Actor Dwayne “the rock” Johnson attended the Congressional Awards 2008 gold medal reception in Washington D.C. with his ex-wife Dany and daughter Simone,7. The actor received an award which recognizes people who help set an example for young people.Through his non-profit organization, The Rock Foundation, Dwayne helps to educate and empower children worldwide. This is the mission of the “Rock Foundation”:

Our mission is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENRICH the lives of children worldwide. The Rock Foundation achieves its mission through its youth physical fitness and obesity prevention program and its educational worldwide giving program. The Rock Foundation’s physical fitness and obesity prevention program is designed to improve the health and build the self-esteem of children; educating children about healthy eating, nutrition and the life benefits of physical exercise. The program emphasizes the importance of goal-setting, overcoming obstacles, and realizing accomplishments.



~ by blackcelebritykids on June 22, 2008.


  1. Love to see the family still takin’ a picture AS A FAMILY despite the divorce. The daughter has Rock’s forehead.

  2. Good to see them taking the mature route foe the sake of their daughter. They always seemed like friends instead of husband-wife anyway. The Rock is still oh so fine.

  3. Ye he is hella fine. Thier little girl is cute but, she looks more like the mom to me. Especially around the mouth. Her smile. But she’s cute.

    It’s really great to see those two get alone for the child sake. I think other Hollywood celebs need to take a good long look at this couple right here. And get this, his wife didn’t take anything from him like spousal support or anything like that. All they’re gonna do is look after their daughter wich is awesome. Good for you Rock.

    *sorry for the misspellings*

  4. I truly have nothing against Dany as a person, but holy cow they’re such a physically mismatched pair. He’s a solid 10 all around, and that’s all I’m sayin’ about it. I saw them together once and I was surprised at how “apart” they were from each other, even tho they obviously enjoyed each other’s company. Their divorce came as no suprise. Some couples just shouldn’t get married.

  5. Rock you do such a great job with the children. Sometimes we are so tired up in the money,but their are greater gifts in life like the gift of Love that makes the children in the first place. Continue to work with the children the greatest gift is the child in us best wishes a fan

  6. OMG..the gurl is precious, and they all look like a HAPPY family…!?!?!

  7. I would like to show my thanks to the writer of this website. Keep contributing a good ideas and strategies. Many people will surely improve their abilities by reading blogs like this.

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  9. Win

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