Sean “Diddy” Combs and his twin daughters, D’Lila Star and Jessie James (they turn 2 in December) posed for the October cover of L’Uomo Vogue’s music issue. This what the mogul had to say about the photo shoot:

“The concept of ‘Black on Black’ in this story represents a level of strength, a level of beauty, a level of sexy and chic that I really want to portray. It’s the future. And it’s not just a race thing; it’s almost a redefinition of the color. Think about how ignorant people actually make the color black represent something negative. Black is so beautiful, I see it in everything I am, as a person, as a man, as a fashion professional. Black is beautiful.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on October 27, 2008.


  1. I find this completely tasteless! The mere suggestion of them being nude on a magazine cover bothers me.

  2. Oh! I can’t wait for the comments…

  3. I love the twins. They are so so cute!


  5. This photo makes me uncomfortable.

  6. The photo is a little inappropriate.
    It’s not that the children are nude so much as that they are nude in a “bachelor pad” context.
    Their father pimped out with his ruffled shirt and sexy look into the camera.
    There is something vaguely inappropriate about the photo that makes the viewer somewhat uncomfortable.

  7. This is a good pic of Diddy and his adorable twins. Easy to see that he loves them lots. I’m not uncomfortable with what he’s attempting to portray (that part is beautiful). However I think this shot is better suited for family photo albums instead, due to lurking perverted minds .
    Heaven forbid the day young boys/men shows interest in dating the girls, as Daddy Sean is going to be very protective.

  8. I just lost a lot of respect for him – this photo is not only in appropriate but offensive.

  9. Puff’s twins are absolutely adorable! Doubt very seriously though that I would consider doing something like this with my kids… will be interesting to hear his response, if he makes one in re: to the pic being inappropriate…

  10. I do see both sides of this photo. I mean the time we are living in makes this photo appear to be very offensive.

    But with that said this photo may be appropriate inside Kim Porter and Diddy’s private home because I see the cuteness in it.

    But this photo is clearly inappropriate for the public viewing. There are too many psychos out there that are searching the net for pictures like this.

    And they should really be careful when putting out photos of their cute babies. 20 years ago this was harmless but today this is flirting with disaster.

  11. i also agree this is more of a personal affair. Absolutely nothing wrong with the picture except it should have been kept private

  12. completely distasteful

  13. These are two beautiful little girls being pimped by their own Father for ratings. What’s next, a Baby beauty contest? Just wrong, I agree that these photos should be kept a private matter. What kind of screwed up name is Jessie James for a little black girl. I would not name my child after some white trash Confederate theif/killer.

  14. Dumb diddy, dumb diddy, diddy…, dumb-dumb!!!!!! He could have depicted the black family in a more positive light. IMHO, he looks like he’s pimping two innocent little subjects.

    On another note, Diddy has some pretty babies!!!!

  15. The kids are adorable!!! THAT IS ALL!

  16. Wow! I never thought I would see the day that this man who is somewhat of a perfectionist and portrays this classy persona and who sets his standards so high for everyone around him would be a little more considerate and not use his girls to boost his ego even more….photo may have been perfect for the family room not the cover of a magazine….

  17. I totally agree with you lesia.

  18. I think this is a really cute picture of the twins…Yeah it didnt come out the way he probaly expected it to..I think he wanted the photo to repesent black beauty and everything…I really doubt he is usng the twins/ pimping them..He dosent seem like that type of father..But who knows?? I agree it probaly should have been kept inside there home.

  19. The girls are adorable but this is one pic that should’ve been kept private. Too many crazies in this world to have a pic like this published for public consumption.

    And I really don’t like what he said he was trying to do……I mean, it’s OK *just for him* but not while his children are in the same photo. It’s too weird.

  20. Totally inappropriate! What is the Hell was he thinking putting his innocent children in a magazine nude!?! This is the kind of stuff that happens when you don’t have true guidance in your life ie career. I wonder if Kim thought this picture was suitable for public viewing.

  21. media whore!

