fact she stated that she mentioned her kids during the whole filming period and Bravo edited every mention of her kids out. I am not going to speak on the custody cause I don’t know & neither does anyone here. It’s just irritating that some are assuming that this mother doesn’t mention/love/want her kids.

  306. Ava – If that’s the case, noone has a right to judge anyone based on an interview or reality show. We base things on what we see and hear. We are not to blame for that. Call the companies who chop up the interviews and shows and complain.

  307. Keith has custody of the boys, but they do spend a lot of time with their mother. Ed and Keith don’t get along because Lisa was dating Ed before the divorce was final. Keith is protective of their kids and Lisa agreed for him to have custody to keep everything smooth with all parties. Ed calls he boys his sons as well. They all became adults and did what was best for the children.

  308. Shon
    Lisa knew Ed only around one and a half to 2 months before they married, she was engaged to Layla Ali’s husband somewhere between Keith and Ed so I doubt that that Keith gives a flying fig about their relationship or was upset by it. Lisa collects the kids on 1st and 3rd weekend each month and she certainly did not GIVE custody of the kids to Keith to keep things SMOOTH between them, a Judge awarded full custody to Keith and Lisa is on record as saying that she does not understand why he was awarded custody rather than her, and yes I heard it out of her own mouth on the Wendy Williams show, so I’m not sure how much of what you said is in fact correct.

  309. LOl Big Papa, I enjoy reading your comments they are hilarious…..Especially the one about Northerner’s who cant make it up north coming down to ATL…..You sound kind of bitter. The war between the North and South ended many many years ago. Being a Highly sucessful “Northerner” who owns a home in the Buckhead, GA area as well as in Westchester County, New York your comment sounds and is totally RIDICULOUS You really need to get your facts straight as to why people come to GA to live, I live in Georgia part-time because I CAN AFFORD to and because the cost of living is LOW. I’m pretty sure I make more in a month than you make in six. I agreed with what you said in your articles up until you decided to sterotype people from up North. Perhaps they came down to Georgia for the same reason I did part-time and its because things are “CHEAPER” in Georgia. I await your long winded-paragraph comment on my blog……I need a good laugh

  310. […] CLICK HERE to see lots more pictures of Lisa and her family. […]

  311. Well said & so true, wellpaidhighlyamused!

  312. The women of Housewives of Atlanta were often depicted in a negative, money grabbing, petty, and superficial light. However they were edited and made to look like that for entertainment, even though the OC women are being portrayed in a more positive light they too are complaining about the editing. My point? You cannot believe everything you see or hear on television! These people are humans and so what if they opened their lives to television they too deserve to be depicted in a truthful light. It seems to me that there is an awful lot of criticism of women on here that has absolutely nothing to do with the show and the ones criticising don’t even adequately convey their views. Mispelled words and broken english come on now! I doubt that either of these women would want to stand in a checkout line with you less on spend the night.

  313. wow, wellpaidhighlyamused. I’ll just say you have a lot of confidence, judging from your comments, instaed of saying what I really want to say about you. Since when did this become a d8&*&^ swinging contest?!? I don’t know Big Papa from a can of paint, and I admit he sounds like a bitter dude; but, you don’t know anything about him, as don’t I or anyone else on this blog for that matter. But, if it makes you feel better to compare your checking account to others without no info, suit yourself.

  314. Keith was 1000% correct. If his ex-wife wants to look like an idiot (apparently she does) then fine, but not the kids.

  315. Ava – If that’s the case, noone has a right to judge anyone based on an interview or reality show. We base things on what we see and hear. We are not to blame for that. Call the companies who chop up the interviews and shows and complain.

    pac4lyfe said this on December 9, 2008 at 3:26 p12

    Absolutely True!! You have no right to judge them! You people have summed up the whole totality of peoples’ lives that you never heard of before the last 6 months!! That is just so silly. Sure, it’s good for discussion but how some of you state your opinions as FACT is ridiculous.

  316. Phenomenal Woman – You made a good point at the end but, who were you referring to? I’m not good at playing the guessing game.

  317. I am so sick of these sensitive bitches coming on blogs, mad at people for stating their opinions. Go to church where everything will be positive. LOL

  318. Lol! Pac4lyfe left all of these bitches silent! They couldn’t take the heat. Grow up black bitches who come on blogs to try and put someone else down for going against the grain. That is the main reason why black people will never be as one.

  319. This definitely applies to maryamb. Hoe, you’re tired! You don’t look half as good a Deshawn or any of the housewives.

  320. as

  321. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who was doing a little research on this. And he actually bought me breakfast due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this topic here on your website.

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