  22. Demetris- I also wonder myself if Kim approved this photo. One can only wonder that he did not run this past Kim.

  23. I agree with Lala, it’s not so much the nudity but the context. But I also wish he would have kept this in his home and not plastered on a magazine for millions of people to see. The girls are so beautiful and I understand the concept but like Maryamb said it didn’t come out the way he probably wanted it too.

  24. I also don’t like the bows, I think they are tacky.

  25. DO they ever smile?

  26. That concept and all is nice, but having your children pretty much naked where they’ll be seen all over is crazy. I mean, wow…

  27. Black is beautiful, so it doesn’t need a distasteful gimmick to pimp itself. Let’s see how much he likes the pose when Hefner’s family offers the girls a chance to reenact it on the cover of Hef’s magazine in 16 years. If PDiddy is so concerned with the view of Blackness, he should do some self evaluation.

  28. the photo looks like a 17th century painting only this one is in kodak and not pastels. love it and the children are beautiful and gloomy.

  29. i agree with cherie theres some sickos out there

  30. I can’t believe I’m the only person who doesn’t see so much of a big deal about it. I mean the girls are safe and they’re with daddy…Sometimes I feel like things get so publicized cause we make such a big deal about them.

    …However, I don’t understand why the girls are naked. Like its completely out of context with the rest of the shot. It probably would have made more sense if they were wearing little suits themselves. The nakedness makes you focus on the babies rather than pay attention to this whole black on black theme he’s trying to create.

  31. idk i just think that its cute. its not takin away their innocence. i mean most babies do like to run around nude n wats not showing is wats pose to be not showing. as for diddy n the background it cud have been a lil more kid friendly to me.

  32. It would be nice is he’d show the public that he’s able to man up and feature photos of himself and his other little girl. Now, that would be a shared positive image of the black family as well as black manhood, openly embracing and taking care of responsibility.

  33. IM not feelin that pic at all!

  34. All I have to say it looks like it’s a advertisement for something else and they should put the other twins hand in her own lap… Let’s just face it people it’s tacky… I think parents today are trying way to hard to make their children seen instead of letting them have fun and be kids the old fashion way… Parents it’s time to grow up…

  35. Those babies are too cute for words.
    They are absoultely B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L. And they have haters already! LOL

  36. They are cute but the picture is just wrong and its nothing cute about it. Yes children do like to run around in the nude but we don’t allow our children to do that outside of our home do we. They could have had on somehting little gowns or something.

  37. Little D- yeah i’ll agree wit that. i was thinkin at least a pull up/pamper, whatever they wear but i think its cute only cuz its a father wit his girls.

  38. I didn’t care for the picture.. Whats so special about that. Its just two twins with a bowtie on.

  39. I think he should have been the one sitting there with only a black tie, when the girls get old enough to make the “statements” they deem appropriate, it will be their choice. I don’t think the picture is appropriate.

  40. His other daughter is going to resent all the attention he gives to the twins, who BTW need to be wearing diapers at the very least.

  41. No no no no NO. Ok firstly let me say im not one to always throw my hands up and say naked babies shouldnt be seen because of all the sickos in this world, I have seen plenty of nice innocent shots that would take a whole load of perverting to make them anything but what they are. But this picture is an entirely other issue. It makes me feel just nasty looking at it. i mean what, 2 naked kids on a sheep skin rug wearing nothing but bow ties, im sorry i didnt realise it was a promo for some 1970s porn. Its just messed up.
    You can tell me maybe he didnt mean it to come out this way, or wasnt thinking that it would be shown as anything other than a nice family shot, uh uh no. The whole point of the picture is so it would be splashed across magazine covers, i mean damn put some clothes on those kids and it would be a whole other more classy shot. This just looks wrong, very wrong and hes inviting the thoughts of all those sickos with the whole lay out of it. I dont care what you say this shot is bad should be burned and start again.
    And second the kids are cute in that ugly cute kid of way theyre not straight out awwww cute like say that sean patricks kid, now thats a cute baby

  42. Did he say a level of sexy and chic that I really want to portray. Babies aren’t meant to be sexy or least in my opinion but then again I’m not here to judge. These are that man’s kids!

  43. …And I think they are cute and I am not just saying that because they are Sean Combs’ kids because Sean Combs is not a favorite of mine

  44. It bothers me every time I see it. He is posing like the pimp with his “hos”

  45. He is pimping his children, bottom line. Yes, Black is Beautiful, so why not dress them in beautiful black velvet or silk dresses? I’ve always thought something was very evil and demonic about him, next he will be into child pornography, there are alot of sick, sick individuals out there. Money is his God, & money is the ruler of evil. Freak

  46. Very disturbing photo. Diddy, there are too many pedophiles out there!! Shame on you and Kim for taking part of this.

  47. Hello these are HIS children people! I am pretty sure the man is just taking a picture with them and not trying to give sadistic perves something to wank off to. I mean who thinks like that

  48. Take the babies out of the picture, and have Diddy sit their naked thats sexy, Take Diddy out and have the twins by themselves thats cute, but when you try to mix the both together (sexy & cute) its not working. 😦



  50. I have always had alot of respect and positive thoughts for this man, but the very thought that he would take a picture like this with his two little girls is just beyond words. There is so much going on in the world, so many sick perverted people, I would never do that to innocent children, it is what it is, thats not cute not at all, I don’t care who he is this is the most ridiculous sight I have ever seen, and where is there mother did she not have any say so. These babies did not have a choice,. Very disgusted that he would do something like that, Every thing is not for every one. Knowing him he thought it was cute well he was wrong on this one, As a parent when you have children you have to make better choices than that!

  51. This is so disrespectful to the babies. They don’t have a say about how they look, but when they get older I’m sure they won’t like it. These are little girls who are being passed off like they are little naked boys. I just don’t think it is fit for the world to see as a magazine cover.
    Change it Change it
    redo the cover

  52. This sint good 4 a mag cover.
    Y does did have his twin GIRLS dresses as wearing chippendales bowties?
    dum dum diddy.

  53. Why don’t they put some clothes on those girls? That is so ridiculous and very raunchy and uncalled for! They are little ladies and should be dressed as such. Some people don’t need children.

  54. Can i just say those girls look just like Chance!? As we say in Jamaica – full suit, no jacket! Them twins are gorgeous tho .. worried about em being nude tho!

  55. How do you feel that your naked twins are superimposed and you left out of the picture. This is what the pedophiles are going to do. Zoom and superimpose your naked babies. Kim is a damn fool!

  56. Help us Grandma. Help us Mommy. Daddy is bad.

  57. I totally agree with the previous poster, this is tasteless. Why would you want to expose your little girls to the world like this (especially being a celeb). What is up with the bows, Diddy has gone mad. There are sick individual that is loving this about now. As a mother of 4 small children this disturbs me. He is expoliting precious daughters when he think this is cute. Diddy you can’t have everything your way.

  58. I’m not a fan of this cover. The naked girls look totally out of place on the furry blanket. I’m fine with seeing naked babies, it’s very innocent- but in this cover, it doesn’t look innocent, it looks forced, and I think it would be better if they were dressed. If the setting were different, maybe the the twins being naked would work. Here, it just doesn’t. It’s a weird cover.

  59. with pedophilia being an epidemic in this country, putting his children on display in this inappropriate photo is a huge mistake. The nudity of a child is innocent, but it should never be displayed in public for millions of people to see

  60. I just don’t like the fact that they look like litrle boys…they should have been in cute dresses!

  61. Puffy is a hypocrite. He claims that he’s all for promoting the black is beautiful mantra; yet, I have yet to see sistahs in his perfume ads. He takes a stance, only when it’s convenient. And as for this picture, it’s clear those babies need to be clothed.

  62. i’m glad that i live in a country where little kids can still sunbathe/swim topless or nude – and have pictures taken that way – without people freaking out. although there are pervs everywhere in the world, we shouldn’t allow them to dictate the status quo.

    what pisses me off are the little ‘faux’ playboy bunny bow ties….. that’s nasty!

  63. those twins are really cute………..but what is their Daddy thinking, or Mummy for that matter. Little girls belong in cute little dresses………..leave the diaper-only outfit to month old babies………… Diddy doing what he does best, exploiting whatever he can to make a BUCK!!!!! 🙂

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